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The urBeats Wireless Earphones | Floss

When you’re away from an office, you’ll understand the freedom of having a Zoom meeting from your front porch, jotting down notes from your bed, and filling out tables from your sofa. Working from home isn’t always as comfortable as everyone thinks, however, especially when trying to get through the day balancing a notebook, computer, and stationery on your lap. To give you the space you need while keeping your well-deserved space on the couch, LapGear has the perfect solution to your lap desk problems, which you can find on Amazon for $ 35.

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With more than 6000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating on Amazon, the lap desk can accommodate laptops and tablets up to 1

5.6 “in diameter and has an integrated 5 x 9” mouse pad and cell phone slot for better organization. There’s even a built-in edge in the desk to keep your device from sliding at an angle.

For added convenience, the underside of the desk has double cushions so you never have to feel a hot laptop on your thighs again. The finish is available in a variety of colors like white marble ($ 30), silver carbon ($ 35), and oak wood grain ($ 35) to work with your design aesthetic.

You can find more information about the LapGear Lap Desk here on Amazon.

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