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Top 10 Cryptids You Have Never Heard Of

There are a number of reality shows in which groups of scientists and those who are simply interested in the subject are looking for clues to well-known cryptids like Bigfoot and the Yeti. Shows like Expedition Bigfoot and Paranormal Caught on Camera from the Travel Channel show videos in which people caught Bigfoot, Yeti, The Rake and other relatively well-known cryptids in front of the camera. But did you know that there are dozens of unknown cryptids?

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10 The big muddy monster

The first documented sighting of the big muddy monster took place on June 25, 1973 in Murphysboro , Illinois. A couple parked in a car at the Riverside Park jetty next to the forest got a big surprise when they heard a loud scream. A creature came out of the forest to the driver's side of the car. They described it as cream-colored and its fur appeared to be matted with river mud. It was about 3 m tall and stood upright on two legs. You couldn't see his face. They took off and went straight to the police station to file a report. Even the fact that both were married did not prevent her from reporting the report.

In 1973 there were several other sightings, including one by Ms. Nedra Green, who claimed that she could hear the creature screaming at night in the forest outside her farm. Another sight was of a four-year-old boy named Christian Baril trying to catch fireflies in his back yard when he ran into the house to tell his father that there was a great spirit outside. The local chief of police took the reports so seriously that he brought detection dogs with him to investigate. [1]

9 The billy goat

There are many stories about how the billy goat came from Prince George & # 39; s County, MD. One of the most popular is that he is a goatherd who went mad when teenagers murdered his goats. Another story is that he looks like Bigfoot, but he looks like a goat. Another story, and one that is most fantastic when you think about it, is that the billy goat is a genetic error committed by a scientist from the United States Department of Agricultural Research Center in Beltsville, MD. History says that the scientist, with his laboratory assistant William Lottsford, tried to cross the DNA of a goat. It is said that William is now a mutant and wants to take revenge.

The billy goat is known for hunting people, beheading dogs and scaring lovers who make the mistake of parking on Fletchtown Road, his home. Youngsters who make the mistake of going to Fletchtown Road to find the billy goat and are unfortunate enough to see it do not return. [2]

8 The Fresno Nightcrawlers

The first time anyone captured the Fresno Nightcrawlers on video was in 2007. A resident of Fresno, CA, hence the name, found footage on a nightcrawler's home surveillance camera, the brave as if you were walking across his front yard. The night crawler in the video looks humanoid with two long legs, no arms, a small head and two eyes. The night crawlers were also observed on security tapes in Yosemite National Park.

There is evidence among Indian legends and in wood carvings made by the native Indians, suggesting that the Fresno Nightcrawlers are very real. Local legends from the Fresno region indicate that these beings have always been here before there were humans. The reason for their long legs is that they live in the swamp world and that the long legs help them move through swampy and swampy areas. Another local story about the Fresno Night Crawlers is that they are appearing now because they want to help people reconnect with nature. [3]

7 The Van Meter Monster

There was only one incident with the Van Meter Monster was observed in Van Meter, Iowa, in the fall of 1903. Everyone who watched the creature was highly regarded in his community, one a school teacher, one a bank teller, the other the city doctor. No one was a drinker, everyone was known in the city, and not people who would want the kind of notoriety that would involve seeing such a being. The first time the creature was observed, it flew over the buildings of the city of Van Meter. Witnesses claimed it was a combination of a man and a bat with large bat-like wings and a horn on its head that could emit a beam of light. Witnesses also claimed that the creature had a sour smell.

The last sighting of the bat-like creature occurred when several citizens followed the creature to an old mine, into which it entered. It appeared some time later with a smaller version of itself and flew away. The Van Meter monster was never seen again after this final sighting. [4]

6 The Slide-Rock-Bolter

In the mountains of Colorado there is a strange cryptidia, the Slide-Rock-Bolter. This creature is the size of a blue whale and has a mouth full of very sharp teeth. His eyes are small and he uses his dorsal fin, which has a kind of hook to hold on to the mountain. It is said to secrete some kind of lubricant from his mouth that allows him to slide down the mountain and catch prey, including humans, in his mouth. The momentum it gets from hanging on steep slopes and its lubrication drive it to another mountain, where it can hold on until the next prey appears. It is believed that the slide-rock bolter can only live on mountains with a 45-degree angle, otherwise it would not be able to create the slide that it feeds on.

This cryptid was first seen by lumberjacks in the nineteenth century, and although there have been witnesses to huge swaths of flattened vegetation and destroyed trees indicating their possible existence in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, it is unknown whether anyone in The Twenty-First Century actually did seen one. This may be because the creature is so large that the likelihood that a human will deviate from it in time may be the reason why nobody saw it in modern times. [5]

5 Altamaha-ha

Altamaha-ha has been seen in the Altamaha River near Darien, GA since the arrival of white settlers. The Lower Muskogee Creek Tribe was the first to tell stories about the Altamaha-ha. The cryptid is said to have a body that is similar to a sturgeon with a bony crest on the top. It has front fins but no rear fins. The snout resembles a crocodile with large teeth and eyes. Eyewitnesses claim the creature is 20 to 30 feet long, although smaller versions have been sighted. The first sighting by a non-indigenous people occurred on April 18, 1830. A reporter from the Savannah, Georgia newspaper claimed that there were several sightings of a sea monster made by several men on a schooner named Eagle , The main sight was from Captain Delano, but several other men on the schooner saw the creature.

A carcass similar to a smaller version of Altamaha-ha was recently washed up on the south coast of Georgia in the Wolf Island National Wildlife Refuge in early 2018. Jeff Warren's son discovered the carcass when he and his father visited him. Mr. Warren recorded a video of it and the video was called a joke or misidentification of a curled shark or other type of deep sea shark. While some scientists claimed it was a deep-sea shark and others claimed it was a joke, it is interesting that the creature looks so similar to Altamaha-ha reports. [6]

4 The Frogman

Loveland, Ohio, has one of the more interesting cryptids in my opinion. The first stories about the Frogman or the Frogmen started earlier in the 1950s when a businessman claimed to have seen several large two-legged frogs along the Little Miami River. The Froschmann's first official sighting took place in 1972 and was observed twice by two police officers. Officer Ray Shockey first saw the creature on March 3, 1972 at 1:00 a.m. Officer Shockey drove to Loveland, OH when he saw what he thought was a dog in a field by the road. However, when it got up, the eyes of its car lights lit up and he saw that it was an acting dog giant two-legged frog.

The cryptid jumped over a guardrail and slid down the hill into the Little Miami River. The officer looked at the creature so closely that he could describe it so well that his sister could make a drawing of it. Officer Shockey returned to the station and brought another officer, Mark Matthews, to the scene the same evening. The only evidence they found was the skid marks on the dam where the creature slid down the river. A few weeks later, on March 17, 1972, Officer Matthews had his own experience with the Frogman. He drove and saw what he thought was an animal in the middle of the street, he stopped his car, got out and the creature got up, ducked in the middle of the street and then got up, climbing over the guardrail all the time eyes on Office Matthews. For some reason, Officer Matthews decided to draw his gun and shoot the crypt, but he failed.

The most recent eyewitness account comes from a man named Sam Jacobs in 2016. It was mid-August and he was playing Pokemon Go when he saw a very big frog near Lake Isabella. He claimed that he got up and walked away on his hind legs. He estimated that the creature was about two meters tall. [7]

3 The Pukwudgies

Pukwudgies were part of the traditions of the Native Americans in the East centuries before the Europeans came. Some Native Americans believe that they got on well with people, but something happened that turned them against people. According to one of the stories of the Wamponoag tribe, Maushop asked the giants to remove the Pukwudgies from their country because they were angry. The Pukwudgies have had a grudge against people ever since. Most Indian tribes say the best thing to do is to wrap the pukwudgies around your neck when you come across one. Her name means "person of the wilderness". Pukwudgies are said to have humanoid features with pale gray skin tones, but their fingers, noses, and ears are larger than those of a human. According to some sources, Pukwudgies are the oldest cryptids in North America.

Different tribes had different traditions regarding the Pukwudgies. The Ojibwe and other tribes in the Great Lakes region considered them mischievous, and although they could prank people, they were not considered harmful. The Abenaki and other northeastern Indian tribes, however, considered the Pukwudgies dangerous to humans if they did not respect them. But for the Wampanoag and other tribes in southern New England, pukwudgies can go either way, they can help a human neighbor, or they can steal human children and perform actions that do great harm, such as pushing a person off a cliff. They are considered to be rather moody. [8]

2 Lizard Man

The first official report of someone seeing the Lizard Man was published in 1988 by 17-year-old Christopher Davis in Lee County, SC. Christopher got a flat tire near Scape Ore Swamp at night and got out to change it. Suddenly, a 7-foot green lizard man with three fingers on each hand and red eyes shines out of the swamp. Christopher is afraid, gets into his car and tries to drive away, but the creature jumps on his car and viciously attacks it. It later turned out that there was an earlier sighting. In 1987, a cyclist stopped next to a guardrail near the swamp to have a drink and smoke and said he saw a large humanoid creature across the street from where he was. This was a year before Christopher had his experience.

There were sightings of Lizard Man back in 2015. Jim Wilson, approaching Camden, saw a creature running out of the forest and across the Scape-Ore Bridge. Mr. Wilson got out of his car and started taking photos of the creature. He said it was big and had scales and a story. He said it looked like an alligator, had long legs, and his face had a short nose. The creature saw him and turned to face him before going into the water and crossing the swamp.

Lizard Man is very popular in Lee County. Robert Howell, a local artist, has become famous for his drawings of Lizard Man. His drawings have even made it a local historical exhibition for lizard people at the South Carolina Cotton Museum. In 2018 there was the first Lizard Man Festival and Comic Con, where top-class cryptozoologists rubbed their elbows with artists like Robert Howell and even with ghosts like Ozark Howler. [9]

1 Ozark Howler

Stories were told in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri, about Ozark Howler for generations. Some believe that the Ozark Howler is a combination of myths about saber-toothed cats of Native Americans and the Cu-Sith of the Celtic myths of the Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and English settlers that populated the surrounding areas in the early 19th century. The Cu-Sith is a large creature the size of a bull with shaggy hair that resembles a wolf. Its fur can be dark green or white. Current descriptions of the Ozark Howler vary. Some say it is a large cat-like creature with horns and red eyes. Others say it's the size of a bear with long, shaggy hair, horns, a beard like a goat, and bright red eyes.

There is also some confusion as to whether his tail is long or short. The howling of the Ozark howler is said to be very scary, possibly a cross between an elk horn and a wolf howling. However, other descriptions say that the howling is deeper and more guttural, or more like a high howling.

There have been reports of the Ozark Howler, both acoustically and visually since the 1950s. There are stories of families in the region that spanned several generations, even into the early 19th century. In addition, there are some photos that are not clear whether it is the Howler or not because they look as if they were created in Photoshop. The last sightings took place between 2005 and 2010 when the locals saw an apparently oversized cat. However, according to local wildlife experts, there are no big cats in this region. It is believed that the cat or cats seen are exotic pets that have been released into the wild. [10]

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