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The stars of ‘The Office’, Rainn Wilson and Angela Kinsey, interviewed each other

British sitcom in just two short seasons Fleabag has had a lasting impact on television. The series centers on Fleabag, a 30-year-old Londoner – played by the effortlessly fun Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who also created the show – who has lived a life of late nights full of alcohol and promiscuity mother’s death.

First Fleabag seemed to be a simple half-hour comedy that followed the often naughty exploits of her bizarre main character. As the series progressed, however, it quickly turned out to be a truly masterful work, with each episode adding more intricate levels and darker themes that many viewers could relate to. Here are some facts about the groundbreaking comedy.

. Fleabag started as a one-woman stage play.

It is difficult to imagine what Fleabag It might look like it was stripped of all its chaotic characters and performed as a solo exhibition, but that’s exactly how it started. Before there was a TV show, the creator / star Phoebe Waller-Bridge staged Fleabag as a one-woman play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013. The title character spoke to the audience in a one-hour, sex-filled monologue that was widely praised by theater critics. The TV show was created soon after and originally premiered on BBC Three in July 2016.

2. The title of the show refers to more than just the main character.

The title Fleabag comes from a nickname that Phoebe Waller-Bridge has received from her family. “It was my family nickname as far as I can remember,” she said Los Angeles times in 2019. Talk to This morning In April 2020, Waller-Bridge also revealed a deeper meaning for the choice of name (which is actually never spoken on the show).

“A Fleabag motel is something that is a bit rough around the edges,” said Waller-Bridge. “I wanted to call her that because I wanted her personality and external aesthetics to give the impression that she was in complete control of her life when she really wasn’t.”

3. Phoebe Waller-Bridge was a co-founder of a theater group before she wrote Fleabag.

In 2007, a few years earlier Fleabag Waller-Bridge was born and fed up with finding a job, although he had graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art two years earlier. So she founded her own theater group, DryWhite, with her best friend Vicky Jones. DryWhite paved the way for Waller Bridge’s debut stage appearance in 2008 Roaring trade at the Soho Theater in London, which led to two more successful plays –crash and of course, Fleabag– Both were created and starred by Waller Bridge, and both were converted into television series. DryWhite is still strong today and brings new talents to new productions every year.

4. Isobel Waller-Bridge, Phoebe’s sister, composed the Fleabag Soundtrack.

The badass guitar chords played after every episode of Fleabag are composed by Isobel Waller-Bridge, Phoebe’s very talented sister. Isobel earned a bachelor’s degree in music from Edinburgh University, followed by a master’s degree from King’s College London and additional studies at the Royal Academy of Music.

Isobel has firmly established itself in the music world. Like her sister, Isobel has received several awards, including the best composer at the Underwire Film Festival. She also composed the choral background music for Fleabag‘s second season that fits the religious theme perfectly. Her impressive work can be heard on her SoundCloud.

5. The fourth wall collapses Fleabag are not just there for comedic effects.

FleabagFlusag, who deeply suppresses the grief over the loss of her mother and best friend, uses these breaks to escape her troubled reality.

In season 2, the fourth wall break became less of a crutch because the character was more concerned with real life and even fell in love. By the end of the show (Spoiler!), Fleabag withdraws from the audience when she decides to face her future reality.

6. The role of “Hot Priest” was written specifically for Andrew Scott.

Waller-Bridge worked with Irish actor Andrew Scott for years before playing the role of priest – aka “The Hot Priest” Fleabagsecond season. Speaking to IndieWire in 2019, Waller-Bridge praised Scott’s acting style and said, “It’s really dangerous how honest he is as an actor. It’s just so complex that your characters get interesting straight away.” Waller-Bridge wrote the part when Scott agreed and her perfectly tragic-comic love story was born.

7. Andrew Scott had rejected the part, a second season of Fleabag could never have happened.

Waller-Bridge was so anxious to get Andrew Scott to sign up for The Priest that she admitted that a second season might not have happened if he had said no. She said to IndieWire:

“Religion was an issue very, very early on in my head, but I didn’t know how to distill it until I decided on The Priest. I was afraid that it would be too obvious a comedy idea, Fleabag that you can’t imagine has ever set foot in a church to meet a man made of fabric, it seems almost too funny to sitcom.

“But the moment I imagined Andrew Scott in this role and made this man complex and three-dimensional and a kind of match for Fleabag, I thought, ‘I have the show now.’ It’s just about these two and how they affect each other’s lives. I called him before I even wrote it to see if he was interested and I gave him the idea because I think if he had said no, I don’t know if I could have actually written this part. “

8. The priest noticed something about it Fleabag that no other character can see on the show.

Fleabag often interrupts the fourth wall while talking to characters to speak to the audience until The Priest finally catches her – much to her and the viewer’s surprise. Whenever things get too intense for Fleabag, she switches off, which the priest notices almost immediately. In an interview with IndieWire in 2019, Waller-Bridge discussed the importance of this moment between the two characters: “[S]Reaching the audience is about loneliness, and I think he can see that because he can actually see it. “

9. Fleabag had an alternative ending.

Waller Bridge revealed in 2019 The guard that there was an alternative ending for Fleabagbut she stuck to what it was. At the start of season two, Fleabag tells the audience that this is “a love story” that, despite its tragic ending, remains hopeful in the end as Fleabag leaves the audience behind to move forward in their own lives. In this way, Waller-Bridge can keep its alternative ending – what the viewers saw was perfect.

10. No, there won’t be a third season of Fleabag.

Although Fleabag Waller-Bridge dominated the last award season and won two Golden Globes (including the best TV series – musical or comedy) and six Emmy Awards (including the Outstanding Comedy Series). He has made it clear that there will be no third season. Even after season two won so many awards, Waller-Bridge said, “I haven’t changed my mind about season 3. It’s more and more about making the right decision. [These awards shows] are simply goodbyes. “

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