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Top 10 Craziest Old Aliens Theories

Since its launch in 2010, the history channel hit show Ancient Aliens has entertained viewers with thought-provoking and controversial evidence from "Ancient Astronaut Theory" – the idea of Stories and artifacts prove contact between extraterrestrials and our ancestors.

Despite a large audience, the show was heavily criticized by the scientific community. But are Erich von Daniken, Giorgio Tsoukalos and the countless other authors, radio hosts and even religious leaders that appear in Ancient Aliens really that crazy?

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In 2012, a study found that 77 percent of Americans believed there was evidence that extraterrestrials had visited Earth. Although many claims by Ancient Aliens have been debunked, many prominent scientists believe that extraterrestrial life exists.

However, in some cases the theories and evidence shown on Ancient Aliens are just insane.

Jonah was swallowed by an extraterrestrial submarine

Old astronaut theorists love to study old religious texts. The Bible in particular is an infinite source of inspiration. Although many biblical stories may be based on a core of truth, the story of Jonah being swallowed by a whale is one of the more bizarre stories. In fact, some people believe that this is a parody of the early Greek myths. [1]

Ancient Aliens and Giorgio Tsoukalos believe that the story of Jonah's wonderful survival is true. Tsoukalos also points out that Jonah notes in some versions that the "ribs" of the whale shimmer bronze. Tsoukalos concludes: “Jonah wasn't actually swallowed by a whale. , , but from a U.S.O. An unidentified submersible object. ”

That is, if it happened at all.

9 Pakal's rocket

K & # 39; inich Janaab & # 39; Pakal was the ruler of the Mayan city-state of Palenque in the seventh century AD. After his death, he was placed in an ornate coffin and sealed in a tomb in the Temple of Inscriptions.

When archaeologists discovered his grave, they noticed the decorative sarcophagus lid and called it an example of classical Mayan art. The widespread iconography made it easy for scholars to interpret the symbols and themes of the artwork. [2]

On the other hand, ancient astronaut theorists consider this one of their best testimonials. Erich von Daniken thinks the work of art is “incredible. , , An absolute proof for extraterrestrials. “

According to the theorists, the artwork on the lid of Pakal's sarcophagus shows an astronaut ascending into space with a rocket. Allegedly, his hands manipulate the controls, his feet are on the pedals, he is wearing a breathing tube and the exhaust shoots from the bottom of the rocket.

The problem with the old alien theory?

Each example was either a well-known Maya symbol or was just too far away. Would aliens really be as primitive as a rocket?

But most of all, it doesn't really look like a rocket.

8 Hybrid creatures are the result of genetic testing.

Historically, there has been no shortage of “mythical animals”. Different stories tell of animals like the griffin (half lion, half eagle) or the Medusa, a monster from Greek mythology, whose hair was a tangle of poisonous snakes. Many old religious figures were hybrid beings. In fact, almost all Egyptian gods had animal heads on their human bodies.

Some ancient astronaut theorists believe these stories have an explanation – ancient alien genetic experiments. [3] Eventually, people started engaging in genetic engineering. As the theorists ask, is it so crazy to think that old visitors would have done the same?

Maybe not.

However, the theory is based on the fact that these creatures actually existed. Today we still tell silly stories about creatures – like "Nessy" or Bigfoot. (Oh wait, they think aliens are behind Bigfoot too.)

It is more likely that these creatures are the result of human imagination and not foreign science experiments. For example: Even if extraterrestrials were able to give Medusa snake hair, it was reported that looking into their eyes was enough to turn someone into solid stone. We are not quite sure how they worked this part out.

7 Teotihuacan is a computer. , , Or something

Teotihuacan is an old Toltec city near what is now Mexico City. Much of the site is dedicated to religiously inspired temples and monuments, including the famous Pyramid of the Sun.

Ancient astronaut theorists believe that it is also a giant computer board – mainly because the layout “resembles one”. Many articles and documentation from the community refer to this fact. [4]

What does it look like with a printed circuit board?

Not too much, actually. The theory also claims that some of the temples are "processors", but for no reason why. However, the theorists go further and point out that in some buildings electrically conductive mica was built in and some underground rooms were completely filled with mica.

However, many ancient civilizations are known to use mica. Although the mica rooms are a bit curious, almost nothing about Teotihuacan is as far away as a race track.

6 Sword in the stone

The legend of the "Sword in the Stone" is one of King Arthur's most famous stories. However, the Celtic legend of a magical weapon that can only be moved by a divine figure is not necessarily unique. It is quite similar to the hammer of the Norse god Thor and countless other fairy tales. In addition, historians found it difficult to find evidence that King Arthur actually existed. [5]

According to some advocates of ancient astronaut theory, it is not just the story of King Arthur who pulls a magical "immobile" sword out of the stone that is absolutely true, but is also connected to extraterrestrials.

Tsoukalos points out that this type of technology could exist because modern technology has the ability to produce conceptual firearms with a kind of biometric security. Tsoukalos also believes that Arthur's other sword, Excalibur, and Joan of Arc's sword were "foreign laser weapons".

5 Dendera Light

Similar to Pakal's rocket, this theory begins with an image that is said to represent modern technology. However, this is actually very similar to the modern artifact it is supposed to represent: a light bulb.

The problem?

It also looks like something else. , , a representation of Egyptian mythology with typical Egyptian symbols. In particular, it resembles an Egyptian version of the "creation myth". In the Heliopolitan version, Atum (a snake) emerges from a lotus flower into the universe or, as was imagined, an air bubble in a dark, infinite ocean onion is a perfect example of an Egyptian lotus flower. On closer inspection, the "filament" clearly has the mouth and eyes of a snake. [6]

4 The Grim Reaper was an alien – and the aliens caused the plague

In the Middle Ages people might have believed that when black death was still destroying the European population. After all, they accused demons, witches and even the Jews. Although modern science attributes the outbreak to fleas that carry the bacterium Yersinia pestis ancient astronaut theorists such as the author William Bramley blame extraterrestrials for the infection.

Chemtrails. Basically, people were sprayed with toxic vapors in the same way that farmers spray their plants with pesticides. This may have happened for the same reason – or maybe just for experimental reasons.

It can also be remembered that the “Grim Reaper” appeared at this time. Apparently some insane victims of the plague were hallucinating images of a dark hooded figure. In the hysteria, people also reported that hooded figures appeared in the wheat fields just before the plague in a certain city. [7]

The Grim Reaper soon became the most iconic personification of death. If it wasn't chemtrails, some theorists suggest that the aliens may have used a more "personal" note. They simply gassed our food supplies up close while dressed in black cloaks.

3 Nazis had help from extraterrestrials

On the history channel Ancient Aliens asked us this question: Did Adolf Hitler base his plans for world domination on secret extraterrestrial knowledge? The answer, of course, is no. But apparently a lot of people are interested in the whole thing with the Nazi UFOs.

To be honest, the Nazis had advanced technology when it came to missiles. During the war they developed both the flying bomb V-1 and the rocket V-2 and used them with great success against England and France.

According to Ancient Aliens the German rocket scientist Hermann Oberth claimed this. This technology was only possible because "beings from another world" helped them. This indicates that the Nazis had contact with extraterrestrials.

The UFO community also speaks quite a bit about the Nazis. The term "foo fighter" refers to the numerous stories about strange aerial phenomena observed by Allied pilots in Germany.

The idea that the Germans wanted to build a fleet of saucer-shaped planes called "Haunebu" had been around for a while. According to these theories, the technology for such a vehicle was acquired when German engineers reverse-engineered an alien spaceship that had crashed in the Bavarian forests. [8]

2 Vimanas

In ancient astronaut theory, the ancient depictions of aliens and their vehicles as god-like beings with heavenly chariots are a recurring theme. Nowhere is this visual language as present as in ancient Hindu texts such as the Mahabharata which refer to the flying palaces or thrones known as Vimanas.

allegedly controlled and inhabited by mythical creatures, these are actually confused interpretations of old people who testify to extraterrestrial technology.

While some descriptions of Vimanas strangely resemble metallic flying saucers, most representations of Vimanas describe a very human chariot pulled by flying horses. [9]

1 Aliens killed the dinosaurs

This is one of the most difficult to understand. In fact, episode 10 in Season 4 of Ancient Aliens (19459003) does little to explain why this destruction took place. , , except maybe to make room for people.

In this scenario, benevolent aliens decided to intervene in the constant conflict between the elderly and their impressive dinosaur opponents. The show shows flying saucers hunting for T. Rex herds with laser weapons. The program also offers an alternative: Dinosaurs have simply been genetically modified by aliens to be smaller and friendlier.

As for evidence, Ancient Aliens doesn't have much to offer. Instead, they rely on creationist authors to convince viewers that humans and dinosaurs coexist. To support these claims, they point to the alleged inaccuracy of carbonaceous fossils, rocks that contain both dinosaur and human footprints, and ancient works of art that represent their coexistence.

Unfortunately, all the evidence presented was thoroughly exposed. [10]

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