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Top 10 beautiful tourist valleys in Pakistan

Pakistan is so much more than what the media is about. Like any other beautiful country in the world, Pakistan has some wonderful and fascinating places to visit. Tourists from all over the world are attracted by the scenic beauty of these places and the friendliness and hospitality of the people. From high mountains to crystal clear blue lakes, Pakistan is undoubtedly the land of majestic beauty. Below are some of the most beautiful and picturesque valleys in Pakistan.

10th Shigar Valley

  Shigar Valley

Located in Gilgit Baltistan, Shigar Valley is the most beautiful spot in Pakistan. This place is unique and different in a very charming way from the other valleys mentioned here. Here is a pleasant and cold desert known as the Sarfaranga Desert. There are many trekking routes in Shigar, the most famous being Baltoro; Which is the trekking route to the second highest mountain in the world, K-2. The tour starts from the Shigar bridge. After crossing the bridge, you will reach the majestic cold desert of the Shigar Valley in 20 minutes by car.

The Shigar Lookout is a point from which you can see almost the entire Shigar Valley. Another admirable place in Shigar is the Blind Lake Shigar, also known as Jazbazoo. The water of this lake is fresh and immaculate. In addition, it gives the eyes a charming and charming look.

. 9 Jhelum Valley

  Beautiful Tourist Valleys in Pakistan

Another fascinating valley in Pakistan that attracts many local and international tourists. The Jhelum flows through the valley of the Jhelum and flows into the river of the Neelum valley. The Jhelum Valley has so much to offer tourists. The place is full of spectacular natural attractions. The beauty attracts many tourists to the valley, which also helps Pakistan economically. The tourists report that the time in the Jhelum Valley is the most valuable time of their lives. Among the many fascinating tourist attractions in Jhelum, Chamm is one of the most visited tourist attractions. In addition, the valley has a beautiful waterfall that gives the environment freshness.

There are many villages in this valley, but the village of Leepa steals the most attention because of its lush green meadows. Then there is Chikar, another tourist destination with a pleasant climate.

. 8 Chitral Valley

  Beautiful Chitral valleys in Pakistan

Apart from Kalash, the Chitral district has another valley that has a cultural heritage and exquisite beauty known as the Chitral Valley. Chitral is not only beautiful, but also has a historical significance for the Pakistani people, which is why it is also entitled "Pearl of the Pakistani North". The people here are so welcoming and allow them to stay in their homes and share their food with the tourists. The Chitral Museum is a historically valuable place where old weapons and antiques are displayed. Polo is mostly played by Chitralis, which is why there is a polo court in the city.

In the Chitral Valley, there are green fields, snow capped mountains, flowing rivers and a variety of plant tourists for camping, hiking and fishing. Also for tourists here are hotels and pensions available.

. 7 Bagrot Valley

  Bagrot Valley

The majestic Karakoram Mountains of Gilgit Baltistan conceal another gorgeous valley of Pakistan, the Bagrot Valley. The distance between the city of Gilgit and the Bagrot Valley is almost half an hour. The valley is known for the fruits and vegetables it supplies. Bagrot is mainly visited by tourists in summer, as the temperature is very pleasant at this time of the year.

Ice glaciers from the Karakorum are also supplied by the villages of the Bagrot valley. The river Bagrote irrigates the fields in Bagrote by flowing through the entire valley, making agriculture the main source of the economy. Hotels and guesthouses are available for tourist stays.

. 6 Naran and Kaghan Valleys

  Naran and Kaghan Valleys

240 kilometers from the Pakistani capital of Islamabad are the stunning Naran and Kaghan valleys in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. During the hot summer season, tourists visit the Naran and Kaghan valleys to avoid the hot sun. During the holidays, they are rooted in Naran & Kaghan. There are many tourist activities such as hiking, camping, sightseeing and fishing. The place is full of excitement and adventure for the travelers. Beautiful flora and fauna can be observed here on high mountains full of lush green meadows.

The Kaghan Valley begins in Balakot, a town in the Mansehra district. Balakot lies on the surface of high mountains. The Kunhar River is also present on the other side of the city. Halfway through the Kaghan Valley, you reach the center, known as the Naran Valley. This place is so peaceful and quiet, with a fresh and freshly washed-up environment, that it is not wrong to call it a little heaven on earth.

Saif ul Maluk Lake in the Kaghan Valley is famous for its beauty and fairy tales told by locals. Apart from that, there are several other attractions that will leave a deep impression in your memory. Such as Shogran, Sharan, the Gutstal and the Babbusar peak, which offers a picturesque view of the majestic Kaghan Valley.

. 5 Kalash Valley

  Kalash Girl from the Birir Valley
Kalash Girl from the Birir Valley

Another valley in the Chitral district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province encompasses beautiful landscapes and enchanting greenery but also home to beautiful and blue-eyed animals people. This place is known as "Kalash or Kalasha Valley". Music is played throughout the day in the streets of Kalash, and people in cultural costumes dance to drums. In the villages of Kalash, there are several historic monumental sites and dance halls.

The Kalash Valley is famous for the rich culture of its inhabitants. Their cultural festivals and their hospitality attract many tourists. Kalash has a lot of remarkable flora and fauna. Travelers usually prefer local fruits, vegetables and nuts to plastic snacks.

There are also several famous lakes in the Kalash Valley, which are responsible for its fresh and cold environment. Bahuk the Holy Lake lies between the small valleys of Rumboor and Bumburet. Lake Awazak, surrounded by lush green flora. Many grazing animals are attracted to the fresh grass around the lake. Shawal Lake is another lake in the Kalash Valley with cold and fresh water and is surrounded by mountains. Herds are also grazed to this lake. A visit to the Kalash Valley is an unforgettable tour for tourists only because of its charming people.

. 4 Swat Valley

  Swat Beautiful Tourist Valleys in Pakistan

The title given to this valley is enough to describe its captivating and breathtaking beauty. The Swat Valley is also known as "Eastern Switzerland". The striking scenic beauty of this place is due to the fascinating waterfalls, the rushing rivers, the snow-capped mountains and the magnificent flora and fauna of the Swat Valley.

The inhabitants of Swat are known for their friendly and hospitable environment their visitors. The market town in the twin town Swat "Mingora" is quite big and old and sells traditional objects.

The entire Swat Valley holds exquisite and enchanting beauty, but some of the tourist attractions most visited by travelers are Malam Jabba, a hill station and alpine skiing destination, Daral Lake, a scenic place for hiking, Shahi Baagh, a charming meadow with lush green flora, the village of Sair, home to the friendliest people of all time! And many more places worth seeing. The Swat Valley is full of charming mountain stations, wonderful campsites and unforgettable views.

. 3 Hunza Valley

  Beautiful Hunza valleys in Pakistan

The ancient valley of Hunza was once a princely state with the city of Baltit as its capital. In the northeast, it bordered on China and the northeast on Pamir northwest side. Hunza has a long history of peace and harmony that makes it a great source for tourist attractions. The people of Hunza are known for their hospitable and friendly nature.

The first beautiful spot you see on entering the Hunza Valley is the Rakaposhi Lookout, which overlooks the large snow-capped Rakaposhi Mountain. The tourists are overwhelmed by the fresh breeze that flows through the snow-covered mountains and charming trees. Second, Karimabad – the current capital of Hunza, known for its diverse cultural diversity.

The Altit Fort is another worth seeing place in the Hunza Valley. A pleasant and beautiful apricot garden and a cherry orchard greet tourists at the gate of Altit Fort. This fortress gives a clear picture of the wonderful architectural skills of the ancient world of Hunza.

The snow-capped "eagle nest Hunza" is the name of the highest mountain of Hunza, which gives an overview of the valley. A tour to Hunza is incomplete without meeting the kind-hearted and lively people of the village of Gojal. They are known for their charming and captivating voices and have a majestic skill in playing instruments.

. 2 Kumrat Valley

  Kumrat Valley KPK Pakistan

Located in the Upper Dir district of KPK. The charming valley of "Kumrat", a tourist site and home to a variety of flora and fauna. Markhor, monkeys, snow leopards, porcupines and jackals can be found in the Kumrat Valley. This place is a reflection of heaven on earth. The climate of Kumrat is very inviting to tourists in the summer with a pleasant temperature of about 20 ° C, but in winter the temperature drops to -4 to -10 ° C.

The Kumrat valley attracts many tourists, people from all over Pakistan visit Valley to escape the hot weather. The Kumrat Valley is loved by travelers for its evergreen and lush surroundings. Apart from the lush green landscapes, the Kumrat Valley has beautiful snow-capped mountains that are covered by 3 to 10 feet of snow, giving the area a frosty touch. The rising river Panjkora of Kumrat offers a fascinating view of the eyes.

There are not many hotels and restaurants in Kumrat, but much of the area is for camping, campfires and fishing. The clean and fresh environment and the calm weather of Kumrat are the main reason why it is loved and appreciated by tourists.

. 1 Neelum Valley

  Arrang Kel Neelum Valley

In the northeast of Azad Kashmir is another beautiful valley of Pakistan, known as the "Neelum Valley". This place is a true fairyland. The cold, cool weather contributes to its pleasant environment. The flowing river Neelum attracts the tourists. There are several small restaurants on the banks of the Neelum River. Travelers sit there with a hot cup of tea in hand and enjoy the soothing landscape with the sweet and quiet sound of flowing water.

The Neeltal has always been a magnet for tourists. Every summer, people visit this enchanting place with streams, waterfalls and remarkable flora and fauna. Keran, Jagran, Sharda, Kel, Taoubat are just a few of the enchanting attractions. Similarly, in winter you can enjoy snowfall everywhere in the valley.

A place to see, a place to remember and a lake to treasure. "Ratti Gali" is full of red, beautiful flowers and green fields. Ratti Gali Resort offers a jeep route, a campsite and a campfire. It lies at the height of about 12000 feet of the Neelum Valley. Nearby there is a village known as Dowarian. Therefore, the Ratti Gali Lake is also referred to as Dowarian Lake. In Neelumtal there are some other places that deserve the recognition of nature lovers.

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