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Top 10 Creepy Secrets from the American South

When you think of the American South, images of the Texan wasteland and country texts might come to mind. You could also think about bluegrass tunes, amazing state parks, college basketball, and Elvis Presley songs.

The states that make up the American South have a lot to offer to citizens and tourists alike, including legendary secrets that can be fought over the campfire on cold nights.

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10 The Gloria Colita
Mobile, Alabama

In the late 1930s, Reg Michell designed and built the largest sailing ship in the Caribbean. He called the wooden ship the Gloria Colita . It was 50 meters long and weighed 175 tons under its impressive three masts.

The Gloria Colita [1945901010] had its maiden voyage in 1939, during which it sailed to British Guiana and then to Cuba. She would sail this route for the next two years – further from Cuba, where her crew loaded sugar cane, to Mobile, Alabama, where she sold it.

In Alabama, the crew would load wood and then return to Cuba to sell it. On one of these well-known trips, Captain Mitchell loaded rice in British Guyana and sugar in Havana. Then he sailed to Venezuela. There he released his Bequia crew and hired a Spanish crew. He and the new crew sailed back to Mobile with the intention of loading wood to be sold in Havana.

This was the last time anyone heard or saw Captain Mitchell and his crew. After leaving Mobile, the Gloria Colita never reached Cuba. During a search, a US Coast Guard aircraft pilot discovered the ship in the Gulf Stream. An investigation has found that the ship has been completely abandoned.

The Gloria Colita was dragged back to Alabama and eventually sold as scrap. Despite a variety of conspiracy theories as to what might have happened to their captain and crew, their true fate is unknown. [1]

9 Valley Hill Lights
Springfield, Kentucky

On April 6, 1995, Ann Mudd The Sunday school teacher visited Valley Hill in Springfield, Kentucky with eight of her students. One of the girls, Mandy Mattingly, soon got excited when she pointed to the sky and told the rest of the group that she saw strange colors around the sun. She also said that she could see the sun pulsing.

The teacher then allegedly saw golden colors on her students and took pictures of them. When the photos were developed, it was alleged that Engel surrounded one of the girls in a picture. In the meantime, another depicted Jesus and Mary in veils.

One of the students also claimed that another image reflected the name of their deceased cousin on a tombstone. It is said that the students' mothers did not believe the story at all, but after having multiple visions, they changed their mindset.

Although the incident was largely written off as mass hysteria and pareidolia, this was never satisfactorily explained. People still visit Valley Hill hoping to see the Virgin Mary in gold or rainbow colors. [2]

8 White Things
Boone County, West Virginia

The world is full of monsters, real and imaginary. Sometimes it is difficult to tell if a creature really is out of this world or if you think an ordinary animal is outrageous.

This is the case in West Virginia, where there have been several reports of common looking creatures roaming the forest. Some people describe these beasts as humanoid. Others claim that these monsters have feline, dog-like, or even demonic features. There were a number of sightings in Boone County in the mid-1990s. The creatures were given the name "White Things" because of their long, dirty, white hair.

Further details indicated that the white things had claws, smelled of sulfur and ran extremely fast – according to some reports on two legs. Their calls (or more precisely their screams) should sound even more creepy than those of a woman in need.

In 1994 a navy reported to the Navy that he saw a white thing in the forest. It ran through the trees and then drank from a stream. In the same year, two children saw a similar creature when they played in their garden in Boone County.

In 1995, a couple driving through Boone County discovered a white thing sitting in a ditch along the road. After the couple got out of the vehicle to take a closer look, the monster jumped up and jumped on his car. Fortunately, the couple could get back in the car and drive away after the animal jumped off and disappeared.

The sightings lasted until 2015. However, the exact nature of the white things remains a mystery. [3]

7 The Delta Queen
New Orleans, Louisiana

The Delta Queen is a stately old sternwheel steamship that was built in the 1920s. During the Second World War, the boat transported wounded soldiers to various hospitals. It later became a recreational boat.

In June 1985, Myra Fruge, one of the employees of the Delta Queen received a call from cabin 109. The inmate was an elderly lady who asked for a blanket because her was very cold. Myra sent Mike Williams, the first companion, to help the old woman.

After Mike left for the cabin, Myra looked up to see a face staring at her from the deck. Myra thought it was the woman from cabin 109 who was looking for a blanket and went out to help her. However, she couldn't find anyone on the deck.

At that moment Mike returned. He said cabin 109 was not occupied. When Myra went back with Mike, she saw a portrait that had been on the ship all the time. Myra suddenly realized that the woman in the portrait was the same lady that Myra had looked at from the deck. Mary Green (some call it "Greene") was responsible for the Delta Queen in 1947 at the age of 79. She died only two years later in cabin 109.

Myra and Mike fell in love and married soon after. They always claimed that the spirit of Mary Green played Matchmaker. Whether in 1985 they really came across the spirit of a long-deceased older woman remains a mystery. [4]

6 Mystery Object
Seabrook Island, South Carolina

In late 2018, a giant object was washed ashore on Seabrook Island, South Carolina. The object seemed to be made of concrete. But it felt almost mushy and soft. The Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network has been alerted. They went to investigate, but were unable to determine what the object was.

City officials soon removed the property, but not before the Marine Mammal Network uploaded a picture of it to their Facebook page. They hoped that someone could identify it.

Theories soon exploded. Some claimed the object was part of a NASA rocket, others believed it was a spaceship. There were also those who had more profane explanations in the form of a buoy or "space debris".

Whatever the object was, it still needs to be identified. [5]

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5 Peter Dromgoole
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Legend has it that Peter Dromgoole arrived at the University of North Carolina in 1833. He soon fell in love with Fanny, a girl from Chapel Hill. The two became a couple and met on a flat rock near a cliff. Her love seemed to last forever until a third wheel pissed her off. Peter noticed that another student who happened to be a good friend started Fanny.

Peter became extremely jealous and didn't know how to deal with the situation. He tried to avoid his friend, but the friend was only interested in annoying Peter. One day when they met on a narrow campus path, rival slapped Peter on the shoulder and dropped Peter's hat on the floor. After a violent argument, the rival challenged Peter to a duel.

It ended up with Peter being shot by his rival. The man panicked. With two of his friends, the former rival Peters put lifeless body on the flat rock, which was intended for the trysts of Peter and Fanny. Then the men dug a shallow grave and hastily buried Peter.

Peter's remains were never found. Fanny is said to have waited many afternoons on the rock. But she only saw the red-brown spots on the rock itself and never knew what fate had happened to her lover.

This story inspired the Order of Gimghoul, a secret society for students. It has a logo with a gargoyle and a castle in the forest. In fact, the story seems to be a legend that is supposed to spice up the real story.

The real Peter Dromgoole has mysteriously disappeared from Chapel Hill. It was found that he owed money to at least one person and had failed his exams.

He was never seen again. [6]

4 Lawton Werewolf
Lawton, Oklahoma

February 27, 1971 35-year-old Donald Childs stared forward in horror as he clung to his chest. He had a heart attack when he saw a terrible creature rummaging around in his front yard in Lawton, Oklahoma. The creature resembled a humanoid dog figure and drank water from Donald's fish pond.

Fortunately, Donald survived the heart attack and was discharged from the hospital after two days. Then he told the police what he had seen: a humanoid monster with hair on his face who was wearing layers of clothing.

Further reports soon followed. People called the police in a panic, claiming to see the creature running on streets and sitting on railings in apartments. The creature, now known as the "Lawton Werewolf", also ran to Fort Sill. There he met a group of men.

The theories for the sightings included people jokingly dressed in hairy suits. Some don't believe this because one of the reports claimed that the creature survived a 5-meter jump from an apartment building. Others believe that the creature is a bigfoot rather than a werewolf. In any case, the puzzle remains. [7]

3 Jacob & # 39; s Well
Wimberley, Texas

Jacob & # 39; s Well is an artesian spring that flows from a natural underground reservoir and has been worshiped by Native Americans for at least 1,000 years. The “mouth” of the spring is about 4 meters wide and the water inside is 10 meters deep.

It is said that Jacob's Well has four chambers and the first 9 meters (30) ft) deep. The second is 24 meters deep. The third and fourth chambers, however, remain a mystery to most people, as they have only ever been seen by very experienced divers. Jacobs Brunnen cave systems remain a mystery to scientists too.

This has encouraged people to try to explore spring. So far, nine divers have lost their lives after diving into Jacob's well to uncover his secrets. Don Dibble, a local dive shop owner, has pulled remains from Jacob's well.

He also tried to stop people from jumping in by building a mesh of reinforcement and concrete and covering the entrance to the third chamber. The grid was dismantled only six months later. On a plastic tablet, someone left a note for Don: "You can't keep us away."

Why Jacob & # 39; s Well has such an attraction on people that it leads them to jump in while they know the dangers to be determined [8]

2 Old House Woods
Diggs, Virginia

Haven Beach Road leads away from Diggs towards a 50-hectare forest and marsh area, known as Old House Woods. The forest has a rich history, including that of the creepy variety. It dates from the 18th century when soldiers and pirates sought refuge between the thick greens.

The Frannie Knight House stood in Old House Woods. It had a reputation for repeatedly setting itself on fire and then extinguishing the fire itself. Finally the house burned down. The cause of the fires remains unclear.

In 1929, a man named Jesse Hudgins reported that he had walked through the forest when a group of men with glowing lanterns approached him. As they got closer, Hudgins saw that they were skeletons wearing old armor. Hudgins also claimed that one of the skeletons threatened him with a sword.

Another visitor was unlucky when his car broke down at Old House Woods. He also claimed to have been addressed by a skeleton in armor. The skeleton asked if the road was the King’s Highway and said that he had lost his ship. The visitor turned on his heels and fled.

Many other unexplained events have taken place in these forests, including floating lights, spectral figures that appear and disappear, and quiet sounds of cannon fire in the distance. As a result, the Old House Woods has become known as one of the most frequented forests in America. [9]

1 The Bell Witch
Adams, Tennessee

1804 John Bell moved with his family to Adams, Tennessee, and settled on 300 acres of land. They lived there happily and peacefully for 13 years before the difficulties began. It started as an old haunt with slamming doors, strange noises from the walls of their house and clattering chains in the distance.

Then a strange animal, something between a rabbit and a dog, popped up on the bell. Suddenly, paranormal activity increased a few levels. John's daughter bore the brunt of madness, with invisible hands that hit and squeezed until she was black and blue.

After a committee was formed to investigate the House of the Bell, the entity revealed their name to them: Kate Batts.

Apparently Kate was a neighbor to the bells. She felt hostility to John Bell and his family because deals had failed. Kate "swore" to torture John and his family. In 1820, John was poisoned, allegedly by Kate (then known as the "Bell Witch").

The Bell Witch story is arguably the best known paranormal mystery in the American South. In 2015, a Mississippi clairvoyant claimed that she knew the truth about the bell witch murder. She claimed Betsy Bell, John's youngest daughter, had appeared to her and told her that John had been poisoned by a slave.

We may never know if John Bell was really poisoned by a slave or murdered by a disembodied ghost. [10]

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