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The strangest things people are looking for online

There is no doubt that Internet technology and advances in this field have changed our lives for the better. We now rely on this kind of technology in both personal and professional life. People go online today for everything from accessing information at PeopleFinders to ordering the weekly grocery shopping.

However, it seems that people are not just using the Internet for everyday tasks and information. In fact, over the years people have gone online for all sorts of purposes, and a number of strange searches have been made online. This article describes some of the strangest searches humans have made online.

Some Of The Most Common Weird Searches

Most of us go online daily to look for something or another, but usually it's something pretty commonplace. It is surprising that some of the unusual searches were done online, with a number of lists compiled from online search data. Let's take a look at some of the strangest ones.

We have no idea why the people who conducted these searches asked these specific questions online. Therefore, it is not possible to provide an explanation or background for each of these searches. However, we can provide you with details about the search queries, so you can see for yourself what weird questions were asked by users who go online and use Google . When people ask these questions and search online, some will appear as search suggestions when you type a phrase into the Google search bar. So off we go …

  • "Our heads fall off" – this is a suggestion when you type the words "our pet" in the Google search bar.
  • When you type the words "Are there people who are," one of the main suggestions is "Are there any people who are sexually attracted to Pokeman?"
  • If you type "does your v" In the Google search bar, is one of the suggestions "Will your virginity grow back?"
  • Enter "I hate it when I enter" in the search bar, and one of the many strange suggestions is "I hate it when" I'm learning, and a Velociraptor throws bananas at me. "
  • When you start typing the words "can Jesus" into Google, the top suggestion is "Can Jesus Microwave a Burrito."
  • If you're in Google "What is a friend?" Entering is one of the main suggestions "What is a friend and where can I download one?".
  • You may have "googled" how to increase your IQ. If so, one of the suggestions is, "How do I increase my IQ? b I eat highly gifted children. "
  • Enter: "What would happen if I". One of the suggestions is, "What would happen if I hire two private detectives to follow each other? "

So, since we have it – this is just a small selection of the many strange searches that have been made on Google that lead to a series of very strange suggestions.

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