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The police social media accounts are full of hate

The American police have reduced themselves to comic henchmen, as it is difficult to say whether they are more evil than stupid. Yes, their too many senseless acts of violence in the past month alone to list them would give credibility to the evil category …

… but don’t think stupid isn’t out of this competition yet.

Many police officers across the country have been fired for things they have posted on social media, and when you look at the things they said, there is no doubt that the culture among the police officers encourages them not to blame them . How else do you post something like this:

The police social media accounts are full of hate

The headline here is “Let’s start a turmoil”, and although this could undoubtedly be a message of support for his love for the popular Riot Games MOBA League of legendsThese wrist guards suggest that the carpal tunnel forced him out of the game a long time ago. No, it is more likely that this is a message that shows his support for violence, and because this guy is an idiot, he has not realized that violence support is the message that the police should not speak out loud. However, this is only one of many.

Sgt. Terri Pinto Napolitano posted a photo of former President Barack Obama hanging on a noose on Facebook and another photo of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. So far, she has only been suspended for 30 days without payment. Denver fire chief JJ Lyons has since resigned after declaring he wants to see demonstrators sprayed with a high-performance hose:

The police social media accounts are full of hateNAACP / Lyons fire protection district

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