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The new ‘Rorschach’ comic is a stealth sequel to the ‘Watchmen’ show

To the Guardian Completeists who already own the original graphic novel, the role playing game, and of course, GuardianBranded condomsThere’s a brand new comic series about the favorite alt-right ginger vigilante: Rorschach. Which is not a big surprise, over the past few years, DC has regularly taken down the legendary 1986 work with titles like Before guards and the youngest Doomsday clock, the series in which a new Rorschach fiddled with Batman, probably all in one Finally try to kill Alan Moore.

While we may have been tempted to ditch the new Rorschach-themed comic (how we do those Dr. Manhattan-themed contraceptives), the talent behind the book looks promising: writer Tom King and artist Jorge Fornes.

Even more fascinating, judging by the first issue, Rorschach is not just a continuation of the Guardian Comic, but also the Emmy-award-winning HBO series – by which we mean Guardian, not how Curb your enthusiasm … Unless …

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