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TidyBoard bamboo cutting board for preparing meals

Fourth of July is the epitome of summer – and after a few months in the house you need fun outdoors. Check out these 15 summer must-haves while on sale and save an additional 15 percent when you spend $ 50 or more with code JULYFOURTH15.

1. CARSULE pop-up cabin for your car; $ 300 (20 percent off)

This tent connects to your hatchback car like a mobile living room with a tailgate. Installation takes just a few minutes and the whole is 6.5 feet high, so you can enjoy nature from the comfort of your car.

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2. mosquito killer lamp; $ 30 (25 percent off)

If you happen to be one of those unfortunate souls that attract a suspicious amount of mosquitoes the second you step outside, you need this defense lamp to keep your arms and legs bite-free. It uses a non-toxic combination of LED lights, air turbulence, and other methods to keep the pests at bay.

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3. Super Shield Mosquito Repellent Electronic Watch Band; $ 1
7 (57 percent off)

While a lamp is a great non-toxic solution to keep insects at bay, active people need an insect repellent that can keep up with their lifestyle. This portable wrist protects you from mosquitoes everywhere by driving them away with ultrasound sounds.

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4. ZeroDark 3-part tactical set: flashlight, lantern and headlights; $ 20 (66 percent off)

If you want your summer to be lit, this set is enough. Apart from all the puns, this trio with LED brightness is perfect for camping fun and garden parties or can be stored in the car for emergencies.

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5. Collapsible outdoor cooler and camp placemat; $ 64 (27 percent off)

You can easily cook with this cooler and table set that cools your drink until you can put it in one of the four practical cup holders. Bring this camping or pool set for comfort anywhere.

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6. Trident: underwater scooter; $ 550 (21 percent off)

If you’ve ever dreamed of better mobility when exploring the water, you’re not alone. The Trident underwater scooter, which has raised over $ 82,000 on Indiegogo, can drive you through the water at speeds of up to 6 feet per second, which is not far from how fast Michael Phelps swam in its prime. The battery lasts 45 minutes, so you can drive through easily.

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7. Go portable solar oven; $ 119 (14 percent off)

Bake, roast, steam or fry wherever you bring this portable oven. Just over a foot in length and weighing just two pounds, the oven works in most daytime weather conditions and can hold about 13 ounces of food.

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8. 3-in-1 waterproof bug zapper lantern; $ 25 (50 percent off)

Mosquitoes are a big problem at night, also because it is difficult to beat in the dark. This lantern illuminates the area and zaps mosquitoes from catching you.

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9. Urban e-skateboard: basic version (orange); $ 120 (73 percent off)

This e-skateboard is perfect for getting around in the summer. You’ll catch a breeze while riding on the battery-powered platform, and won’t sweat when you put the compact board in your pocket.

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10. H2 headlamp: Waterproof, rechargeable LED wide-angle headlamp with 180 ° angle; $ 37 (26 percent off)

Camping, car problems and sports are a problem at night. This LED spotlight illuminates your surroundings in a radius of 180 degrees for optimal visibility so that your outdoor activities do not have to stop when the sun goes down.

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11. Whirlwind Cool Bladeless Mini Fan; $ 22 (63 percent off)

This portable fan has a powerful handheld size so you can stay cool on the go. Unlike other portable fans, it has a sleek, bladeless design and three different speeds.

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12. Bladeless personal fan; $ 22 (63 percent off)

This fanless fan doesn’t just keep you cool while you’re working on your laptop. It also has a built-in battery that you can use to charge your phone.

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13. MOGICS Coconut: Portable Waterproof Light; $ 37 (24 percent off)

This portable light is designed to adapt to your lighting preference. It inflates itself in a few seconds and can jump, get wet and set the mood.

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14. Lunatec 1L Hydration Spray water bottle; $ 25 (21 percent off)

A water bottle can provide more than just moisture. This has a spray nozzle that can generate shower, jet and fog patterns to wash dishes while camping, share a sip without germs and wash off the muddy shoes after a long hike.

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15. Sport Force hydration pack; $ 25 (68 percent off)

Hikers know how important it is to stay hydrated, but carrying cumbersome water jugs is tedious. This unique drinking backpack can be filled with two liters of water and has a practical drinking nozzle that extends to the user’s mouth. Now you can refill these liquids without interrupting the step.

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