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Top 10 dirty tricks fake psychics play on you

There is some scientific evidence of true psychological skills. For example, social psychologist Daryl Bem conducted experiments with over 1,000 subjects and found that eight of them showed clear evidence of foreboding or foreboding.

Another parapsychological researcher, Etzel Cardena, found that the whole-field procedure also provided evidence of true psychic powers. In the full-field procedure, the participants sit blindfolded in soundproofed rooms. They are asked to speak about a film they have never seen before. The snippet is either played simultaneously in another room or subsequently displayed.

Another group of people is then asked to use the descriptions of the participants blindfolded to select the clip from a group of film clips. Some people could choose the right film clip based on the clairvoyant̵

7;s description.

However, much more evidence shows that many so-called clairvoyants are total counterfeits who are trying to make you believe that they have unusual powers. Check out these tricks that false clairvoyants are playing on you.

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10 They keep you talking

One of her biggest tricks is keeping you talking. The longer you chat, the more information you can give the wrong clairvoyant. You can use this to make your reading.

In the end, you pay more (and not necessarily just financially). This is especially true for phone clairvoyants, since their services often cost $ 3.99 / minute or more.[1]

9 They ask for personal information

After most of the false clairvoyants have spoken to you for a while and you are comfortable, you will be asked for your name, date of birth and address. They claim that this will help them give you correct reading.

In reality, false clairvoyants use this information to provide you with terrifying demands such as “you are in danger, call immediately” or “I see that someone cursed you, you must call me now!” To spam.[2]

The purpose is to get you to call the message or physically come to your place of business. Then they try to keep you there as long as possible. Time is money for them. If they were true clairvoyants, they would not need any information from you at all.

8th Flattery and false claims

The whole idea with false fortune tellers is that you keep coming back to find out more. One way to do this is to use flattery and false claims. Flattery is supposed to make you trust the clairvoyant as a friend.

As soon as they feel comfortable, they make the wrong claims. For example: “You have a very interesting aura. I would like to do a detailed reading about you. What will the next Tuesday sound like? “

If the clairvoyant can stop you from coming back and spending more money on “advanced” readings, they have successfully cheated on you.[3]

7 Past lives as famous people

Fake clairvoyants can also say that you were a famous person in a previous life – such as Cleopatra, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander the Great, or Helena of Troy. Although the idea of ​​being someone famous in a previous life may sound funny and interesting, such an assertion is rarely true. Most likely, the clairvoyant in question said the same to at least 20 other clients.[4]

Beware of any psychological claim that you are an important person in a previous life. They use flattery to keep you hooked so they can get more of your money. For the right price, they can help you find out more by using hypnosis to take you back to an earlier life. There are other ways to use this scheme.

6 You make a claim and then wait

A fake clairvoyant will intentionally make a general statement and then wait. This way, they can read your body language or trigger a response from you that indicates that you are on the right track. If a clairvoyant says something and then stops speaking while waiting for your answer, this should be a red flag for you.[5]

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5 They give you information that could be true for everyone

Fake clairvoyants will tell you something that could apply to everyone. For example, they might say, “I see that you have suffered a loss lately.”

Most people have experienced a loss, be it with money, a loved one, a best friend, or a pet. This statement is so vague that it could apply to everyone.[6]

Fake clairvoyants like to give general and vague information because they can never lose. This claim could apply to anyone at any time in life, and they’re counting on you to take the bait when doing this dirty trick.

4th Positive claims with only a few negatives

Obviously, it is in the interests of a false clairvoyant to give you mostly positive information. If all were bad news, you would stop using their services. False clairvoyants, however, raise some negative claims just to make their reading look real.[7]

For example, they could say, “You recently lost an object that is very important to you.” This could also be everything. Perhaps you lost your car keys or an ancestral heirloom diary a month ago. The claim is so general that you can mentally pocket everything to make it come true. And that’s exactly what a false clairvoyant hopes you will do.

3rd They are looking for you online

Like everyone else, fake psychics search for people on social media to find out more about them. Almost everyone is online these days, so finding out personal information about people is not that difficult.[8]

Many false clairvoyants look for facts online that they can use when reading. For example, if you posted on social media about the publication of your book, the clairvoyant might say, “I see you are becoming a bestselling author.”

The Internet contains a wealth of personal information that fake fortune tellers use to read.

2nd They ask you questions

If someone is a true clairvoyant, they shouldn’t have to question you. Instead, they should be able to confidently reveal true information to you.

On the other hand, false clairvoyants ask many questions. When a new acquaintance does this, you probably don’t think about answering “yes” or “no” or more information, especially if you only get to know that person.[9]

Fake clairvoyants use the same technique. They want you to disclose information that they don’t have. If they can get you to give them more information without you having to think about it, they’ll win. You can then use the information to get more money and time out of you.

1 They use props

A real clairvoyant doesn’t have to use “props”. So, if you enter her place of business and she is dressed like a gypsy with lots of bracelets, a scarf on her head and voluminous skirts, you may have made an appointment with a false clairvoyant.[10]

However, these are not the only types of props used by false fortune tellers. You may see large crystals, books on psychological phenomena and psychological studies, or even birth charts on the wall.

However, keep in mind that some false clairvoyants are smart enough to look as normal as possible. After all, they don’t want to scare you away by presenting yourself as stereotypical fraudsters. For example, you may only have a table, a few chairs, and a deck of cards with tarot cards.

Regardless, props are unnecessary for a real clairvoyant. It should be able to tell you what you need to know without anything other than the power of your mind.

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