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The one death scene "The Rise of Skywalker" needed

The beginning of this week was May 4th, the day the world apparently celebrates Star Wars and / or Margaret Thatcher's rise to power. To mark the occasion, our benevolent streaming overlords made The Rise of Skywalker available on Disney +, which means that many fans revisited the controversial final of the Skywalker saga this week. While we point out problems with Episode IX at this late stage, we feel a little like criticizing Titanic's security features during a screening of the film Titanic but we can't help it, to point out A crucial element that would have improved the film: death.

Yes, Leia died, but since Carrie Fisher died in real life and her role in The Rise of Skywalker was that of a CGI bobblehead who could only speak it in vague one-word Sentences, it wasn't exactly a shock. Kylo Ren / Ben Solo died, but that too was predictable. One reason that there was no sense of gravity in this epic conclusion is that the film kept reiterating that the adventure was not about life and death but about . Characters apparently only died to be brought back several times . First, it was Chewie who was detonated by Rey's lightning forces …

… but not really because he was on a second transport ship that for some reason no one noticed. Similarly, C-3PO's memory is erased and immediately restored, Kylo is stabbed in the stomach and then violently healed, and although her entire planet is destroyed, Zorii Bliss and Babu Frik appear in the final climatic battle. Either they staged a miraculous escape, or the studio realized that nobody wanted to see a film in which Felicity and a delightful puppet were murdered by space Nazis.

There are so many death-based fakes that we would not have. I was surprised when Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen showed up at the end and held receipts from the skeleton store. However, we assume that there is a death that would have been emotionally resonant, gave the film the much-needed sense of closure, and did not traumatize every child in the audience. You should have … killed the Millennium Falcon.

It is almost shocking that this did not happen . The Millennium Falcon embodies the Star Wars franchise . In The Force Awakens it was found abandoned in a junkyard to be brought back to life by a group of young heroes, just as the series had been revived by a new generation of filmmakers. They nervously steered the discouraging ship, indulged in its cultural iconography, and eventually adopted it as their own. When this trilogy of trilogies ended, the falcon's life should have ended. This would have paid off in Return of the Jedi when Han feared that his ship would not make it.

  The Only Death Scene & # 39; The Rise of the Skywalker & # 39; needed Lucasfilm ]

  The One Death Scene & # 39; The Rise of the Skywalker & # 39; needed Lucasfilm

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