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The Norwegians may have the secret of defying a winter lockdown

Halloween is just around the corner – meaning it’s officially time to bring out the jack-o’-lanterns, watch scary movies, shop for costumes, and hang up your festive decorations. While you can choose from thousands of decorations, you don’t have to break your budget while decorating your home or apartment in honor of this year’s scary season. With a little guidance, you can find plenty of ways to create the perfect ambience at home without going broke. (And best of all, you can put the money you saved into extra Halloween candy to tuck it away.)

Here are some of our favorite under $ 25 props, from giant spiders to hanging ghosts and lawn decorations.

. Halloween pillowcases (pack of 4); $ 17

These adorable pillowcases with Halloween motifs are the perfect accessory for any couch, sofa or mattress. Made from thick linen, these materials are durable, sturdy and designed for the coming seasons. (Tip: To prevent the zipper from breaking, fold the pillow in half before inserting.)

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2. Black Lace Spiderweb Fireplace Mantle; $ 12

This versatile spider web prop is made from 100 percent polyester and its knitted spider web lace pattern adds a creepy touch to any home. Display it on your door, on your mantelpiece, or on your table. (It’s also a great backdrop for Halloween photo ops.)

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3. Statement of Halloween characters; $ 16

These festive, meaningful banners come pre-assembled and are incredibly easy to install. They are also weatherproof and washable for both outdoor and indoor use. Use tape, pins, or weights to keep the signs from blowing away.

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4. Jack Skellington and Sally Plush Dolls; $ 23 (each)

Celebrate your favorite vacation with a pair of adorable plush dolls from Jack Skellington and Sally from Tim Burton The nightmare before Christmas. Jack is 28 inches tall while Sally is slightly shorter at 21 inches. Put them on your sofa or against the windowsill for everyone to see.

Buy: Disney Shop (Jack and Sally)

5. Halloween Zombie Groundbreaker; $ 22

This spectacular zombie lawn decoration is sure to terrify all of your friends, family and neighbors alike. This sturdy Halloween prop is made from a combination of latex, plastic and fabric and will last for years.

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6. Hanging ghost decoration; $ 14

Drape this handcrafted 14 foot long hanging ghost decoration over your porch, door or window. You can also hang it outdoors over a tree or (very tall) bush. And because it comes pre-assembled, you don’t have to waste time designing it yourself.

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7. Two-piece hanging ghost set; $ 17

This pair of ghosts gives every home a whimsical touch. While they’re not “scary” per se, they are definitely adorable. Display them in your front yard, on your porch, on a lamp post, or in a tree. To hang it, just tie the ribbons and bend the wires, arms and tails.

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8. Pumpkin Fairy Lights; $ 19

In addition to being environmentally friendly, these solar-powered 33-foot LED string lights are incredibly easy to install (no long, high-tension power cord chords are required). Since they are waterproof, you can use them both indoors and outdoors. Choose from eight different light settings including twinkle, blink, fade and more.

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9. Inflatable ghost; $ 22

This adorable inflatable ghost (wearing a cute wizard hat!) Has built-in LED lights and sandbags to keep it stable. It also comes complete with a plug, extended cables, earth stakes, and attached ropes. Just plug it in and watch it magically inflate in a matter of minutes.

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10. cemetery tombstones; $ 17

Turn your lawn into a graveyard with this six-piece set. Each tombstone is made of foam and adds a touch of creepiness to your space. To install, insert one retainer into the bottom of the headstone and one into the ground. You can also use these indoors.

Buy it: Amazon

11. 10-piece skeleton set; $ 24

This skeleton set includes a skull, hands and arms, and legs and feet, plus five stakes to keep everything in place. Each “bone” and “joint” is flexible, so you can put the skeleton in various terrifyingly funny poses. Just place the stakes in the bone pan and turn them clockwise.

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12. Outdoor Spider Web; $ 18

This huge, extremely stretchy spider web spans a whopping 23 feet. It also includes a 30 inch black spider, 20 pieces of fake spiders, a hook, and a nail. The thick polyester rope – combined with the sturdy poles – allows the spider web to stay in place throughout the season. Place the hook on a wall or tree and expand the net with the stakes.

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