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‘The Social Network’ Movie Facts

The social network– A movie made when Facebook was less than seven years old and the social media era was relatively new – seemed meant to be aging badly. In the ten years since its premiere in October 2010, the portrayal of the website and its young founder Mark Zuckerberg through the film is more relevant than ever.

Even if you haven’t signed up to Facebook in years, the movie has a lot to love about, from David Fincher’s detailed directing to Aaron Sorkin’s Oscar-winning screenplay. Here are 10 facts about its 10th anniversary The social network.

. Aaron Sorkin started writing the screenplay for The social network before the book it was based on was published.

The social network is officially an adaptation of The random billionaires, Ben Mezrich’s 2009 book about starting Facebook. According to screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, he had already completed 80 percent of the script by the time he read the book. The project came to him in the form of a 14-page book proposal, which the publisher bought from the filmmakers before the title was published. “I said yes on page three,” Sorkin told Deadline in 2011. “It’s the fastest I’ve ever said yes to anything.”

Instead of waiting for it The random billionaires To be finalized and published, Sorkin immediately began work on the script, researching much of the process firsthand rather than referring to the book.

2. Shia LaBeouf turned down the role of Mark Zuckerberg in The social network.

When Transformer Star Shia LaBeouf declined to play The social networkJesse Eisenberg, the lead actor, was hired to play Mark Zuckerberg instead. Very badJonah Hill was another star who was about to be cast in the film, in his case as Napster founder Sean Parker. Ultimately, Fincher decided Hill wasn’t suitable for the role and cast Justin Timberlake instead.

3. The social network was not shot at Harvard.

Harvard University is an integral part of the Facebook legend and plays the first half of The social network it was not negotiable. However, filmmakers ran into trouble trying to get the school’s blessing. The 1970s adaptation of Love story was shot there and damaged the campus; The school has reportedly since banned all commercial filming on the premises. To get around this, The social network The crew shot the Harvard scenes at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland and at two prep schools, Phillips Academy Andover and Milton Academy in Massachusetts.

4. David Fincher crept a take on Harvard The social network.

To convince the audience that they are actually seeing Harvard, Fincher couldn’t resist getting an idea of ​​the campus’ iconic architecture. In the opening film, when Jesse Eisenberg is running across Harvard Square (which is not on Harvard’s property), some nearby arches (which are on Harvard’s property) appear in the background. Fincher got the lighting he needed for this scene by hiring a street mime to roll a cart of lights onto campus.

“If security stopped him, the pantomime wouldn’t speak.” The social networkJeff Cronenweth, cameraman, told diversity. “By the time they got him out of there, we would have made our shot.”

5. Natalie Portman gave Aaron Sorkin the inside information about Harvard.

Natalie Portman was at Harvard from 1999 to 2003 and briefly overlapped with Mark Zuckerberg. During her enrollment, she dated a member of one of the university’s elite final clubs that are an integral part of The social networkAction. When she learned that Sorkin was writing the script for the film, she invited the writer to hear her insider knowledge. Sorkin greeted the actress in the final script. During one of the deposition scenes, Eisenberg’s Harvard-era Zuckerberg is described as “the largest on a campus that included 19 Nobel Prize winners, 15 Pulitzer Prize winners, two future Olympians, and a movie star”.

6. Armie Hammer and his body double went to Twin Boot Camp for us The social network.

Armie Hammer plays Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, but he hasn’t acted alone in his scenes. Josh Pence was cast as a body double and Hammer’s face was digitally taped over his in post production. For each scene in which both twins appear on screen, Hammer and Pence played separate Winklevi, and then they switched roles and re-shot the scene. This method allowed the characters to physically interact in ways that would not have been possible with split screens. Pence’s face may be missing from the film, but his physical performance was still critical to selling the brothers’ momentum. He and Hammer worked with an acting instructor for 10 months to determine the characters’ complementary body language.

7th The social networkThe slogan was changed at the last minute.

To the The social networkDesigner Neil Kellerhouse’s main poster centered on Jesse Eisenberg’s face. On top of this he superimposed the memorable slogan: “You can’t make 500 million friends without making a few enemies.” The original text was “300 million friends,” but was changed to assume that Facebook would reach half a billion users in time for the film’s release in October 2010.

“We really got our bets hedged,” Kellerhouse told IndieWire. “But we made them aware of their own story because they got 500 million right at the beginning of the film.” [members] So we got their advertisement too. It worked out super by accident. “

8th. Fight ClubTyler Durden (kind of) makes a cameo The social network.

Keen-eyed viewers may have noticed the Easter egg that David Fincher snuck into The social network. In the scene where Mark Zuckerberg is checking someone’s Facebook to cheat on a test, the name “Tyler Durden” can be seen in the top left corner of their profile. Tyler Durden is the name of the narrator’s alter ego (played by Brad Pitt) in the 1999s Fight Club. Fincher directed both films.

9. The real Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t a fan of The social network.

The social network Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t paint in the most flattering light, and it’s not surprising that the real Facebook founder wasn’t happy about it. After the film was released, he pointed out its “hurtful” inaccuracies, specifically quoting the fictional Mara Rooney character who served as the motivation for starting the website. But even he admits that some details were spot on. “It’s interesting what things they focused on,” Zuckerberg said at an event in Stanford. “Like every single fleece and shirt I’ve had in this movie, it’s actually a shirt or fleece that I own.”

10. A continuation of The social network it’s out of the question.

The social network Premiere when Facebook was less than a decade old and the history of the internet giant has only gotten more dramatic since then. Since the settlement of legal disputes with Eduardo Saverin and the Winkelvoss twins, Facebook has been fighting against scandals related to data protection issues and their impact on the 2016 elections. The last 10 years have provided more than enough material for a sequel The social networkand both Aaron Sorkin and Jesse Eisenberg have expressed an interest in such a project. There are currently no confirmed plans for follow-up.

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