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Top 10 Cruel Ways in Which Serial Killers Can Dispose of Their Victims

Killing is a messy business, especially if you're a serial killer and you stack the corpses. There are two serial killing processes – the front-end process, which is killing itself, and the back-end process, which is to hide or destroy evidence. In this last process, most serial killers are often caught because disposing of a body is not the easiest task.

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The following serial killers all went further and started to deal very creatively with the bodies of their victims. Whether it is feeding live animals or redeeming the corpses for a decent profit; Here are the top 1

0 cruelest ways that infamous serial killers dispose of their victims.

10 Joe & # 39; The Alligator Man & # 39; Ball
Feeded them alligators

Serial killer Joe Ball was also called & # 39; The Alligator Man & # 39; known after the remains of his victims were discovered in his tavern in Elmendorf, Texas. It is believed that he killed up to 20 women.

After the ban, Ball opened the tavern, where he often hosted cock fights. Then Ball decided to get real attention – he caught some alligators from the nearby low water areas and put them in a concrete pool. According to Elton Cude Jr., whose father was involved in Ball's investigation, “any wild animal, possum, cat, dog, or any other animal without owner has helped make the show a little better. Get drunk, throw an animal in and watch the alligators. "

It wasn't long before women in the area were reported missing, including Ball's barmaids, former girlfriends, and even his wife. When MPs came to question Ball, he grabbed a gun in 1938 and shot himself was a man who had a lot to hide.

Police officers checked the pool and found that the alligators were surrounded by spoiled flesh, and they also discovered an ax that was matted with blood and hair, and soon found that the fearsome ball had killed and maimed its victims – and then threw them into the jaws of the beasts below. [1]

9 John & # 39; Acid Bath Murderer & # 39; Haigh
Dissolved in Acid

British serial killer John George Haigh killed six victims between 1944 and 1949. He dissolved the bodies in sulfuric acid until they became liquid and poured the remains into the drain and received them nicknamed "Acid Bath Murderer". He even admitted uncanny to drink her blood.

Haigh has been imprisoned for four years after fraud after setting up a fake law firm. Then, after his release, he turned to a darker plan to get rich quickly. Haigh first killed a young man and his parents; Luring the victims into his basement in London, like lambs for slaughter, faked paperwork so that he could benefit financially from their estate.

His next victims were wealthy couples, whom he shot and then forged papers again to take control of their assets. His last victim was an older lady whom he had killed and robbed of jewelry and other valuables, including her fur coat.

When Haigh was finally arrested, he said, "I destroyed (the victim) with acid. You can't prove murder without a body. "Haigh sincerely believed he could not be charged if there was no body present. He was sentenced to death and hanged in Wandsworth Prison in 1949. [2]

8 Robert & # 39; The Pig Farmer & # 39; Pickton
Sells them as meat

Canadian serial killer Robert Pickton was a pig farmer who would grind his victims and sell the remains as minced meat, and between 1983 and 2002 he murdered six victims in Vancouver by injecting or stabbing them with antifreeze.

A woman fled naked and stabbed from the farm in 1997. She ran to the police, but she rejected her claims that she was an unreliable witness.

Pickton eventually confessed to an undercover officer who pretended to be his cellmate When asked how best to dispose of a body, Pickton said, "A rendering plant." A tearing plant converts animal tissue into more useful mat erialien like lard. This was Pickton's most popular twisted method, and once he shredded the bodies, he sold the remains as meat.

He also confessed: "I made my own grave by being sloppy. Aren't you just kicking your ass now? "It is believed that 49 women are the victims, as Pickton told the undercover officer that he is aiming for the" big 5: 0 ". He was sentenced to life without parole. [3]

7 Zhang Yongming
She fed his dog

In 2012, Chinese serial killer Zhang Yongming, known as the "Yunnan cannibal monster", was found guilty of killing eleven young men. He would either dismember, burn, or bury the bodies. He also fed some remains to his dog and sold others at a local market in the city of Kunming.

Youngming had already been convicted of murder in 1979, but was released from prison in 1997. He became suspicious of the murders when many young boys were missing near his home and the parents feared that they had been sold as slave labor. A boy was grabbed by the neck by Yongming's belt, but fortunately he managed to escape.

The police then discovered human remains in his home, including meat hanging to dry and eyeballs in wine bottles. A statement released by the court said: "He used cruel means to kill the victims, and the circumstances and consequences were particularly severe." In 2013, he was escorted to an execution site and executed. [4]

6 Luis & # 39; La Bestia & # 39; Garavito
buried them in a mass grave

Between 1992 and 1999 Luis Garavito frightened the streets of Colombia when he traveled in various disguises to up to 54 cities in the country where he lured young men – im Age between eight and sixteen years – until her death. Garavito, also known as "La Bestia", which means "the beast", went for miles with his young victims to make them tired. Then he tied her up and tortured her. He also mutilated her genitals.

The boys were mainly "street children" who were separated from their families, leaving many of the murders undetected. In 1997, a mass burial site in a canyon in Pereira was uncovered, which was originally the work of a satanic cult and contained the remains of 25 children. Here Garavito dropped the bodies and almost got away with the murders until the investigators discovered his glasses at the grave, which had a rare recipe.

After his arrest, photos of victims and magazines with an “overview map” of his victims were found in his apartment. Garavito eventually confessed to more than 300 murders and 138 were confirmed. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. [5]

5 John Christie
stuffed them into the walls of his kitchen

British serial killer John Christie murdered six women, including his wife, in the 1940s and 1950s. In 1938 he moved to 10 Rillington Place in West London with his wife Ethel. Then, a decade later, his marital home became a house of terror when he hid his victims' bodies within the walls and property of the property.

His first two victims, 21-year-old Ruth Fuerst and 32-year-old Muriel Eady, were buried in the garden. Next came his neighbor, 20-year-old Beryl Evans, whom he disposed of in a sewer and whose husband was wrongly accused and executed for murder.

Christie ran out of space in the garden and started stuffing the bodies into the walls of his kitchen. Rita Nelson, 25, Kathleen Maloney, 26, and Hectorina McLennan, 26, were later discovered there. The smell of the rotted bodies hidden in the walls finally became overwhelming and he pulled out of the house. When the new residents renovated the kitchen, they discovered the source of the horrible smell and also retrieved Ethel Christie's body from under the floorboards in the drawing room.

Christie was hanged in 1953 for his crimes. [6]

4 Gary Heidnik
Feeded her to his other victims

Gary Heidnik is one of the most grotesque serial killers of all time. In 1986 and 1987, he kidnapped and tortured six women. To capture them in his basement in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. What happened in this basement is so scary that it feels like a horror movie.

Former FBI profiler and Mindhunter author John Douglas announced that Heidnik is still following him today. Douglas said: "(Heidnik) was worse than the Buffalo Bill guy in the movie" Silence of the Lambs "." (He) filled the pit with water and did not drown (his victims) but left it up to his neck in the water and then fetch electrical wires and torture them while they were in the water. "

And added:" What got worse when he put the victims in a meat grinder after killing them and fed them to the other victims. “

Fortunately, a victim managed to convince the depraved murderer to let her go temporarily so that she could visit her family; She got to a phone booth and called 911. Heidnik was executed in 1999 by lethal injection. [7]

3 Albert & # 39; The Gray Man & # 39; Fish
Cooked and Eaten

Albert Fish was a serial killer and cannibal who killed 8 year old Francis McDonnell, 8 year old Billy Gaffney and 10 year old Grace Budd. Fish later stated that he had children in every state during his reign of terror ”and that the actual number of victims was around 100.

After the murders, he continued to terrorize the parents of his victims. Fish wrote a sinister letter to Grace Budd's mother, urgently explaining how he dismembered and cooked the remains of the young girl. Fish wrote: “(I) cut them into small pieces so that I can bring my meat to my room – cook and eat. It took me 9 days to eat her whole body. "

The letter, however, was the downfall of Fish when he used an envelope decorated with the address of his New York City home. Fish made no attempt to deny one of the murders and was electrocuted to the Sing Sing Prison in New York in 1936. Shown is an X-ray of Fish's pelvis into which he inserted needles for pleasure. [8]

2 Dr HH Holmes
Sold the parts for science

Born Herman Mudgett, who later changed his name to Dr. Henry Howard Holmes changed, is considered America's first serial killer. In 1893 he built a hotel in Chicago that was nothing short of a huge, elaborate torture chamber, in which rooms contained unusual and cruel ways of death. He eventually confessed to 27 murders, although the actual number of victims was most likely 200.

At his "Mordburg" he lured victims by offering to work in his pharmacy and insisted on taking out life insurance policies, the only beneficiary of which he was. As soon as they were gone in the hotel, never to be seen again, he would collect the money. Holmes became an expert in eliminating the dead. His medical connections through the pharmacy also enabled him to sell organs and skeletons to medical schools in Chicago that were demanding more and more corpses for their students.

Holmes later explained: "I was born with the devil in me. I couldn't help myself that I was a murderer, no more than the poet can help inspiration to sing. He was hanged in Moyamensing Prison in 1896 for his crimes. [9]

1 Ed Gein
Turned them into Housewares

Imagine yourself becoming such a cruel serial killer that your crimes in "The Silence of the Lambs", "Leatherface" in "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Norman Bates "Inspired by Buffalo Bill & # 39; Psycho & # 39 ;. Well, Ed Gein was the inspiration for all three when he planned to create a provisional and very rough replica of his late mother Augusta Gein.

After her death in 1945, Ed claimed that he had lost the only woman he had ever loved. In his house on a remote farm in Plainfield, Wisconsin, he boarded up all the rooms that were once used by his mother and lived alone in the small kitchen. Ed then murdered two women and excavated the graves of many other women.

When detectives arrived at his home, they found a scene no one could have prepared for since he was the last one to have seen one of the victims alive. They found a decapitated body, organs in glasses, skulls as bed posts, a belt made of human nipples, nine vulva in a shoebox and masks made of human skin.

Ed spent the rest of his days in a psychiatric institution and died at the age of 77. A number of items Gein has made can be seen in our video above. [10]

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