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Top 10 Crazy Covid-19 panic purchases (that’s not toilet paper)

The blocking of COVID-19 changed our way of life and our way of buying. In the United States, consumer goods (CPG) sales in the first quarter were $ 23.7 billion higher than in the same period last year. It was even higher than CPG revenue growth for the full calendar year 2019.

The Americans have not only changed how much they buy, but also what they buy. “You can definitely see that the focus of the people who stayed at home has shifted,” said Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart.

When the shutdowns started, there was a real panic purchase. The first things that flew off the shelves (in stores and online) were protective face masks, toilet paper, and detergent for disinfectants. Nielsen reported that sales of hand disinfectants in the first week of March increased by 470 percent compared to the same period in the previous year. In the second week of March, sales of bath towels, facial tissues and paper towels as well as aerosol disinfectants increased by three digits. Sales increased by 51

9 percent.

While this kind of panic buying was expected, it was fun to see what consumers bought during their quarantine weeks.

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10 Elastic

At the beginning of the quarantine, there was a lot of controversy about face masks. Celebrities put on N95 masks, while healthcare providers waived. Medical experts advised others against wearing face masks, but later recommended that all employees and buyers on the front line wear them.

Basic face masks were therefore difficult to get. That’s how people got creative. “How to make your own face mask” Videos and tips flooded social media. Masks were made from bandanas, scarves, T-shirts, socks and bra cups. Most DIY masks were elastic to work effectively.

The shortage continued and people made masks not only for themselves, but also for the needy. A call for volunteers from Joann shops has so far collected more than 114 million “Masks for America”. Singer donated sewing machines to fashion designers and hospitals to improve the mask supply for front workers.

It is therefore no wonder that rubber band continues to occupy the top position among Amazon’s bestsellers in the fields of arts, crafts and sewing. These homemade masks won’t stay up alone![1]

9 Baby wipes

Because hand sanitizers and Clorox wipes are so difficult to get, consumers are turning to baby wipes to keep the virus at bay. Currently, over half of Amazon’s best-selling baby products are wipes. This is a new dynamic as sales of disposable baby products have slowed due to falling birth rates. (Perhaps several weeks in quarantine will increase the number of newborns in about nine months!)

It is worth noting that most baby wipes do not protect against the corona virus. In order for a “disinfectant wipe” to protect against germs, bacteria and viruses, it must contain 70 percent isopropyl alcohol. Consumers can be better served by storing paper towels in a coffee can filled with a bleach solution.[2]

8th yeast

SSA & Company, a global management consultant, estimates that the block will mean that between 35 and 40 percent of consumers will eat homemade meals for the first time.

Sales of baked goods rose in the second half of March. Surprisingly, baker’s yeast sales grew 647 percent, more than any other consumer product. And spiral ham rose by 622 percent compared to the same period last year (which was partly favored by the upcoming Easter holidays).

Amazon’s food and gourmet sales in the first week of April were 77 percent higher than two months ago. The Walmart Grocery app surpassed Amazon by 20 percent and reached an all-time high: As of April 5, the average daily Walmart grocery downloads increased by 460 percent compared to January.[3]

7 Kitchen scales

Interestingly, food scales are high on the list of bestsellers. As more and more people cook at home, they discover devices and utensils that make work easier. All-in-one instant pots, air fryers and waffle irons were also in demand, an increase of 7 percent over the previous year. Other “non-essential” kitchen helpers are rice cookers, vacuum sealers and beverage manufacturers.[4]

6 Portable ice machines

Consumers continue to buy fresh meat and products at grocery stores and home delivery services, but are also looking for items with a longer shelf life
In the first three months of 2020, sales of frozen and storage-stable fruit increased almost five times compared to fresh fruit.

Freezers were the top-selling device on Amazon in the first month of quarantine. This is in response to the initial concerns that supermarkets could run out of food (especially meat). The freezers can also be used to safely store the increasing amounts of food now being prepared at home. A vacuum sealer (see # 5) is a great addition to a freezer.

Now that the freezers are installed, portable ice machines are dominating the device category. Consumers cannot go to the bars and are careful when driving through iced coffee and fountain drinks from the supermarket. That is why they choose to prepare their own refreshing drinks at home.[5]

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5 Eyebrow razor

As more and more people stay at home, total sales of beauty products (along with clothing) have decreased – about 50 percent over the previous year. However, remote workers want to be presentable for zoom meetings. When salons and barber shops were closed, consumers were looking for products to care for their own hair.

Sales of hair clippers increased by 166 percent and hair color by 23 percent. “People are starting to need a haircut,” said McMillon in April. “You see more beard trimmers and hair colors and the like. It is interesting to see how the dynamics develop. ”

Eyebrow razors for women are currently among the top five Amazon beauty and personal care categories as salon waxing and tweezers are exposed. Sales of nose and ear hair trimmers for men peaked and are now declining. Fortunately, nose whiskers grow slowly.[6]

4th Table tennis paddle

After urgently addressing their personal protection, food, and care needs, consumers looked for ways to fill the hours spent at home. Puzzles (which were actually in vogue before COVID-19), crayons and games (Jenga or Connect 4, anyone?) Were in high demand and bought for home use (and sent to grandma and grandpa to encourage them). Strangely enough, ping-pong paddles stand out because sales have increased by 89 percent!

As the weather gets warmer, gems such as bubbles, paddling pools and chalk fly out of the Amazon shelves on the sidewalk. Sports clothing and equipment are also increasing. Even bird watching items (seeds, bird feeders) rose 91 percent in early April.[7]

3rd Coccyx relief pillow

At the end of March, approximately 16 million U.S. knowledge workers began working remotely and converting kitchen islands and dining tables into home offices. Weeks later, that number is probably much higher.

These teleworkers burn personal supplies of copy paper and printer ink and turn to Amazon, Walmart, Staples, and other office supplies to get tons of paper, envelopes, and cartridges with high yield. Packing tape, sharpies and coccyx pain relief pillows complete the top ten.[8]

2nd Sticks, switches and dots

For those who are stuck at home, there is the convenience of home entertainment. Games, streaming, and binge watching help fill the days, but are frustrating (if not impossible) without the right equipment.

The BGR (Boy Genius Report) has summarized the best-selling electronics among its readers, “because everyone is looking for new toys to play with while looking for protection.” The website found that AirPods are very popular, especially since they are sold at the lowest prices ever. But their popularity is fading compared to the real top sellers from Amazon. Could that mean families are removing their earphones to communicate with the family?

Streaming media players (or streaming sticks) are undoubtedly the best-selling electronics. They led the charts at the start of the lockdown and remain the solid leader. The Roku Streaming Stick and Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K are both available for under $ 50.

The Nintendo Switch Lite, which was only temporarily removed from the bestseller list because it was out of stock, is the best handheld gaming device. It is now available in almost every color, but mostly in a used condition.

The Echo Dot is like someone else in the house. As one of Amazon’s best-selling devices of all time, it helps users do almost anything with a mere voice command. Check the weather or key news. Request favorite songs. Set thermostats and oven timers. Buy multiple points and speak to the rest of the family who are hiding in their own rooms during the block! Because with or without earphones, everyone still does their own thing.[9]

1 Poop bags

Many animal lovers never adopt because they are not at home enough to properly care for their pets. But quarantines and bans make it possible to call in a furry friend!

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Los Angeles saw a 70 percent increase in the number of animals admitted to foster care. Animal shelters in New York City experienced a sudden rush of adoption and foster care. Muddy Paws Rescue and Best Friends Animal Society reported that there were almost no cats or dogs left in the shelters where they worked: applications had increased tenfold by the end of March. “At the moment, we definitely have no dogs that can keep up with volunteers,” said Anna Lai, marketing director of Muddy Paws. “Which is a big problem to have.”

And while the stock market suffered, Chewy Inc. and PedMed Express Inc. stocks soared. Both rose 7 percent at the end of the first quarter. Chewy saw a 35 percent increase in sales with a home delivery model tailored to a block. And animal needs (feed, waste) are more or less safe from recession.

At Amazon, nail clippers, flea medicine, fur cutters and pouches are at the top of the bestseller list. Sales declined in April when consumers ran out of panic buying stocks, but they remain solid.

Let’s just hope that quarantined foster parents will hold onto their newly discovered pets after the economy starts up again.[10]

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