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The strangest prop bets that ever existed

Reality is stranger than fiction, and if you really are degenerate then you can just benefit from it. Online betting is not just limited to selecting winners for a sports game or predicting the winners of the awards ceremony. You can bet on almost anything from the strangest events in real life to rumors to all sorts of crazy theories.

We reveal some of the weirdest bets you could actually have placed.

Six of the weirdest things you could have bet on

Prop bets, short for “Propositions”

;, are a popular type of bets that go beyond predicting the outcome of a sports game. This opens the doors to all kinds of insane bets ranging from entertainment shows to real-life events. If it’s popular online, there’s likely a betting prop for it somewhere.

Will extraterrestrial lives be confirmed in 2020?

Odds makers have adjusted enough to the Joe Rogan Experience or know that their customers did. After a series of podcasts in which Joe discussed Area 51 and other alien topics, books opened up chances as to whether we will officially discover the life of aliens.

An alternative bet was whether the people storming Area 51 would find extraterrestrial life. As crazy as it would be to find aliens, it’s even crazier that people bet on it.

Apocalyptic specials

Oh yes, the End of the World Specials that are offered every now and then by some smart Alec bookmakers. Of course, you can put this bet as high as you want and if the winner bets a “yes” they would be a bit dead to rally.

Some books open up even more specific versions of this, such as what method will end the world before drowning due to global warming or an alien invasion. We wonder what the payout will be if you portray the alien invasion using the prop above.

Quidditch and other weird sports

Did you know that there are professional Quidditch – yes, The Quidditch off Harry Potter – leagues? Seriously. An American professional Quidditch league was founded in 2010 and yes, you could have bet on it.

Other weird sports you can actually bet on include reindeer racing, rock, paper, and scissors, as well as the Russian classic: slap fighting.

Who will meet Bezos next?

After Bezos’ devastating breakup from his then-wife Mackenzie, the odds makers couldn’t wait to jump with the gun and open a wager on him detailing what kind of partner he would take on next.

The selection ranged from CEO / Entrepreneur (+150) as a betting favorite to Model (+250) and Amazon employees (+2000). Unfortunately, “TV presenter” or “journalist” was not on the list as it was Bezos’ girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez’s real occupation.

Who will win the tug of war rematch in the pickup truck?

No list of weirdos is complete with Elon Musk. In a musky way, he spectacularly heralded Tesla’s entry into the truck market by pitting the Tesla Cybertruck versus the Ford F-150 (cookies if you guessed who won).

Ford executives called for a rematch on level ground and the bookies quickly opened betting lines. Unfortunately Ford has pulled out and we all have to wait to see if this much anticipated super fight will ever take place.

Everything on Donald Trump

We have saved the best for the last – or rather, that worst finally. Betting on political odds like who will win an election is one thing, but the number of props available to bet on Trump is another thing.

You can bet on a variety of things about what Trump will say or do on a variety of topics including:

  • Trump to officially apologize
  • Trump is scheduled to be in Russia on February 1, 2021
  • Trump will become president on February 1, 2025 in his third term
  • How many times will Trump swear in Biden during the presidential debate
  • Will Trump wear a mask when holding an address during a press conference?

Even though Trump is the president, maybe none of these prop bets are really that weird.

Where do you find these weird things to bet on?

You can be a weird betting specialist or you can just bet on simple soccer from betting websites. Books offer a wide range of ways to make money. When you find these books, go to the Sports category and search for categories from Entertainment to Miscellaneous.

Sometimes some of these events have their own category. We can’t recommend actually investing money on whether the world will end in 2025, but maybe, just maybe …

Do you want to tell your strange story? Tell us about it and it could be featured on Oddee. You can remain completely anonymous.

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