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The Outrageous Mishaps of New Jersey Man

Here at TopTenz, we've already gone through several rounds of the world's worst superheroes, Florida Man and Florida Woman. We have also thrown in Texas Man for a good measure. Today is the time to tell you stories that come from the so-called Armpit of America in New Jersey. If you've never been there, you may have already collected some clichés from television programs and films such as Jersey Shore and Mallrats . As the most densely populated state New Jersey has most people in the smallest of spaces, so it only makes sense that there is no shortage of stupid people doing stupid things.

0th New Jersey Man sends police on the hot track

Camden County is known to have one of the highest crime rates in New Jersey, leaving 24. April 2019 West Berlin Police Officers On a relatively normal assignment, they arrested a 47-year-old man named Charles Ireland. He had violated his injunction and turned up at the person's house, desperately trying to keep him out. Instead of going quietly and being beaten, Karl crawled under the porch of the house he invaded, and the police waited patiently for him to come out.

Karl decided that he needed a distraction to escape the police. He spotted a gas can nearby and found a brilliant plan to crawl out of the porch, spill on gasoline, and set fire to it shortly before fleeing. Karl's super powers for "Flame On" were not enough to stop the police from following him, and he was quickly arrested with a Taser. Officers extinguished the flames and Karl was taken to a nearby hospital to treat his injuries.

. 9 New Jersey Man Does What He Wants

In September 2019, a 26-year-old New Jersey man named Richard J. McEwan opted for a separate version of Ferris Buellers Day Off ] where he would do what he wanted. He first visited Donald Trump's golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey. Richard stole one of the golf carts and made donuts on the lawn, damaging President's property by more than $ 20,000. He was arrested but eventually released.

Instead of calming down and avoiding trouble, Richard immediately went to Taylor Swift's villa in Westerly, Rhode Island. The house was recently for 18.9 million US dollars on the market, which is why its address had been published. After breaking a window to get in, Richard stripped off his shoes before entering the house because he wanted to be polite. Swift was not home, so he just walked around admiring her amazing taste in the home furnishings until the police arrived.

. 8 New Jersey Man Unleashes Citizens' Worst Nightmare

In February 2019, a hooded young man was filmed walking into a Newark McDonalds holding a giant white rat in a plastic container. As soon as he was in the restaurant, he released the plump rodent before hurrying outside. The rat barely moved, but their presence still made a lot of people scream and jump over tables to the registers.

The entire incident was recorded on video and published online. According to a McDonalds representative they took the incident seriously and reported it to the police, but no arrests were made. Shortly after the video ended, someone opened the front door and the rat went out. Well, this spoiled white rat from the pet store is somewhere in the streets of Newark and stays alone.

. 7 New Jersey Man was a real mystery

In 2019, Holmdel High School students had to deal with a mysterious villain who was killing himself daily under the stands of the school outdoors. Of course it smelled horrible and the school staff was constantly busy cleaning up the mess. The mysterious shit went on every day, and yet the offender was not caught. Finally, one of the students took a photo of the mysterious squatting man on his cell phone and sent it to the Facebook page of the local police station. The story became viral. Even reporters across the pond at the BBC gave him the vicious nickname The Mystery Pooper .

The police opened an investigation into the case. It turns out that the culprit was none other than the school's superintendent, Thomas Tramaglini, and he was caught with the help of these interfering children. Tramaglini had the routine to complete his daily training by running over the track at 5am and then squatting under the stands to relieve himself. There were several outdoor toilets, and he lived only five kilometers from the school – yet he kept going day by day to the school, which paid him $ 150,000 a year. A police officer finally saw him in the act and immediately arrested him. When he appeared in court, his lawyer attempted to claim that Tramaglini was suffering from a condition known as "runaway diarrhea" . Sure, he does.

. 6 New Jersey Man has gone crazy

Every spring shopping malls across America are dressed in people wearing Easter bunny costumes, so little kids can pose for photos with the mythical creature. In 2016, a 22-year-old named Kassim Charles (19659002) was the unfortunate soul who was sweating in costume at the Newport Mall in Jersey City.

One of the parents in the mall began to harass Kassim while he was in costume. According to witnesses, the father first attacked the Easter Bunny and finally had enough of the abuse. He took off his bunny head and gloves and started punching the customer. The security of the mall had to pull them apart, and the children in the neighborhood were probably traumatized. Both men were arrested for serious assault.

This was not the end of incidents involving Easter Bunnies for New Jersey Man. Three years later, the Easter Bunny was in another fight, this time in Orlando, Florida. A couple got into a fight on the street, and the Easter Bunny ran to break it. When the hare saw that the friend was beating his girlfriend, his paws were gone and it escalated into an act of vigilanteism. It turned out that the hare was actually a New Jersey man named Anton McDonald who was on the run from the law. He had a warrant for his arrest in New Jersey, and when he defended this woman's honor, he unmasked the police.

. 5 New Jersey Man Trying for an Impossible Mission

In May 2019, a 27-year-old New Jersey man named Matthew Ricciardi was caught shoplifting by a Walmart in Bayonne, New Jersey, at 6 am. The guard detained Ricciardi and he was locked in one of the backoffices until the police arrived. As he waited, Ricciardi did as every single action movie had taught us: He stood on the desk, pushed one of the ceiling panels up, and got into the crawl space.

Ricciardi crawled into the ventilation system and began dragging his way through the narrow space, assuming he had cleverly found his way to freedom. What the films do not show is how long this process lasts and how obvious it is for everyone else. When the police arrived, they could hear him crawling clearly over their heads and arrest him. At that point, they found he had some drug paraphernalia with them, which should not come as a surprise to anyone. The biggest lesson you can learn from this is that you should not believe everything you see in the movies. (And do not take drugs, children.)

4. New Jersey Man becomes feudal

Believe it or not, there are so many sword-related incidents in New Jersey. In fact, there are so many that they could create their own list. This should not be too surprising, considering that you can buy a deadly weapon without being registered in your name for almost $ 50 on almost every flea market. In just a few minutes you are ready and ready for a possible burglary or the next zombie apocalypse.

In 2014, American Deli employees in Lower Township, New Jersey, were making sandwiches when a 43-year-old man named Ryan Crump stormed in the door with a samurai sword. He told the staff to return his stolen phone. The staff looked confused. They tried to insist that they had no idea what he was talking about. He shouted that they were lying and that he had to take justice into his own hands. Crump began swinging the staff with the sword, forcing them to flee the store. After calling the police, Crump was taken to the Cape May County prison. Unfortunately, there was never an update on whether he got his cell phone back.

. 3 New Jersey Man Hates Fun

When the Pokemon Go app was launched for the first time in 2016, the world was thrilled with the augmented reality game. It was common for people to walk the streets and play the app on their cell phones. However, for a resident named Jeffrey Marder from West Orange, New Jersey, it was completely unacceptable for children to suddenly play outside again. Children gathered to make a poke stop near his home, and suddenly more people enjoyed the sunshine as they walked on the sidewalks. This made Marder uncomfortable, but the last time children knocked on his door and asked if they could go to his back yard to catch a Pokémon $ 5 million class action against Pokemon Go. He claimed the game would ruin his life and encourage children to become privately owned. The only thing that could seem to reassure him was sweet, sweet Benjamin. Of course, the initial enthusiasm for the game diminished over time and fewer people were still playing Pokemon Go. Marder decided to end the lawsuit in 2017 .

. 2 New Jersey Man Accepts a New Name

On June 1, 2019, an unidentified New Jersey Man set up a live stream on his mobile phone while in a Dunkin Donuts in South Brunswick. The man then filmed donning donuts while the clerk just stood and watched. He jumped over the counter, grabbing donuts and then dancing in front of the camera while he ate his free food. The man gave himself the nickname of "Donut Desperado" online. According to the police, he had already carried out the same action several times.

Although there were many witnesses and he can be clearly seen in the video the Middlesex County Police have no idea how to find him. They asked people to provide information, but it still needs to be caught. Only time will tell if the Donut Desperado strikes again and continues his life as a criminal. (And probably diabetes.)

1. New Jersey Man Turns Out to Bear

Every superhero needs a buddy, and what could be more American than having a bear on the side of New Jersey Man? In 2014, local residents reported seeing a black bear in a neighborhood in Rockaway walk around on two feet. The local police initially suspected that it was a man in a bear costume who played a joke, as they had never heard of a bear walking around on two legs.

After several people had taken video footage 19659002] it became clear that it was a real animal. He walked politely, like everyone else, over sidewalks, probably thinking, "There's nothing to see here, fellow humans." The bear did not try to attack anyone, and wildlife experts said he had learned to walk upright to his front paws due to an injury , For two years, the citizens of Rockaway got used to carrying the bear and they called it "pedals." Residents tried to get pedals to spend their lives in an animal shelter, but his life was shortened in 2016 when he was shot dead by hunters who thought he was a bear. In our hearts and minds pedals will still be a gentleman from New Jersey.

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