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The queen has her own private (spooky) pet cemetery

The royal family's tale is soaked in blood, though this is to be expected if their ancestors preferred decapitations before pre-nups and they find themselves involved in so many soap opera henchmen that Cersei Lannister is like, "This Lay down drama, Gurl. "

National Media Museum Since 1952 put the "Queen" in "YASS QUEEN"

What is not mentioned, however, is the private cemetery the Queen owns especially for her most loyal subjects: her dogs. Located in a secluded corner of her property in Sandringham, Norfolk, it contains the remains of nearly thirty dogs that raise the question, which is stranger: that she had so many dogs during her lifetime that she needs a literal graveyard to to keep them all or that she has so much free land that she can fill it with dead animals and nobody notices.

The cemetery was originally founded in 1

887 by Queen Victoria after she had used the space for a monument to her Border Collie Noble. After the queen's first corgi, Susan, died in 1959, she had the queen buried there. Over the years, the collection has been augmented by a litany of tiny tombstones and panels containing all the dedications written by Her Majesty. – Sandringham Brae, her black Labrador, is posthumously known as the "gentleman among dogs," while Sandringham Fern, her cocker spaniel, is referred to as the "tireless worker and mischievous character," which is basically her way of saying that he was one "funny good pupper, 12/10, majestic AF."

Christine Matthews

Christine Matthews

The queen likes to saunter into the city's cemetery, wistfully staring at the graves. It clearly does not help their own sense of mortality; She has recently stopped breeding Corgis, as she does not want to leave any dogs after having her own badge, so to speak, meaning that after the last death of her last corgi, she has only two "dorgis" left – a cross from a fraternization between one of her corgis and a dachshund of Princess Anne, which proves at least that the royal tradition of inbreeding still lives on.

This is a downer end, of course, but it's nice to hear that she's not planning to have her pets buried in the gigantic pyramid that's being built on Trafalgar Square today, not least because this honor prince Charles is valid.

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