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Top 10 camping gear for your camping trip.

The best part of the camping is sitting at night by the warm, crackling fire. You need some camping accessories to get the fire going. You can start a fire with Flint and steel, matches, Lighter or Magnesium fire starter. If you bring matches, make sure they are waterproof. A good suggestion is to always pack two different sources to start a fire if one doesn’t work. Also take a little lighter with you, like dry bark or newspaper strips or even lint from your dryer waterproof container.


Always be prepared with one First aid kit in your camping needs! You never know what will happen when camping. Blisters or scratches and scratches can occur after hiking. You want to treat them so that they do not become infected. Some antiseptics and bandages are a good idea. Your first aid kit should also contain other necessities: scissors, glue, gauze, soap, a CPR mouth barrier and a Emergency whistle. Be sure to add sunscreen, insect repellent, and some benadryl just in case.


A pocket knife is an indispensable tool for your outdoor camping equipment. You can cut a fishing line or cut a rope. You can use a knife to help prepare food, cut some branches in the way, or even clean your fish. Without a knife, these things are impossible to do.


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