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The mountain of thousands of spiders and giant rats was home to the lost ancient civilization

Paradise becomes hell

The pristine paradise that Julia Bayliss and his team had discovered had quickly become a hell of a nightmare. When they entered the previously undiscovered rainforest, their eyes quickly got used to the thousands of spiders that whirled around wherever they turned. Rats the size of cats had tracked them every step of the way.

One of Julia’s teams had been stabbed by something and every time he looked down at the pool of blood on his leg it had grown larger. He grew weaker by the hour. Julia let out an audible gasp in the incredibly quiet forest. Then they spotted her.

A passion for research


Julia Bayliss had always had the heart of a researcher. She was a wild-hearted woman who had dreamed of discovering something that no one had ever stepped into since she was a young girl.

One day when she was exploring the Mozambique wilderness on Google Earth, she saw Mount Lico. She researched and saw that very little was known about it. Julia knew that she had to scale it. However, she had no idea what dangers and what bloodshed the mountain had seen.

Mount Lico


Mount Lico in Mozambique was a very steep mountain that only the most experienced mountaineers could climb. Fortunately, Julia was just that and the challenge didn’t scare her.

The reward of climbing the mountain would be worth the challenge because there was a huge and previously untouched rainforest. However, Julia had no idea of ​​the horrors that had happened there.



When the research team arrived at the foot of Mount Lico, they came across a small village with people who lived there. They asked them about Mount Lico and there was something they should know before climbing it.

When they mentioned that they wanted to climb the mountain, their faces immediately said everything. “We warn you, do not climb this mountain, you will not survive it. There is evil on this mountain, ”a village elder told them. With a top-class team of explorers and experts in botany who had traveled from all over the world to be there, there was no turning back now.

Climb the mountain


They started their ascent and climbed the almost vertical rock face of Mount Lico. The climb was extremely tricky and the biggest challenge Julia had ever encountered, but they persevered despite the danger and warnings they received.

When they reached the summit, they were unprepared for what they wanted to discover.



After a treacherous trip to the top of the mountain, where some of Julia’s team made some almost fatal mistakes, they had finally reached safety. At least they thought.

When they reached the top, they were amazed at the beauty around them. It really looked like paradise on Mount Lico. An unusually beautiful butterfly even landed in the hands of one of the team members. They decided to go to the rainforest to see what they could discover. Your miracle should turn into horror.

Thousands of spiders


When they walked through the forest, the first thing they noticed was the eerie silence. There was not a bird in the entire forest. This was not a good sign.

At that moment, the team’s eyes adjusted and they saw the thousands and thousands of spiders scurrying wherever they looked. Then one of the team let out a scream. They all saw the animal approach.

Giant rats


“OH MY GOD, WHAT IS THIS?!?!” shouted one of the botanists. Then they all noticed the giant rat running around their feet. It was not alone. Others followed close behind.

Uncertain whether they would attack, the team started running. That was a big mistake. One of them wanted to get seriously injured.



As they ran away from the giant rats, one of the team members, Harvey, cut his leg on a blade of grass. It stung violently and he screamed in pain. The team slowed down to make sure they were doing well.

Harvey was a soldier and didn’t want to brake everyone, so he insisted that everyone keep going, despite the growing pool of blood on his leg and how weak he was. Then they discovered it.

What are you?


The team panicked when Harvey became visibly weak at that point. He lost a lot of blood. However, Julia kept marching forward to find something.

The team was getting angry at Julia’s lack of care for her team’s life when she suddenly stopped and looked down. She picked up some objects that looked like pots with a huge smile on her face. “We found it,” she smiled. What were they and what made them so important that it was worth wasting a life?

Tribe of ordinary people


The pots proved to be evidence of religious ceremonies that would have been performed by tribes of ordinary people who had lived on the top of the mountain many, many years ago.

When Harvey started hallucinating and cramping from his injury, they turned to begin their descent. She wanted to discover the reality of the carnage the mountain had seen.



When they hit the ground again, Harvey’s condition was critical, but stable. He could finally get medical treatment downstairs. The villagers came to meet the team that had ignored their warning. Julia asked what they knew about the mountain. They told them a story of German colonizers who invaded the area and chased a group of people up the mountain.

When they reached the top, the Germans cut the rope with which they had climbed up and left them stuck there forever. They said the mountain had been haunted by their spirits and they should never have gone there. When Julia looked at Harvey’s unconscious form being cared for, she felt great guilt when she realized that she had made a big mistake.

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