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The United States has built a new submarine that the world is afraid of

Exciting developments

The most threatening naval ships out there are stealth submarines, and they are particularly deadly when it comes to wartime. The researchers spend a lot of time on submarines to ensure that all of the high-end devices they have developed work several hundred meters below the surface.

Places like Russia and other leading submarine development countries are racing to create the next deadliest hunter. But the Navy is developing a new type of submarine that will throw everyone else out of the water … literally! And they should be ready very soon in the future.

A race against Russian submarines


In recent years, the United States Navy has noticed that an increasing number of Russian submarines are appearing on the east coast and north Atlantic of the United States.

A growing submarine presence means competition, and the US is competing against a strong country.

Russian submarines are strong competitors

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Some consider Russia̵

7;s submarines to be one of the largest ships in the sea.

The Soviet nuclear submarines classified under Akula and Alfa were once the most technologically advanced submarines in the world. Nevertheless, the Yasen class even surpasses the Soviet submarines.

The yase is undetectable and has impressive weapon systems

Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The Russian Navy has researched both camouflage and military strength and developed it into Yase submarines.

As an all-rounder, the Yasen uses nuclear power for impressive cruise missiles. Nevertheless, the Russian military is looking for ways to improve its creation.

The 545 Laika is their newest hunter

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The Russians are always trying to improve what they have. The 545 Laika is her latest idea for a submarine.

The United States is certainly concerned if the Russian submarine is even a bit like its predecessor.

The laika will be quick

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The Laika is said to adopt characteristics of both the Yase and Yase M classes. One such feature is a top speed of 23 miles an hour on the surface and 32 miles under water.

But the Laika has much more to offer than just speed.

The Laika also has firepower on its side


Both Onix Anti-Ship and KALIBR cruise missiles are available, as well as an impressive 8 BLS missile silos and 10 torpedo tubes.

Because the laika is so well endowed, it is not these aspects that affect the United States

It has a brand new weapon system

Lockheed Martin

The 3M22 zircon is the new toy that the Russians have. It is a hypersonic cruise missile that can hit both land and sea targets.

The missile runs at Mach 9, which makes it very difficult to be countered by the US defense systems.

The Russians are a formidable opponent

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The Russian fleet is huge, including nuclear submarines, submarines with cruise and ballistic missiles, and submarines with nuclear firepower.

Nevertheless, the United States has its own project.

The US has something to equalize the opportunities


Russia may be known for its talent in submarine construction, but the U.S. Navy has its own submarine fleet, which is known for its particular strength.

The United States is not on their hands while the Russians are developing the Laika

The Laika is still just a project idea

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The construction of the Laika will be fatal on paper and will not start until 2023.

3 years gives the United States the time it takes to start building a submarine like they have never built before, and this will be equivalent to the Laika

Prepare for the new wave of US submarines


A new project the United States has been looking for is the SNN (X) program.

The peculiarity of this new submarine is its pace underwater without compromising its stealth abilities. In fact, the stealth will remain more than just untouched.

The submarine will feature advanced stealth technology


One of the quietest submarines the United States currently has is the Los Angeles Nuclear Fast Submarine.

This submarine is quiet, but the new project suggests that the SNN (X) submarine class will be 70 times quieter than the Los Angeles class submarine.

Firepower is of great importance

Military aerospace

The new submarine will also focus on weapons, with a much wider range of weapons with 50 Tomahawk cruise missiles on board.

But does this new class take hints from older subs?

The spitting image of the sea wolf

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The SSN (X) class is similar to the Seawolf class, but improves camouflage and speed.

Since the sea wolf uses nuclear power, it is more than likely that the SSN (X) will share these properties.

It can send messages to airplanes and ships

National interests

There is a new technology that is about communicating with other marine vehicles while chasing other fighters’ ships.

One of the greatest developments in the submarine is defense against a current threat.

UUVs are what the United States is concerned about

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Unmanned underwater vehicles or UUVs are what Russia and China have been working on. The purpose of a UUV is to attack aircraft carriers and submarines. You will have it easy without a good defense.

If these UUVs are built now, when will the SNN (X) be built?

The construction will take years

US Defense News

SNN (X) programming is scheduled to begin in 2031 and it will be another 3 years before construction begins in 2034.

At this time, the US Navy flies 2 a year. This is a long-awaited wait.

The reason why they are waiting

Maritime connection

If engineers hold back on the ships during research, they can bring the latest advances before completing plans for the submarine.

Will the new submarines be expensive?

The ship will be expensive

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Although it is still early in its development, it is estimated that the SNN (X) costs quite a bit.

The U.S. Navy estimates the cost of manufacturing an SNN (X) class is around $ 5.5 billion. But how big can such an expensive submarine be?

The sea wolf is overshadowed

Matt Hildreth / US Navy

The new advances in firepower and stealth mean that the submarine must be much larger. The hull would have to be larger than the 9100 tons of the Seawolf class and also larger than the 7800 tons of the Virginia class.

What could the ship’s engine be with such a large tonnage?

The engines can use two types of fuel


The power required to operate a ship of this size is enormous, so the new design could include an engine concept that is both diesel-electric and nuclear.

After all the work that has already been done, there is still a lot of planning ahead.

The program’s priorities include various studies


The SSN (X) program is still on the drawing board. Therefore, the US Navy’s budget proposal has certain priorities for the time being.

The focus should be on conducting various studies, e.g. B. the projected available industrial basic skills, the development costs and the operating concepts for the new submarine.

Stealth, speed and survivability are essential components

General Dynamics electric boat image

The forces behind the program will focus on implementing advanced technology developments in key areas.

Areas to be examined include stealth, speed and survivability to ensure that your multi-billion dollar investment doesn’t fail once it leaves the dry dock. But what does the SSN (X) offer that other subs don’t?

What is the difference between the SSN (X)?

Australia Navy News

Other submarine classes like the Virginia class are used today, but the new submarine will have a lot more.

The SSN (X) class has a higher transit speed in stealth mode in all ocean environments, so more effective multi-mission functions can be provided.

They get rid of the old and embrace the new

Rebeca Rebarich / US Navy

In the end, the U.S. Navy will aim to look at some of the old ideas from previous submarine classes and get rid of everything that doesn’t work.

You will improve old technologies while integrating new technologies into the design of the SSN (X) class.

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