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The special "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" finally brings the TV right "Choose your own adventure"

Netflix has just released an Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt interactive special that has been in progress since the end of the actual series last year. This was the latest in a series of interactive Netflix episodes, including Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and the one in which you can somehow choose the gross or dangerous thing Bear Grylls has to do . That was all fine by itself, but what makes Kimmy Schmidt's special work so special is that it's not just funny (Kimmy wouldn't say he's a double hockey stick and we aren't here either) gives us more story-oriented nerds, who grew up with . Choose your own adventure or RL Stines Give yourself goosebumps books we've longed for – a "correct ending". [1

9659002] We should be able to dismantle this here without a spoiler. In essence, this special seems to have taken some clues from video games – it wants you to clearly understand how this choice works, and you're starting in some kind of test mode. The show won't even play the Dang theme song (which you should try pushing the jump button, trust us) until you've made a few necessary decisions that will lead you to the show's main adventure, in which Kimmy faces the man who held her in a bunker one last time before her wedding.

This is useful for anyone who has no idea who Kimmy Schmidt is, and anyone who is largely unfamiliar with the series' plot can still watch / join in and gather what's going on. They are even so kind to learn how Kimmy met Prince Frederick, her new fiance, who is perfectly played by Daniel Radcliffe.

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Compare this to the Bandersnatch which was at least partially about video games, and which you expected to jump right into decision making . Bandersnatch was so focused on being a decision-based entity that it occasionally forgot to tell a story. The producers have never been able to fully agree on how many endings there was, which is exactly the end, and are fairly certain that they have shot scenes that are inaccessible by standard decisions.

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