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Top 10 Famous People Who Died Poor

The story is littered with stories of celebrities and artists who ruthlessly spent their fortunes on their extravagant lifestyle, leaving nothing behind as the flame stopped flickering. It is also full of cases in which people only posthumously achieved fame and financial success, earned millions after their death, but still died destitute and in relative darkness. Here's a look at ten of the most shocking and distressing victims of fame. The ten famous people who died destitute. Just come, just go, as the saying goes.

The 10 Famous People Who Died Poor:

10: Sammy Davis Jr. (1925-1990)

  Sammy Davis Jr. Famous People Who Died Poor

Sammy Davis Jr. was a legendary showman , He was a brilliant Broadway and film actor, tap dancer and singer who broke through the color barrier of the 1950s and later became one of the most popular stars in the world and a member of Frank Sinatra's legendary "Rat Pack". As the great entertainer on May 16, 1990, he developed throat cancer died, he had an estimated $ 50 million debt. This was partly due to its diminishing popularity in the late 1960s, in part due to its substance abuse struggles. But most of Davis, like so many celebrities, had lived beyond his means. He made money, but spent it even faster and built huge debts that he would never escape.

9: Joe Louis (1914-1981)

  Joe Louis Died Poor

Joe Louis held the heavyweight boxing title of 1937-1949, the longest reign in the history of heavyweight boxing. It also made Louis one of the greatest and most popular American fighters of all time. However, his sporting achievements brought him no financial security.

Despite an estimated career gain of $ 4.6 million, Louis received only about $ 800,000, much of which was spent on gifts to friends and family members, donations to the US Army, and poor performance of corporate investments. The IRS also considered the money earned by the boxer's charitable actions as taxable income and pursued it after the Second World War.

After hard times Louis was used as a wrestler and worked as an "official welcome". at Caesars Palace Casino in Las Vegas. In the years that led to his death from cardiac arrest on April 12, 1981, Louis suffered a "physical breakdown" (caused by cocaine) and was later admitted to a mental hospital for five months while suffering from severe paranoia and the Conviction was that there was a conspiracy to destroy him.

8: Judy Garland (1922-1969)

  Judy Garland died destitute

Judy Garland is best known for her role as Dorothy Gale in the carefree 1939 film Wizard of Oz, but her personal life was a long one Parade of disasters – both emotionally and financially.

As a "girl next door" she did not have the typical glamorous Hollywood looks that led to producers changing their looks. This undoubtedly contributed to lifelong insecurity and depression as well as to their struggles with drug abuse. In the late 1940s it became increasingly difficult to work with her, and she often came too late or not at all.

Over the years and with Garland's precarious financial situation, she turned more and more to television. Her personal life also went downhill, and the dissolution of her two early marriages led to a series of suicide attempts. Garland died on June 22, 1969 from an accidental barbiturate overdose. At the time of her death, she was heavily indebted to the IRS.

7: Bela Lugosi (1882-1956)

  Bela Lugosi

Bela Lugosi switched from a brilliant career in Hungarian theater to Hollywood horror villain, appearing in such films as the 1931 release of Dracula, son of Frankenstein and White Zombie acted as a devilish mastermind.

For a generation of film goers, Lugosi was the embodiment of all the horrors of the screen in the 1920s and 1930s. The typography, however, has hit the actor hard and limited him mainly to the role of gothic villains. Lugose's accent, which made up a large part of his image, also held him back. He was also plagued by drug abuse and problems related to a change of management at his Universal company, and their supply of monster movies was temporarily suspended.

By the 1950s, Lugosis Star had sunk so low that he perished in "Poverty" and been led to appear in space in Ed Wood's Plan 9, a Z-class jerk, commonly referred to as one is considered the worst movie ever made. The actor died on 16 August 1956 on his couch at his home in Los Angeles from a heart attack. He was 73 years old.

6: George Best (1946-2005)

  George Best dies destitute

George Best's terms at Manchester United and Northern Island are still remembered as legendary passages in the annals of British football. Best, a natural "genius" winger, was famous for his ability to penetrate the defenses of his opponents.

On May 15, 1971, he scored one of the most famous "goals" of his career against England. When goalie Gordon Banks unleashed the ball to blow him up, Best beat him (the shot was not allowed). However, the striker also suffered from chronic alcoholism and the inability to handle money.

When asked what had happened to his $ 100 million career income, Best was often quoted as saying, "I spent 90 percent of my money on women. Drink and fast cars. I wasted the rest. "The great football player was diagnosed with severe liver damage in 2000. Five years later, at the age of 59, he died of the side effects of his immunosuppressive drugs.

5: Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

  Friedrich Nietzsche Famous people who died destitute

The controversial German writer Friedrich Nietzsche, born in 1844, was notorious for proclaiming "God is dead" and the To argue that conventional morality is outdated in the modern world. He did not base his alternative philosophy on compassion, but on the will to power and the superman, who does not care about the feelings of a "lower one".

In a turn of cosmic irony Nietzsche came to an end After a nervous breakdown that first appeared in a scene when he saw a horse whip on the street. Witnesses reported that he ran to the animal and put his arms around it to protect it. Before his death on August 25, 1900 Nietzsche was cared for and supported by his aging mother and after her death by his sister Elisabeth.

4: Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)

  Vincent van Gogh Famous people who died destitute

Vincent van Gogh is considered one of history's greatest post-impressionists. Although he had created masterpieces such as "The Starry Night" and "Sunflowers", he sold only one painting during his lifetime.

The artist often fought with money and created much of his most famous work in a lunatic asylum. Van Gogh believed he was suffering from bipolar disorder. He suffered from nervousness and often suffered from depression, paranoia and hallucinations. In a famous case in 1888, after a heated argument with the French painter Paul Gauguin, Van Gogh removed his left ear with a razor and handed it to a prostitute.

On July 27, 1890, Van Gogh attempted suicide and shot into the chest. He survived, but died of the wound two days later. Oddly enough, no weapon was ever found. van Gogh died penniless. His masterful work earned him praise and fame only after his death.

3: Oscar Wilde (1854 – 1900)

  Oscar Wilde Famous people who died penniless

Oscar Wilde is one of the USA's most famous literary figures of the 19th century. As a poet and writer, Wilde was famous for his dashing wit. Secretly, however, he lived a double life. He was involved in connections with many younger men, including male prostitutes and Lord Alfred "Bosie" Douglas.

After making a libel suit in 1895 against Lord Douglas' father, who called Wilde a "posing sodomite", Wilde was arrested for gross indecency and sentenced to two years of forced labor – first in the Pentonville Prison, then in the HM Wandsworth Prison and finally in Reading Gaol. After his release, he went into depression and his literary output went back. He ended his days on November 30, 1900 in a seedy hotel in Paris, after he had contracted a meningitis.

He reportedly hated his room so much that his last words were, "My wallpaper and I quarrel to death. One of us has to go. "

2: Oskar Schindler (1908-1974)

  Oskar Schindler Famous people who died destitute

Oskar Schindler began as an ordinary, stubborn businessman and joined the Nazi party Schindler was through with the persecution of innocent Jews The party disagreed and moved to Poland to employ and rescue identified Jewish workers in one of its factories. Unlike most opportunistic German businessmen, Schindler paid enormous bribes to save the Jews who worked for him, and spent most of his personal fortune on food and the protection of his indictment in catastrophe. He was slandered by the German public, who sometimes threw stones at him on the street.

In a heartwarming as well as heartrending epilogue, the great businessman spent the rest of his life living off the good graces of Jewish charities. He died in 1974 in Hildesheim (FRG).

1: Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849)

  Edgar Allan Poe

In addition to H.P. Edgar Allan Poe, Lovecraft, was one of the most influential early writers of horror. Gothic tales like The Tell-Tale Heart and Poe's legendary poem "The Raven" are still in widespread use today – and have even been adapted into episodes of The Simpsons.

His master detective C. Auguste Dupin pioneered the literary genre and informed Arthur Conan Doyle's work almost 50 years before Sherlock Holmes picked up the magnifying glass. Nevertheless, Poe's life was "a constant struggle to make ends meet". Due to his spiky personality and the fight with alcoholism, he was unable to get a regular job on Southern Literary Messenger. And although "The Raven" made him a literary sensation, he received only a few dollars for its publication. He died in 1849 after the collapse in Baltimore. Similar to his sinister tales, the cause of death is puzzling.

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