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The terrifying effects of the new Batman cartoon

So maybe it’s no surprise that it still exists Another Batman cartoon on the horizon. What is surprising is that it doesn’t focus on Batman himself, but rather on his car. Yes the new kids cartoon Bath bikes! will portray the adventures of a sentient Batmobile – presumably because some Warner Bros. executives suggested, “Hey, what about the movie? cars, but with the Batmobile? “Then no one said ‘no’ and he went home early and drank champagne from a mug made from the bones of farmers or whatever the rich do.

In contrast to carsThe show will also feature actual people. And the Batmobile doesn’t suddenly come to life because of a desire for a spell on an ancient carnival attraction or something. Thanks to the bat computer, the car is equipped with artificial intelligence. The car (called “Bam” for some ungodly reason) will be with other sentient vehicles such as the Jett the Batwing and Buff the Bat Truck. Which Larry the Cable Guy utters remains to be seen. Even stranger, because these life forms were newly created, they are “essentially children with little to no life experience”.

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