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The strangest things that people can get in prison

From watching documentaries or shows like Orange is the new blackYou may already have an idea of ​​what a person can buy or receive in prison. Or maybe you actually know someone who had to take a “longer vacation” from real life for a while. You are probably imagining items like shower shoes and candy bars when you imagine what they are selling in your next prison. In fact, the truth can be stranger than fiction. Depending on your location, some of the items you find in them are downright bizarre, not to mention that they’re messed up.

10. Baby mussels and oysters

Prison food may be better than you think. You can buy in a federal prison smoked oysters and baby mussels with the commissioner. These prison delicacies are eaten as tapas in South America and can even be eaten live as a novelty dish in Asian countries. Oysters could be considered a delicacyand it is certainly something you would consider a real “foodie”, so it is quite strange that they are available in prison. We can’t really imagine inmates breaking out the baby shells as a movie night snack instead of popcorn, let alone oysters!

Why should oysters be sold in prison? We bet they smell very bad too. If you bought oysters as a reward, your cellmates would probably not be very happy with the stench from your bed. But surprisingly, you can get a whole bunch of seafood from inmate shops like canned sardines and salmon. It is probably much better than the normal staple food in prison.

9. Crochet hooks

You may think that inmates who sit around and knit for charity sound crazy, but that’s exactly what happens in some prisons. “Knit behind bars”Is a program that took five years to get underway and is now growing strong after a lot of hard work and determination by Lynn Zwerling and her team of volunteers. After leaving her job, Zwerling had time and realized that the comforting knitting power could be just that to rehabilitate inmates in the local prison system.

Surprisingly, the program became very successful despite the initial opposition – despite all the adversities. The knitting calms the prisoners, gives them rest and gives them Something sensefull do. As in any other knitting circle, prisoners have the opportunity to make contacts, exchange ideas, apply etiquette and communicate with each other and with the women who teach them. Nobody is allowed to curse or call each other when they are in class. Prisoners on the program have to behave very well, some even go so far as to give up their dinner just to be able to attend the weekly two-hour sessions.

8. Waist trimmer

Inmates of a federal prison are allowed to buy Waist trimmer from the commissioner for around $ 10. If you didn’t know, a waist trimmer like Spanx works by compressing your shaky areas and creating the illusion of a thinner waist, thighs and a flatter stomach. Some waist trimmers are even sold and marketed as a way to lose weight – something that experts don’t think is accurate.

Why are you selling them in a prison? It just seems to address prisoners’ insecurities about their body parts, which is depressing. It could be argued that even people in prison are forced to change their appearance to match a certain idealized image, as these items are sold to prisoners.

7. Mustache scissors

You can buy Mustache scissors and beard trimmer in a prison in Georgia. We definitely think this is a fairly expensive grooming product as it is around $ 8. Think about it for 10 seconds. It is essentially just a pair of scissors. How important are they? Do most men in the world have small mustache scissors? Is that really a thing? Believe it or not, when it comes to personal hygiene, prisons actually have very strict rules. You need to keep yourself clean and tidy, because if you don’t, you may be violated or, worse, exposed to the anger of your fellow prisoners. However, scissors do not seem necessary to us. It makes you think of the kind of sticky goods that hipsters like to consume Beard oil and beard balm.

It might just be a lack of knowledge, but it could be that beards need oil just like mustaches need their own special scissors. You also have to ask yourself whether it is safe to allow prisoners to have any blade tools. I can see inmates grooming their mustaches so they have an excuse to get their hands on scissors.

6. Prison Gift Shop

Yes, that’s one thing. Prison gift shops, mainly aimed at tourists but often open to inmates, sell the things you can find in most tourist hotspots: hoodies, key rings, and coffee cups. They are usually housed in or near some of the country’s worst prisons for institutional violence, death sentences, sexual assault and solitary confinement. Some of them are run directly by prisons and even prisoners. And boy, you can buy some fun items in it. in the Huntsville, Texas, In the home of “Ole Sparky” you will find shot glasses and T-shirts that proudly proclaim the “property of the Texas Prison System”. We are not sure who wants to carry them off the net after a long vacation.

In Angola, Louisiana prisoners run thePrison View golf course“This is open to the public. Golf balls are among the favorites that are bought in this special gift shop. The prison also has the notorious reputation of keeping inmates in extreme isolation for decades, hence the very popular Angola La dog collars.

5. A spork (spoon fork)

For certain occupants, a trip to the Prison commissioner might give them some joy at an otherwise dark point in their lives. That’s probably why most commissioners sell Sporks. Because we all know that nothing says, “You’ll find happiness if you file me down to use it as a knife,” just like a spork does.

Fortunately, most prisons have started to move away from plastic utensils and are looking for new and innovative utensils like the “Ecotensil, “A utensil made of smooth cardboard, similar to that of a milk carton. It folds up to create a sturdy yet simple structure that allows prisoners to cut through most foods like tamales or eggs, but not through human skin. The utensil also has perforations on the edges so that the product can disintegrate more easily if swallowed or rinsed. According to the tool’s designer, the main concern with plastic utensils is that they allow prisoners to turn them into lethal weapons to use against personnel, other prisoners, or to injure themselves. The new use of cardboard makes your utensils practically unarmable.

4. Nunchucks

Although this cannot be bought in a commissioner, one has actually made it himself. During his daily workshop session Lorenzo Pollard decided to create a cool pair of karate tools from the legs of his chair and some linen. That should sound like a child would (and then turn off professionally), but Pollard actually paused for it.

First he successfully fought a dozen armed guards before breaking a glass block window and jumping over two different wire fences, which gave him the nickname “Bruce Lee”. At some point when several guards tried to overwhelm him, Pollard climbed to the second level of the prison, where he bravely continued Fend off guards until he could come out of another window again. It only shows where there is a will, there will be a way.

3rd hippie crack (laughing gas)

In 2017, three inmates in a UK prison were inhaled of nitrous oxide, popularly known as laughing gas, filmed from canisters that filled them with balloons. The colorless gas is often affectionately called “Hippie tear.In the men’s video footage taken from an unnamed (possibly now ill) person, we can see them at various drunken stages as they inhale the gas.

In one of the clips, it actually looked like one of the prisoners was up at some point lost consciousness. Inhaling nitrous oxide can lead to relaxation and euphoria. However, it can also lead to hallucinations when used in high doses, and can even lead to death if there is a lack of oxygen when misused.

2. Prison Wine (Hooch)

Alcohol has accompanied us through the best and worst circumstances since the beginning of time. It has managed to survive countless attempts, restrict it and boycott it, and yet, because of humanity’s persistence, it has managed to emerge victorious. Whatever the situation or crisis, we have always found a way to make our own brandy.

But nowhere is this unstoppable spirit as clear as in prisons around the world. Despite his hazards, freshly made prison drink, or Pruno, has a wide range of titles and can be made from blends that can contain any type of fruit, tea, sugar and even other ingredients like mold bread. Industry probably started to thrive a day after human history put its first prisoner in her cell. And try your best, prison guards and other officials could never stop it. In fact, it has become so deeply rooted in prison culture that many of today’s guards now accept it as part of the package when they start work.

1. bombs

You have probably heard of it Granary This can explode due to the fine grain of dust that burns extremely quickly when ignited. Essentially, it burns the air inside, causing it to explode. The same principle applies to any extremely fine powder. In fact, some mines burned spontaneously because of fine coal dust burning up, or simply because of accidental Balrog attacks. But if you have the brain, you can do the same with fine powder that is as simple as a normal one Coffee creamer.

In the UK, some prison officials got dangerously close to finding out how easy prisoners can build a whitener bomb. Ironically, they would have been safer if the prison had supplied milk instead of whitening agents. Four inmates were caught when their “teatime experiment” burst after being lit and thrown into the stairwell. Fortunately, it didn’t explode completely … Prison bombs are not an exact science. But it alerted the authorities to a potentially very dangerous weapon.

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