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The new ’80s-themed American Girl’ doll is secretly terrible

The most popular toy inspired by a Tom Petty song, the Last dance with Mary Jane American Girl doll row has been around for decades, teaching kids American history while teaching parents that a creepy, soulless plastic bowl can cost $ 90. The newest American girl is Courtney Moore, a “historical figure” from all the way back in the 1980sThose dark times, when Ronald Reagan was president and society, fell victim to the mass madness that ALF was somehow amusing.

According to the American Girl website, Courtney is the “best player in the arcade,” and you can even buy a Pac-Man arcade game for her to play. If you really want it to be historically correct, find a way to simulate the smell of used smoke, day-long pizza, and the smell of parental irresponsibility. (Mountain Dew?)

The new '80s-themed American Girl doll is secretly awful American Girl doll while playing Pac-Man

Courtney is apparently also interested in “women in leadership positions”

; and in the “space shuttle program”, as shown in this photo, in which she is excitedly preparing to see the 1986 launch of the Challenger at school …

The new '80s-themed' American Girl 'doll is secretly awful American Girl doll in a classroom

As is well known, this launch ended tragically when the shuttle exploded just 73 seconds after launch, a catastrophe that was very extensive observed by children in US classrooms. Sure, it makes sense that this is one of the historical events for this doll, and it’s not that there hasn’t been a fairly intense American Girl product in the past – like Addy Walker, a Nine year old escaping slavery or Gwen Thompson, which is still incredibly expensive “homeless” doll.

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