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The poster for Michael Bay's new film is impeccable stupidity

Next to the tuxedo woman, a man squats tactically in a tactical vest. He'll be the first in the squad to die when the neon car driven by Dave Franco Power slides all into a fine paste. We can therefore assume that Michael Bay, the Kinomeister, suspects that the entire squad is murdered after a betrayal by Dave Franco's character. We know with certainty that Dave Franco is the movie's true villain because he seems to be busy only with the man parked over his vehicle. He is only there for himself.

  The poster for Michael Bay's new movie is impeccable stupidity.

Finally, I theorize this because it has received a prominent poster presence in an inexplicably large part of the negative space. The helicopter is the eighth member of the six-man squad. Maybe it's a robot from Michael Bay's Transformers oeuvre, which sounds ridiculous, but the only logical thing that happens here.

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