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These are the strange dependencies people have: Part One

After all, we all have a kind of addiction. Whether it's a lot of training, smoking, or something more serious, there are all kinds of dependencies, and some of them are just weird dependencies.

Eat glass

You may think, how is that possible? It turns out that this addiction actually has an official clinical name, hyalophagia. It has been said that this addiction is widespread for reasons that require attention, but it can be unsafe and seriously hurt you. This is no surprise and this is certainly a good start for this list of weird dependencies.


It is not just cosmetic surgery or tattooing that is supposed to change the appearance of the body. People also love being pierced. There is no official or clinical name for this disorder, but body modification in the form of piercings is more common than you might think. Whether you do it because you love it or you just want to violate the cultural norm, you can put just about anything into your body, so you have it!

Hair Pulling

Hair pulling is also referred to as trichotillomania, but is abbreviated as Trich. This is a disturbance of impulse control and causes people to feel the urge not just to pull their hair out of their heads. The hair could come from eyelashes, eyebrows, beards, arms, legs or just about wherever hair grows. (Entertaining fact: The only place on the human body that is naturally hairless is the palms and soles of the feet.) People with this disease are often terrified until they tear their hair out. And these people often chew or eat their hair too.

Eating Filth

Eating filth is also called pica disorder. At Pica, people eat other things than food. The food of dirt, also known as geophagy, is typical of some cultures. However, if you ingest large amounts of debris, especially depending on what's inside, it can be very bad for you, as it seems. (Yes, that's actually it, but it's not as unusual as you might think, which still makes it totally crazy.) This is another form of pica. While soap bars may not kill you, they liquefy your gut. And people really died eating laundry. But not, not only.

Thumb Sucking

Although this is most common in babies, infants, and some older children, some people never actually grow out of it. Not only is this embarrassing (at some point), it also leads to dental problems, ugly corneal problems, and disease. If you need to suck on your thumb, make sure your hands and nails are very clean, to keep additional germs from this pathological habit, saying it can be worse than drug addiction. You can legitimately be sugar addicted and you will have very real and terrible withdrawal symptoms if you are a regular sugar addict and stop using sugar. The thing is, sugar is present in almost everything these days, and in such high amounts it's virtually impossible to stay away from it, let alone become addicted. The way your brain processes sugar results in a rewarding feeling that drives out the craving and desire. The only way to get away from it is to be completely sugar-free for a few weeks, including natural sugar. But you can bet you'll feel things like fear, irritability, cravings, headaches, fatigue and muscle aches. (Or you can just skip processed foods and eat out and watch your sugar intake – just say.)

Hopefully you do not have any of these strange dependencies, but you probably know someone who does. Pay attention to the second part, because there are even more strange addiction problems!

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