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The mysterious journey of Rasputin’s tail after death

Let’s get that straight right away: it is almost certain that Rasputin’s tail, like almost everyone else in history, was buried with him. His autopsies explicitly stated that his notoriously massive and productive genitals were left intact, but that hasn’t stopped people from claiming that one of the many ways the Russian mystic’s assassins tried to kill him was to cut off its tail. Some believe it was stolen from an ex-girlfriend after its autopsy and believed to believe immediately after someone told them about the autopsy.

The mysterious journey after the death of Rasputin's dick |  Portrait of Rasputin

Russian Federation
Everyone who thinks that sounds lazy, raise their hands.

Be that as it may, it is said to have fallen into the eager hands of a group of Russian women living in Paris, who began to worship it as a symbol of fertility and even to distribute it to “people in need”

;. Whether these people were particularly dependent on fertility or just the ability to say, “Look at that piece of Rasputin’s cock I own” (we would all be), like much of this story, is unclear. Allegedly after his daughter found out about the group, she reclaimed her father’s cock but then sold it when she got into tough times in the 1970s in what must have been a complicated transaction before the internet. In 1994 a guy showed up claiming to have it in his possession, but the item he was offering turned out to be a sea cucumber. Hey, we all made this mistake.

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