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These DIY kits will be your new favorite hobby

Take advantage of those wriggling hands with one of these gorgeous DIY kits for adults and children. Kits range from standard car and airplane models to STEM-based robotics and gaming projects. When you are done creating the intricate models, you can enjoy your creation as desktop decorations or toys.

1. Heavenly Hercules Metal DIY model kit; $ 120

This DIY replica of a real visionary airplane contains eight engines that you can watch at work. When you’re done, put it on your desk for the perfect conversation starter.

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2. Dazzling Steamliner Metal DIY model kit; $ 1

Get your diesel punk and steampunk kicks on with this sleek steamliner model powered by a spring mechanism.

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3. Mysterious Timer Metal DIY model kit; $ 55

This DIY clockwork timer measures up to an hour, sounds an alarm and, once assembled, makes a timeless decoration.

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4. Sunfounder Nano DIY Robot Kit; $ 47 (21 percent off)

Give a younger friend an introduction to robotics programming with these robots you can build and train to walk, dance, and kick.

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5. DIY Bionic Robot Lizard; $ 55 (16 percent off)

Swap the time it takes to care for a real reptile pet for a STEM education. In this kit, kids learn to build their own bionic lizard using engineering, robotics, and programming skills.

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6. Sunfounder Picar-V Kit V2.0 Raspberry Pi 4; $ 105 (8 percent discount)

This beginner’s STEM kit is the perfect way to learn Raspberry Pi, robotics, and electronics with simple coding tutorials.

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7. Glorious Convertible Metal Diy Model Kit; $ 60

Under the hood of this stainless steel model car there is a spring-operated mechanism that allows it to drive up floors in style. There’s even a working steering wheel, trunk, and hood for added authenticity.

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8. Hot Tractor Metal DIY Model Kit; $ 25

Build a real-world prototype of the heavy duty K700 tractor with cab doors that open and a working hood.

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9. DIY Robot Curiosity Kit for children 8-10 years old; $ 70 (41 percent off)

Make playtime educational with this introductory STEM learning kit that teaches kids to build modules that are LEGO compatible for even more exciting play.

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10. Bondic Pro Kit with additional refills; $ 22 (45 percent off)

Throw away the tape and glue as this liquid plastic uses a UV LED light to cure the model parts and bond them together.

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11. Makerbuino Educational DIY Game Console (Standard Kit and Tools); $ 80

Get kids off their screens a little with this kit so they can learn to build their own handheld play device.

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12. Royal Voyager Metal DIY Model Kit; $ 80

Let nostalgia take control as you build this retro disco-era sedan with a wind-up handle that starts the engine.

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13. DIY Robotic Art Kit for ages 6 to 9; $ 30 (56 percent off)

Teach craft-loving kids a lesson in STEM with this kit that explores arts, science, and robotics, creating myriad projects in the process.

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14. Silver Bullet Metal DIY Model Kit; $ 55

This unique model design was inspired by international sports cars and includes intricate engine transmissions that can be tinkered with under the hood.

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15. Marvel Tank Metal DIY Model Kit; $ 70

This steampunk style self propelled tank can overcome obstacles or sit nicely on your desk.

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