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The scandals that rocked popular game shows

TV game shows are the only place in the world where you believe that everything is on the up. Ordinary, hardworking people deserve the chance to win huge sums of money and prizes in front of an audience and millions of viewers at home. It's everyone's dream, isn't it?

Believe it or not, there is a pretty dark underbelly in the game show world. It's always been around, but Hollywood's glamor and glamor did a great job of distracting the scandals. Here are some of the biggest controversies that have ever emerged from popular game shows.

10th Guy Hacks Press Your Luck

Press Your Luck was an extremely popular show in the 1

980s that involved participants answering questions and then pressing a button to click on a random point on the Stop board. A bad turn would result in a "whammy" that would then sound out the show's adorable little animated goblin mascots, which would do a fun plot while erasing the participant's current winnings.

An ice cream truck driver from Ohio named Michael Larson found out how to hack the apparently random game board after analyzing it for some time. He noticed that the lights and patterns on the board actually had some methods. So he joined the show in 1984, won over $ 100,000 and a vacation in the Bahamas, but the network didn't seem to think it was possible that his chances were as good as they were. Though they were right, they couldn't prove it, but the producers soon reprogrammed the game board. The show would work three years later.

. 9 Pasapalabra Participant who was cheated on her phone during the show

The Spanish Quiz Show Pasapalabra unites regular people with celebrities in a number of games and tasks. Correct answers form a timer, which is then used in the last round to correctly guess certain words. A celebrity who appeared on the show was model Adriana Abenia, whose beauty denied a shockingly poor ability to cheat .

Abiena was involved in a trivia segment for listening to music, in which the participants had to guess a song after listening to a short extract. What nobody knew at first was that their iPhone was open between their legs and the Shazam app for songer detection was called up. Too bad that she received an SMS during this time, which triggered the phone with lights and vibrations. The host saw that quickly and called them out playfully, and you have to admire the sheer crowning of everything.

. 8 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Cheater

The British version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? is just like the American version you're probably familiar with, but with 100 percent more insolence. Participants answer a number of increasingly difficult multiple choice questions to potentially win a million dollars.

Charles Ingram, a former member of the British Army, appeared on the show in 2001. Strangely enough, Ingram's wife and brother-in-law had been there before and won their own money. When Charles came, he had his wife in tow and a college professor in the audience. When the multiple choice answers were read out, one of them coughed in the audience and Ingram knew the correct answer . At least initially it worked. He won up to the million mark, but they were somehow found out. All the money was suspended and they imposed all kinds of fines and various (suspended) prison terms.

. 7 Who wants to marry a millionaire Guy wasn't a millionaire at all

The name of the show itself is so blatant enough. Who wants to see a group of women show how flat they are to marry a man for money? And what type of guy would allow that before him? Hollywood doesn't care! That was the show: The supposedly rich man Rick Rockwell had to go through 50 women to find true love on the reality show.

We say "supposedly" because old Rick already had a story in which he was less than outstanding. There is a story that he abused a former girlfriend of his . And the fact that Rockwell wasn't even his name and he wasn't even a real estate giant, as he claimed. He was actually a part-time stand-up comic . Darva Conger, the "winner" of the show, found all of this afterwards and it didn't take long for her to request a cancellation for the wedding.

. 6 Super Password The candidate was actually a wanted refugee

Patrick Quinn appeared on the game show in 1988 Super Password . He was introduced as a systems analyst for the government and then went on to win over $ 58,000 that day. The thing is, he wasn't a systems analyst. He was a wanted refugee.

Quinn thought he would not be discovered. He told the producers after the show that he had to pick up his winnings quickly because his job would take him to Turkey very soon. What he didn't know was that the people who saw the show recognized him. Quinn's real name, Kerry Ketchem, had apparently made allegations of fraud and fraud in his native Indiana and some of his victims called to alert the showrunners. When Ketchem arrived at the exhibition offices to get his money, two Secret Service agents were waiting for him with handcuffs.

. 5 Price is right continues to fire pregnant models

The price is right has been the perfect accompaniment to sick days for decades, but has not always had the most famous story. Back to the days of Bob Barker in the 80s and 90s, there were allegations of sexual harassment and sexual abuse from the presenter against the models of the show. Time did not really help the program to learn from its mistakes.

There have been numerous stories in the past few years that the models in the series become pregnant and then lose their jobs. Brandi Cochran was one such model, who filed a lawsuit in 2010 after the show released her. Another former employee, Shane Stirling, filed a lawsuit the same year and also claimed to have fired after her own pregnancy . However, the judge in this case believed that the change of show from Barker to Drew Carey was sufficient reason for her release.

. 4 Dating Game Winner wins a date with a serial killer

In 1978 Rodney Alcala appeared in The Dating Game the famous show in which people are blindly compared to a specified number of hungry people bachelors. The lady who could choose the best man in this episode was Cheryl Bradshaw. After asking a bunch of questions to each bachelor, she finally chose Alcala as the best of the bunch.

It is a pity that Alcala was already convicted a decade ago of raping an eight-year-old girl . He quickly showed Bradshaw his true self after it was revealed. Immediately behind the stage, he started to give Bradshaw the chills, and she refused to make an official date with him. He didn't take this rejection well and within the next two years Alcala would become a legitimate serial killer and murder at least five people.

. 3 Bullseye Candidate was a murderer who was murdered again

Many murderers have shown a shocking ability to lead an apparently normal life. Most of them don't have the strength to end up in a TV game show in the middle of their killing spree. But most of the killers are not John Cooper. Cooper was a candidate on the darts-centered Bullseye show in 1989 and already had a lot of blood on his hands. In fact, the episode in which he appeared would be used to track him down and sentence him.

In 1985 Cooper shot a farmer and his sister. And just a month after he was on Bullseye he shot down a middle-aged couple after robbing the husband and raping the woman. Years later, the police used a tape on the show to see that he actually mentioned the area where he would kill the couple. They also had a sketch from 1989 with which he could compare his face on the screen and which resulted in him being finally arrested in 2011.

. 2 Man Studies price is correct and wins to the exact cent

The Showcase Showdown is the last phase of The Price is Right in which the last two participants guess the price of a package from extravagant ones prices. If their guess is higher than the actual amount, they lose, but that's rarely a concern, since most people are nowhere near right. One man found a way to get involved in the game show process and get the amount right on the dollar.

Terry Kneiss and his wife Linda had a few talented minds to see patterns in things, and they're obsessed with watching the show to see how things work. Finally Terry got on the show and made it to the showcase showdown. When the other finalist guessed the price of a karaoke machine, pool table, and RV, Terry conjured up a price that seemed to come from nowhere : $ 23,743. It was right down to the cent, something that had never happened on the show before. The show was canceled, host Drew Carey was visibly irritated, and allegations of fraud were already beginning to fly around. There was even a side story of a possible plant in the audience. Finally Kneiss received his gifts, but the story remains suspicious.

. 1 Twenty-one was totally manipulated like most quiz shows in the 1950s

You may have heard of the 1994 film Quiz Show directed by Robert Redford. In the film, a man wins a game show called Twenty-One but after a series of scandals it became known that the winners had previously been given the answers. This show was a real thing and these scandals really happened. And they're almost crazier than the movie version.

The NBC show Twenty-one began its downfall after Herbie Stempel won an episode in 1956. As it turned out later, stamp had been trained on the answers . from the show to help him win. But the show's sponsors wanted someone more eye-catching, and so another candidate, Charles Van Doren, was trained even harder to overtake Stampel's throne. Over the next few years, it became known how many of the Twenty-One candidates were helped by the show to achieve manipulated results. And it was widespread among the game shows of that time: The $ 64,000 question blind-sided participants with much more difficult questions when they were in a winning streak. It was found that Dotto previously distributed questions to participants on CBS. These stories started to trickle, and for a while that meant the end of the game show bubble.

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