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Top 10 bizarre award show moments

Awards ceremonies are all about glamor, glamor and stars who congratulate each other on a job well done. What keeps the rest of the crowd informed when fewer people vote today? How do these shows get attention?

Well, one thing has stayed the same. Over the years, these shows have earned a reputation for boring, outrageous, and even angry moments. The result? Nowadays, a lot of people just tune in to see if something crazy is going to happen.

10 unexpected things that happened during the award ceremony

10th Oscar winner requires permission to attend the ceremony

Hattie McDaniel was born in 1

893 and became a famous actress, comedian and singer-songwriter. She auditioned for the role of Mammy Blown by the wind Wearing an authentic maid uniform that was considered the main factor in winning the role. McDaniel’s portrayal of Mammy earned her a well-deserved Oscar in the Best Supporting Actress category.

Although McDaniel had won this prestigious award for her great performance, he was not allowed to attend the premiere of the film in Atlanta because it was held in a white-only theater. At first she wasn’t even allowed to go to the Academy Awards because it was only a show for whites. But she was finally allowed to attend after the film’s producer called a favor. However, it was separated at a side table.[1]

Even after her death, her last wish to be buried in Hollywood Cemetery was denied because only white burials were allowed in the cemetery.

9 I am bomb, I am bomb, I am A I am bomb

During the Grammy Awards Show in 1998, Bob Dylan took the stage to play “Love Sick”. During the song, performance artist Michael Portnoy decided that it was time to make an unscheduled appearance.

Portnoy jumped on the stage. He was shirtless and had the words “Soybomb” painted on his chest. He stopped next to Dylan and started making a strange version of the “robot”.[2]

Portnoy enjoyed 35 seconds of fame before being quickly removed by security. When he was interviewed afterwards, Portnoy said he painted “soybean bomb” on his chest because of “soybean”. . . represents dense nutritional life ”and he wanted his art to represent“ dense, transformative, explosive life ”.

He was originally supposed to play an additional role in the background during Dylan’s appearance. Instead, he decided to “claim.” [himself] on national television. “

8th Tarantino doesn’t need anyone

Quentin Tarantino has long been a controversial filmmaker. He has been accused of being racist, insensitive to victims of gun violence, and indirectly causing Uma Thurman’s car accident on the set of Kill Bill. Tarantino admitted to being aware of several Harvey Weinstein accusations and said, “I marginalized the incidents. [ . . . ] I knew enough to do more than I did. “[3]

All of this made him very unpopular, and his speech at the 2020 Golden Globes ceremony did nothing. In his speech, he mentioned screenwriter Robert Bolt and director John Milius.

But then Tarantino went on to say that he really didn’t have to thank anyone because he wrote the script for it Once upon a time in Hollywood everything himself. After strolling narcissistically the same way, he finally recognized the stars of the film and his wife.

7 Rob Lowe sings with Snow White

Rob Lowe is known for playing Billy Hicks St. Elmos fire and more recently for acting in shows like Brothers, sisters as well as 9-1-1: Lone star.

What some may not know is that the star can sing too. He proved this during the really bizarre opening number that was part of the 1989 Academy Awards. Lowe played a parody version of “Proud Mary” with Eileen Bowman, who was disguised as Snow White.

The performance lasted 11 minutes and must be viewed in its entirety in order to fully “appreciate” the madness. Years later, Lowe was able to make fun of the performance. But at that time he had to grin and bear the incredulous expressions he saw in the audience singing.[4]

6 Michael Jackson accepts the Make-Up Award

During the MTV Video Music Awards 2002, Michael Jackson messed things up a bit. He watched Britney Spears dance to “Billie Jean”, saw a huge cake and a glittering golden trophy, and was understandably dazed. After all, it was his birthday. When he was called up and wished Spears a happy birthday, he heard what she called the “artist of the millennium”.[5]

He held on to the trophy presented to him and thanked a number of people (including David Blaine) for the honor of receiving the Millennium Artist award. The only problem? There was no such award.

MJ had been called on stage so the audience (and MTV) could wish him a happy birthday. And that was it. Nevertheless, he rocked his “acceptance speech” as only he could. In the end, the crowd went wild anyway.

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5 Glory ‘kills’ Lady Gaga

During the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, Lady Gaga was years away from singing with Tony Bennett or showing her voice in films. However, she was a massive pop star for a year and was fed up with how the media treated stars in general.

It was also only a year after Britney Spears suffered a severe nervous breakdown and was involuntarily held at Cedars-Sinai for 72 hours. Gaga was outraged at how the media ridiculed Britney and others, including Lindsay Lohan, by presenting their falls to the world as a form of entertainment.[6]

For this reason, Gaga has decided to make their VMA performance an unforgettable one. She played “paparazzi” and shocked audiences worldwide by “pretending her own death” on stage. She was tied up by her dancers and then “lifeless” hung on a rope while covered with “blood”. She also said dramatically, “In the midst of all these flashing lights, I pray that fame won’t cost my life.”

In the background, the sound of camera shutters filled the sudden silence. It was definitely a bizarre moment, but in retrospect it was a much needed one. Some even called it “a wake-up call” for pop culture.

4th Pedestal stunt went wrong

During the 2014 Emmy Awards, Sofia Vergara was asked to stand on a pedestal. As the podium slowly whirled the star around, the chair and CEO of the Academy of Arts and Sciences of Television, Bruce Rosenblum, made a speech that sparked a storm of controversy.

While Vergara made the most of the moment and did funny poses on the pedestal, Rosenblum implied that television success “was based on always offering the viewer something to make them watch”.[7]

Spectators toasted the stunt as “incredibly sexist” and called Vergara’s objectification extremely crude, considering that a Latina actress had only been awarded twice at that time. Vergara tried to calm the situation by saying that she did not find the scenario offensive at all and that the person who triggered the Twitter firestorm should lighten up a bit.

3rd Isn’t that a kick in the head?

The MTV Video Music Awards 1992 were eagerly awaited as the members of Nirvana were to appear both as nominees and as actors. The group won two awards, Best Alternative Video and Best New Artist, in a video for “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

However, their musical performance was not so successful. The band had previously agreed (compromised) with the MTV managers that Nirvana would play “Lithium” instead of “Rape Me”. When they entered the stage, Kurt Cobain started to sing “Rape Me”, which caused the Execs to rage.

While discussing cutting a commercial, Cobain switched to “Lithium”. By the end of the song, everything was going well when bassist Krist Novoselic threw his bass guitar in the air (he had done this several times) and misjudged its landing. The guitar hit Novoselic on the head and threw him on the stage.[8]

Fortunately, he was light-headed and not seriously injured.

2nd The song that nobody wanted to hear

Sometimes you have to ask yourself how celebrities come up with sketch ideas for award ceremonies. Some are really impressive, but others are so valuable that you have your head in your hands.

For some reason, Seth MacFarlane thought it was a good idea to sing a song titled “We Saw Your Boobs” during the 2013 Academy Awards. He did so while pointing to actresses who appeared topless on the screen. These actresses had filmed nude scenes in films Monsters ball, The defendant, monster, and Brokeback Mountain.[9]

Afterwards it turned out that the actresses who were referred to – and who all had shameful facial expressions – were “involved in the joke”. This didn’t stop angry viewers from raging on Twitter and calling MacFarlane a “misogynistic pig”. They also pointed out that he used four examples from rape scenes.

MacFarlane was again invited to hosting the following year, but declined due to planning conflicts.

1 Musical exorcism

Sometimes the need to provide a shock value completely overshadows an entire award ceremony. This happened when Nicki Minaj appeared on stage at the 2012 Grammy Awards.

She was accompanied by a “priest” while “confessing” to the lyrics of her new song “Roman Holiday”. Then the scene was cut off to a recorded video in which the “priest” arrived in a house to exorcise Minaj. She was shown putting lipstick on and crawling up a wall while hissing at the “priest” after he entered her room.[10]

Finally, the Grammy performance continued live and included several fires, levitation, and speaking in tongues. Minaj experienced a false exorcism on stage and her substitute dancers once sang a dark version of “Come on, all ye faithful”.

Twitter was not impressed by the spectacle. Some called it a “hot mess”, others declared that they were ashamed of Minaj. Perhaps the least impressed were the Catholic League. They saw the performance as an attack on their faith.

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