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The strangest canned goods in the world

If you’ve spent enough time online, you know that there are many weird types of food around the world, from insects to smelly meat to horse testicles. Of course, it is wrong to call them all “strange” because different cultures have different factors that determine their cuisine, including topography. However, not all came from the region’s nutritional needs; People really just like to eat them.

Some of these strange foods are so popular that there are canned versions of them. While it is not uncommon for you to find some ready-to-use canned goods at your local grocery store from time to time, they are not compared to the strangest canned goods we know from around the world.

8. Scorpions

Contrary to popular belief, there are many types of scorpions around the world, each with its own deadly poisonous preparation. However, that hasn’t stopped people from looking for food, as scorpions are still a common food in many parts of the world. In Thailand you can even come across the can version.

It’s not something you would find in your local gourmet department, as you would likely have to travel all the way to Thailand to get your hands on it. Scorpio is popular in the northeast of the country where you can find even more meat dishes. It may sound disgusting, but that’s only because it’s so different. People who have tried it say it tastes of shrimp and can even turn out to be delicious when cooked well.

7. Sour herring

Scandinavian food is largely a product of its harsh conditions. There is no pasture from which milk and cattle breeding is prevented. Before modern agriculture, it was also not a first-class area for agriculture, since farmland was always scarce except for a few parts. Scandinavian cuisine – with slight variations here and there – consists mostly of seafood, with different types of fish occurring in and around the North Atlantic and the Pacific.

Almost all Scandinavian countries have made their own version of smelly fish – by, as you can imagine, letting the fish rot for several days. While in the early days it was only a way to keep food for longer periods of time, at this point it can only be found in some high-end delicacies.

Sweden’s version – the Fermented herring – is pretty much the same, only made with herring instead of sharks and dolphins used in other countries. You don’t have to travel all the way to Scandinavia to give it a try (if you really want to, that is); You can simply try to get your hands on the tinned version online.

6. Rattlesnake

Rattlesnakes are among the deadliest snakes in the world and occur in a variety of habitats on the American continent. If you come across one, trying to eat it is the last thing you would do unless you are Really hungry. Once you’ve tried it, it doesn’t seem that bad and is considered one of the best food sources if you get lost in the wild.

For those who have been on some of these trips and have developed a taste for the thing, there is some good news: there is Canned also versions of rattlesnake meat. You can easily order it online. However, please check the legality of the seller beforehand. For example, if you’re traveling to Southeast Asia, it’s not uncommon for it to be used in local street foods, especially in Thailand

5. Bird’s nest drink

A bird’s nest drink, as you would rightly assume, is any preparation made with a bird’s nest like soup. It may sound strange to have a bird feeder for dinner – complete with all of the vomit and feces it contains – although it quickly emerges as a legitimate food source. As research is slowly finding out, this can actually have some health benefits.

While it has been a popular dish in China for a long time, it is gradually being accepted by countries around the world and it is not that difficult to get your hands on Canned Version to try it yourself. Of course you should actually go China to explore the full extent of its use in the kitchen.

4. Silkworm dolls

Anyone who has been to South Korea would have encountered silkworm dolls used in one or the other food – you can just get a packet of them to nibble on visits to grocery stores. Not only is it common, it is also seen as a healthy alternative to what Korean children eat today. From simple cooked dolls to cooking with rice or pasta, it is difficult not to come across a dish made with it while you are there.

Once you’ve tried it, as many people have reported, it may not be as disgusting (once you’ve overcome the initial odor, Of course). Silkworms are harvested across South Korea for this purpose, although their popularity has not yet managed to cross international borders. While you can find it in bags in Southeast Asia, it’s not as common as in Korea.

3. Armadillo

Not all animals are good for a good meal, as different types of meat vary greatly in taste and texture. It is particularly difficult to eat an animal with a shell like turtles, which is why they do not make up an essential part of the kitchen in any region of the world. However, this applies with the exception of armadillos.

If you are traveling in Central and South America, you will not find it difficult to find various armadillo parts, which are available separately, as well as a part of traditional dishes. It is particularly popular in Oaxaca, Mexicowhere you can also find a lot Canned Varieties of it. From skin to testicles, Mexico is the place to go if you take your armadillo really seriously.

2. Snails

If you’ve ever seen a snail take care of its own business, you must have asked yourself; How do these creatures survive? They have little motor skills to avoid predators, and even their clams only protect to a certain extent. They are barely as strong as turtle or turtle shells and can be easily crushed unless it is one very big snail. (However, you have some cool mechanisms to survive, such as being able to pass through the digestive tract intact.)

While they seem to have no predators in the wild, they definitely have some of us humans. You can continue to buy canned snails Amazon right now, and they seem to be popular in some parts of the world too. Although we don’t question ethics – hey, check out the rest of this list! – We certainly have doubts about the practice of eating such a harmless creature.

1st dog

Dog meat was a popular – if extremely controversial – part of the kitchen in many parts of the world, especially in East and Southeast Asia. It has generated criticism from around the world and has even prompted some Chinese cities to do so, in whole or in part Ban it due to the global backlash. After all, the dog was a companion for people in all regions and cultures.

Contrary to popular belief, however, practice is still largely focused on certain provinces in China where traditional cuisine still outperforms modern concerns about animal ethics, even though voices against the practice have only grown louder in the wake of Covid-19 are pandemic. Regardless, news suggests that dog meat – including his Canned Version – is still openly sold in humid markets in many Chinese regions.

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