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The return of the bandit

Game title pageFive years ago we at Damn Interesting published an original long-form article entitled The zero armed bandit. It describes how a large, menacing device mysteriously emerged one morning at a popular Lake Tahoe casino in 1980, along with a note claiming the thing was a bomb. But it didn’t look like a bomb anyone had ever seen.

The zero armed bandit is among our most widely recognized and acclaimed items including a Sydney Award from the New York Timesand a Golden Giraffe award from The Browser. We would like to draw your attention to our chic pants.

On the 40th anniversary of the in The zero armed bandit (Aug 26, 2020) we made a fun little browser-based game for some reason. It is loosely inspired by the real diabolical device ̵

1; if a love child had it with an electronic game from Simon. We hope it provides entertainment.

We have a brand new article / episode that has nothing to do with it. And another one after that. And another. We will write and record for as long as you keep reading and listening.


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