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The new Star Wars Theme Park is on another (fictitious) planet

Unwilling to simply show Darth Vader on stage to play awkwardly on Michael Jackson songs, Disney amusement parks will bring a full Star Wars theme to life in 2019. Star Wars: Galaxys Edge will give fans the chance to invade the Star Wars Universe (and most likely with vomiting)! Surprisingly, the new parks in California and Florida will not restore Tatooine or Hoth or Hell, even the dull, hazy landscape of Dagobah. No, Galaxy's Edge will be completely on the planet of Batuu and the fans will ask: What the hell is Batuu?

Disney / Lucasfilm "It's not a real Bantha, not quite Jakku." 1

9659004] Batuu was specially developed for these parks. However, since becoming a master in the ancient mystical art of corporate synergy, Disney has included references to Batuu – specifically Black Spire Outpost – in the Star Wars canon. A Han solo novel for young readers whose childhood was not ruined by his latest film prominently features the area. Marvel has just announced that a comic series will be released in April that addresses the "mythology" of Black Spire Outpost. And what kind of parent would not want to buy their children a comic that is secretly an advertisement for an expensive holiday?

It's almost as if Disney would convince fans that the planet is an integral part of the world Star Wars universe, and was not just invented because fake trees are easier to handle than a crap Sand. And you can not ask if there are other ways Disney will get the fans used to the new park through fiction. Perhaps the comic book may inform people that garbage violates Batuu's law severely. Or explain that it is rude to visit Batuu in order not to honor its rich cultural heritage by eating too much and buying unnecessary souvenirs. They could even invent an invisible alien species whose language happens to sound like the scream of an angry child. The possibilities are endless!

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