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This site answers all your questions about "Can I microwave this?"

Microwaves are modern magic animals that meet our expectations of instant gratification and save children who have forgotten to take the chicken out of the freezer, with the wrath of the parents who ordered it. However, if you try to destroy the wrong thing, your microwave can spit fire.

To answer all your definitely stupid questions, what is the "wrong" thing about microwave, is there a website called Can You Microwave? It covers everything from clothes (surprisingly yes, with a few restrictions) to cookie dough (no, unfortunately), and each entry contains an explanation of why it belongs in a microwave or not. If the item is safe, you will also find instructions on how to cook it in the microwave.

As Lifehacker reports, the site is divided into categories: "Cheese and Meat", "Materials", "Breakfast" and "Meat". "Among other things ̵

1; if you are interested in exploring, but you can also search for your article in the search bar if you have something in mind. Can not you find what you are looking for? Send your question on the contact page and wait for an answer by e-mail.

By including such thorough answers, the site exposes some common myths that may affect the way you use your microwave oven. For example, although plastic zippered containers look like they should be kept away from your microwave, they are actually fine there. How can you microwave? explains, people often think plastic should not be heated because it contains toxic chemicals called dioxins – but Ziploc does not even make products with dioxins.

such as "Can I use microwave wine?" has often turned out to be absolutely sensible. The person had cooled red wine to keep it, and then forgot to let it warm to room temperature before a dinner party. Interestingly, the answer was "yes," even pointing to an old article in the New York Times which claimed that sommeliers often use the microwave trick (though they may not admit it).

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[h/t Lifehacker]

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