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These weapons were way ahead of their time

Warfare has always given the impetus to promote more efficient methods of killing people. History shows that in almost every lengthy period of the war, new weapons were proposed and developed that often failed because existing technologies could not support the design. For example, the earliest gunpowder-filled landmines often failed because the moisture from the earth in which they were hidden seeped into the powder, rendering it unusable.

As advances in metallurgy and chemistry discovered better ways to make weapons and throw them at one another, scientists, artists, mathematicians, and others presented weapons that for the most part predicted many of the weapons used today. They were ahead of their time, but when technology caught up with the idea, many became formidable weapons. Here are 1

0 weapons of the past that were ahead of their time.

This is an addition to one of our previous lists as presented by our YouTube host Simon Whistler. Read the full list!

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