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"The Wonder Years" TV show facts

Here are some things you may not have known about the award-winning and popular coming-of-age fairy tale of the 1960s that debuted on January 31, 1988.

. 1 The basic concept for Die Wunderjahre began as a screenplay.

"We messed with writing a screenplay that used the narrative as an instrument," said co-creator of the series, Carol Black, about New York 1989. "We have just started to believe that it could be a lot of fun because you can really play with the contrast between the narrator’s point of view and what the characters are doing. And you can go into their head and find out what they really think when they say something else … And then we jumped from there to the idea that if you have an adult narrator who is on the Childhood looks back. “Black created the series with her husband Neal Marlens. The couple had previously worked on growing pains.

2. The Wonder Years were inspired by a Christmas story.

From the subject of growing up to using narratives A Christmas story inspired the spirit of The Wonder Years . Peter "Ralphie" Billingsley even appeared as one of Kevin's roommates in the last two episodes of the series.

. 3 The Wonder Years were revolutionary in terms of salmon trail and single camera setup.

The Wonder Years stood out in terms of production technology from other shows of their time. Single camera setup, use of a narrator and complete lack of salmon trail. " The Wonder Years [showed the television industry] that it's okay to do a show like this ̵

1; take out the laugh track, try out different camera styles – take a risk," Josh Saviano, who played Paul Pfeiffer, told Salon in 2013.

. 4 Fred Savage was the obvious choice to play Kevin Arnold of The Wonder Years .

Casting children is not an easy task. To help them find their lead actor, Marlens and Black interviewed five casting directors for recommendations. All five suggested Fred Savage, who at the time was best known for his role in The Princess Bride .

"When we actually chose a casting director, we already decided we should see Fred," Marlens said in 1988 to The Philadelphia Inquirer . "Because we didn't know anything about him, we arranged the screening of some raw footage of a film he was making at that time. Vice versa … [We saw] a wonderful actor with a natural quality, which essentially means that he has no quality at all other than being a child. It sounds funny, but it's a rare thing you find in a child actor. It is the same thing we looked for and discovered at Josh Saviano and Danica McKellar. "

. 5 The Wonder Years take place in Anytown, USA.

Even though Kevin Arnold's hometown doesn't have a specific location yet, this is not the work of the series' creators. Neal Marlens wanted to play The Wonder Years in Huntington, Long Island, his hometown, and additional elements were also drawn from Black's hometown Silver Spring, Maryland. ABC insisted, however, that no city or state was ever mentioned. Still, many eagle-eye watchers searched the series for clues – like Jack Arnold's license plate and Wayne's license – that place the show in California, where it was filmed.

. 6 The Wonder Years were premiered after the Super Bowl.

After more than 80 million viewers watched the Washington Redskins crush the Denver Broncos (bottom line: 42-10) on January 31, 1988, they were invited to the premiere of the series, the Marlens " bit of Americana after the epitome of Americana ".

. 7 The Wonder Years won their first Emmy after only six episodes.

Although this was not a bonanza for immediate evaluations, the miracle years were a critical blow from the start. On August 28, with just six episodes, Marlens and Black took home the 1988 Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series.

. 8 Fred Savage became the youngest leading actor to be an Emmy nominee.

In 1989, at the age of 13, Savage became the youngest actor to be nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Leading Actor category in a comedy series. In 1990 he was nominated again.

. 9 Danica McKellar's toughest competition for Winnie Cooper was her sister.

When it came to casting the role of dream woman Winnie Cooper, there were two final candidates: Danica McKellar and her sister Crystal. "It was practically a mistake," casting director Mary Buck told the Los Angeles Times in 1990. After she selected Danica for the role, Crystal was hired for the recurring role of Becky Slater, Winnie's one-time rival for Kevin's tendencies.

10th Kevin and Winnie's first kiss was right.

In the first episode of the series, Kevin and Winnie share an embarrassing first kiss, a ritual of growing up that none of the young actors had to deal with in real life. "The good thing about your first kiss on camera is that you are sure it will happen," McKellar said in 2014. Savage, for his part, called it terrible. "We were both very scared and nervous and – and – did not know what would happen or … if we would do it right."

11. A mutual crush between Fred Savage and Danica McKellar was inevitable.

Although they swear that the relationship ultimately turned into a kind of brother-sister bond, both Savage and McKellar admitted that they had a crush on one another people . "I was in love with her for the same reasons that every other boy fell in love with her," said Savage. "You won't get to know a sweeter, nicer girl – and she's great."

"In the beginning, we had a crush on each other," added McKellar. "Then things went into the teasing stuff and then into a more comfortable, brother-sister thing."

12th It was Dan Lauria's proposal to make Jack Arnold of The Wonder Years a veteran.

“I really didn't contribute that much, but the only thing I added to the character is that when I shot the pilot, I said to Neal, 'Look, I'm a veterinarian. I am a Vietnam veteran and a marine and I think if the story is that I am a veterinarian it would fit the character, ”Dan Lauria recalled Paste . "Before we finished the pilot, he said," Well, if we go, Dan, we'll make you a Korean war veterinarian that fits the frame. "And so they did, and it paid off. There were a number of episodes mentioning that I was a veteran, and when my daughter left college, I gave her my old travel bag from work. We had always the Vietnam War in the background on TV at the dining table. So there were current news clips. "

13. Part of Kevin and Winnie's dialogue in The Wonder Years was deleted from real life.

" In a way, Kevin and Winnie's relationship was determined by my friendship with Fred and some of the things we would do, "McKellar said to Collider." The writers actually got the lines from what we said taken from the camera and recorded in the script. There was this whole episode dedicated to the question, "Do you like him or do you like him like him?" That was an expression he and I used when we talked about one Guys said i I had a crush on real life. It appeared in a script a few weeks later. There were many fuzzy lines. "

14th A surge in growth caused Winnies and Kevin's breakup in The Wonder Years .

Kevin and Winnie's recurring romance was one of the series' most important storylines. But at least once – between season three and fourth of the series – the split was more of a practical decision when McKellar was in a growth spurt much larger than her sub-five-foot screen actor. The couple were kept apart just long enough for Savage to regain the size of his co-star.

15th Jason Hervey's brother was the real Wayne Arnold.

"There were so many things that I borrowed from our real life experiences," Hervey Uproxx said to his brother Scott. "I'll give you an example: Juliette Lewis was my girlfriend on the show at the time and it was the episode with the driver's license. We took Fred – I mean Kevin – to the mall because my mother got us there and I did dropped him off at the very far end of the mall parking lot and said to him, "Well, technically this is the mall." And when I picked him up, he was of course flirting with this girl, and Wayne will definitely stop and I call getting him in the car, and every time he tried to reach for the door, I held myself back, jerked it forward, and obviously my brother did this to me in real life on the first day of seventh grade and embarrassed me brought up. "

16. Growing up was part of the demise of The Wonder Years .

The Wonder Years was a show about growing up." It was always a question of how long the miracle years last, "executive producer Bob Brush told the Los Angeles Times in 1993 after the series finale. "As the children developed and grew older there were of course new stories to tell, but the tension and constraints of the deadline for the concept of the miracle years began to weigh on us … When [Fred Savage] turned 16 and 17, there were really things that he had to achieve that we couldn't do at 8pm, especially with the kind of venerable seal of approval the show had received with her audience. The network responded by saying, "You can do this on any show other than The Wonder Years ."

17th The Wonder Years advertised The Help of Sopranos David Chase

In order to breathe a more mature life into the series, producer Ken Topolsky commissioned Sopranos creator David Chase to write a script. "If it's a suburban kid who has a pretty good life and complains about his mother not letting him do something, you just want to hit him," Topolowsky told The Wall Street Journal . "Then we felt that Kevin's miracle years were over." Though he called Chase's script "phenomenal" and "one of the best," his act – which included hard drug use – would be too big for the families Leap has been series.

18th Daniel Stern was not the original narrator of the Wonder Years .

Although Daniel Stern's voice is the adult Kevin Arnold whom we all know and love, it was Arye Gross who told the original pilots. Finally, the series premiere was re-recorded with a star.

19th Marilyn Manson was not Paul Pfeiffer.

It's one of these internet rumors that never seem to die. Somehow someone decided that Josh Saviano, the actor who played Kevin's BFF Paul Pfeiffer, was actually Marilyn Manson. Which is simply not true. However, that didn't stop the Shock Rocker from getting into the fun. "I met [Marilyn Manson] once," Savage told ABC News. "He came up to me and said," You know, we worked together. "I know that."

20. Paul Pfeiffer really became a lawyer.

In the series finale, Kevin reports that Paul visited Harvard and became a lawyer. Which is not too far from the base. In reality Josh Saviano visited Yale and became a lawyer.

21st The Wonder Years fans were disappointed that Kevin and Winnie hadn't landed together.

Executive Producer Bob Brush knew that fans of the series would not be happy that it would not end with Kevin and Winnie is happy to the end. "Some viewers will be surprised that nothing works the way they like it best," Brush told the Los Angeles Times . "The message I wanted to have there is that this is part of the beauty of life. It's okay to say," I want everything to be the way it was when I was 15 and I was happy. " , but it seemed to me to be more nutritious to say that we leave these things behind and forge new ones lives for us. ”

22. The voice of the little boy in the finale of The Wonder Years is Daniel Stern's son.

When the series ends, the voice of Kevin's little boy asking his father to come outside and catch is heard. The voice is Stern's son.

23. The Wonder Years have made many young actors careers.

Juliette Lewis, Jim Caviezel, Alicia Silverstone, Giovanni Ribisi, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, David Schwimmer, Carla Gugino and John Corbett (then) Jack) are just a few of the actors , which in The Wonder Years some of their early found the most recent roles. Even Robin Thicke got involved when a young man did his best to pick up a girl.

24th Jack Arnold dated Maggie Seaver.

Before The Wonder Years had created Marlens and Black growing pains . That's how Dan Lauria learned about the role of Jack Arnold. "I had done part of growing pains and was going out with Joanna Kerns [who played mom Maggie Seaver on the show] at the time, so I heard about them through her," Lauria said to Paste . "My agent couldn't get me in and Joanna said," Well, why don't you call Neal? He likes you, you got along. "" Because we both grew up on Long Island, we wanted to tease each other [about] which school was better in sports. And I said, "No, I don't want to, it's so unprofessional." Joanna went in and called Neal. She came out and said, "Neal said I should be there tomorrow at 10am. He thinks you are perfect."

25. Fred Savage will always be Kevin Arnold.

Although he made the transition from actor to producer and director of shows like It & # 39; s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Party Down Savage told GQ that “The persona of The Wonder Years is something that will be with me forever. And I'm happy about that. It's nothing I would ever shy away from and it makes me feel so good that people still remember it, talk about it and love to think about it. I think I've now established myself as a director, but at the beginning it would be stupid to think that any opportunity that arose after The Wonder Years was not from The Wonder Years . So I owe so much of everything to this show. "

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