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Top 10 Crazy YouTube Channels Where People Risk Their Lives

Since YouTube was founded (15 years ago, yes, we are so old), YouTube has been known as an experimental space. YouTubers are just people who upload their crazy ideas so the world can see them. More recently, some of YouTube’s updated guidelines seem to be reducing the amount of crazy content. Here is a list of channels in which the creators resist conformity to continue to push the boundaries of originality. and reasonable. These guys really risk their lives for the prospect.

10 Disturbing Channels from the Strange Part of YouTube

10 Hot
Spicy Food, 8.1
6 Million Subscribers

Let's start our list with a very popular entry. In his First We Feast channel, host Sean Evans interviews celebrities as they try to eat chicken wings covered in spicy sauces. The wings get hotter as the laps progress. Not every artist enjoys (or can handle) spicy food. There is serenity.

This is probably the lighthearted and most popular channel on this list. Spicy food is valued by many people. However, the consequences of eating some types of chilli can be very bad. Capsaicin, the main bioactive compound in chili peppers, can cause severe symptoms in the human body. These symptoms include: abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea. [1] These symptoms are often seen on the show, including the diarrhea section (we are looking at you, Bobby Lee). [2]

In addition, a man is reported to have died in Britain in 2019. He consumed a fish cake that was so hot that it burned his neck and suffocated. [3]

9 Furious Pete
Competitive food, 5.15 million subscribers

Competitive food existed long before YouTube was founded. It's no surprise that this practice has been adopted by people looking for likes online. Peter Czerwinski holds several Guinness World Records [4] in the field of competitive eating, an achievement that he was able to transform into a successful YouTube career. I myself cannot watch people eat without getting hungry myself.

Most of all, you can see him in his channel eating a pizza the size of a dining table and an 11-pound glass of Nutella! However, eating challenges are not just fun and games. Some competitions can even be pretty bad. Check out our 10 unsavory facts about eating contests. It goes without saying what risks are associated with overeating. To name a few, this can lead to obesity, diabetes and coronary artery disease. [5] Even more worrying is that a woman died in Australia this year when she entered a dining contest after consuming a large number of Lamingtons, a traditional Australian, cake that is almost as tasty as New Zealand's Pavlova!

8 Mustang Wanted
Höhenstunts, 295,000 subscribers

As a casual subscriber, he commented on one of his videos: "This guy has balls made of diamonds". Do you remember the high-altitude videos that went viral some time ago? These creepy videos where Russian children hang on tall buildings (without safety equipment) and risk falling to their deaths? Well, Pavlo Gennadiyovich Ushivets has ignored all of the instincts we have developed over the past 200,000 years on his YouTube channel. [5]

It is silly to explain how falling from the top of Dubai's 1,356-foot Princess Tower [6] would harm your health. This doesn't seem to scare Pavlo as the Princess Tower is just one of the buildings where you can see it dangling without any equipment. In our society where people die while taking selfies, Pavlo undoubtedly stands out from the rest.

7 StreetBeefs
Mixed Martial Arts, 1.39 million subscribers

In its beginnings, YouTube was mainly about cat videos. , , and people fight. The top floors of the internet may remember Kimbo Slice, the king of the backyard brawls, who unfortunately passed away in 2016. [7] In those days you could hardly see blood due to the limited definition of the cameras.

Today, MMA fighting is still a popular genre on YouTube. Undoubtedly the fights look even better in high definition. StreetBeefs is one of the most successful amateur battle organizers on the platform. The videos are not afraid to show two young guys knocking it out. Although deaths in MMA fights are relatively rare, at least 15 victims were reported as a result of these competitions in 2019. [8]

6 skippy62able
Inhale things, 2.52 million subscribers

This is easily one of the strangest entries on our list. We all know that alcohol must be consumed responsibly. However, when we think of “consume”, we come up with the word “drink” rather than the word “inhale”. Kevin Thomas Strahle, also a competitive eater, opted for a "competitive advantage" that attracted attention by inhaling things. These include alcohol, soda and other carbonated drinks.

In his latest videos, he talked about YouTube restricting the exposure of its videos and calling them non-advertising friendly. This time we have to join YouTube's decision as this is a very unhealthy activity. In addition to all of the common undesirable side effects of drinking alcohol, inhalation has other problems: practice is known to increase the risk of overdose, lung damage, and addiction. [9] In addition, he seems to be in severe pain. In general, Kevin's channel is essentially about picking up something strange – including eating an entire cactus and drinking a 20-year-old bottle of Crystal Pepsi (the video of which contains a warning about serious vomiting).

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5 PaulsGear
Motorcycling, 8.61 thousand subscribers

The adrenaline rush you get when riding a motorcycle is very special. For some, even a religious experience. That being said, the top speed that most people will ever experience while riding a bike is unlikely to exceed 120 km / h. Maybe a little more than that if you're a bit of a daredevil. There are reasons for speed limits. No safety precautions can save you from a high-speed accident, especially on a motorcycle.

However, YouTuber PaulsGear (his name seems to be a secret) can be seen on his canal, which runs at an astonishing speed of 300 km / h (or about 300 km / h). Admittedly, this can only be achieved (within the framework of the law) on a motorway that has motorways in Germany that have sections with no speed limit. [10] This mysterious character from PaulsGear often hides his face by wearing a bicycle helmet. However, the helmet is unlikely to save his life in an accident at his preferred speed.

4 BlueWorldTV
Naval diving, 632,000 subscribers

Most people believe that space is the last frontier. Be surprised to know that this is not the only final frontier. About 5% of our oceans have been explored and mapped, [11] somewhat embarrassing because our planet is about 70% water. To fix this and educate us, marine biologist Jonathan Bird has set up his channel, which focuses on exploring the sea. In his videos you can see him swimming with different types of sharks, snakes and squids.

In addition to marine life, there are other dangers associated with diving, such as drowning (obviously), decompression sickness, and arterial air embolism. [12] The last happens to a diver when blisters form in an artery during ascent and block his blood flow or. Basically, your blood boils in your veins. Jonathan is an experienced diver and is very careful about safety, but a normal person should avoid looking at the ocean like him.

3 Göran Winblad
Ultra-Marathon, 3.1 thousand subscribers

Can you run 5 km (3.1 miles)? Good for you! How about a 10K (5.2 miles)? This is even better, but only about a quarter of the distance of a marathon, which is 42.2 km. It takes a very physically healthy person to run a marathon and requires months of preparation. Some people take running to a whole new level by becoming an ultra marathon runner. For an ultramarathon runner, 50 km (31 miles) is the order of the day, and some races can be up to 100 miles long. [13] Regardless of the benefits of running, the human body is not designed to go that far.

The health effects of such uninterrupted walking include nausea and / or vomiting that damage your organs and immune system. [13] Scientists have actually found that running an ultramarathon is harmful to health rather than beneficial. [14]

2 Drugs Lab
Drug Consumption, 1.03 Million Subscribers

Ah the Netherlands. As you may know, drug policy is a little more relaxed there than in most countries (we are getting more and more controversial). [15] Nellie Benner, Rens Polman and Bastiaan Rosman try many different types of drugs on their channel. The substances include (but are not limited to) marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, speed, and LSD. All three are fairly young and attractive. While drunk, they do all kinds of activities, from entertaining to crazy.

You'd think censorship would be all over this channel, right? Not in Holland. The whole thing is sponsored by BNNVARA, [16] a Dutch public broadcaster, to raise awareness of drug abuse and responsible use. Your heart rate and body temperature are monitored for safety reasons. Regardless of the precautions taken, drug use can always lead to an overdose.

1 Brave Wilderness
stings and bites, 15.6 million subscribers

Finally our number 1! Getting people interested in science and nature is not an easy task. An excursion is a long way, but few (if any) people are willing to go to the extreme what Nathaniel "Coyote" Peterson, a wildlife educator, has done to raise awareness of his cause. You see, being bitten or stung by a beetle can be such a shattering experience that the Schmidt Sting Pain Index [17] was developed to give a feeling that words don't quite do it justice.

Only a madman would voluntarily submit to that, right? Well, on his channel, Coyote was stung by just about every animal he could get his hands on. In fact, he has already been stung by four animals that have created our own list of the 10 most terrifying poisons.

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