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The mother gives birth to triplets, the husband knows they are not his.

Double the trouble

Since Rachel had been inseminated with two embryos – typical intrauterine fertilization to improve the chances of pregnancy – the couple were told that despite all odds, they were expecting twins.

The family of four quickly jumped to six overnight, but fate had another twist for the couple’s family who didn’t see them coming at all.

Rushed to the hospital

Facebook / Aaron Halbert

Nine months later, when Aaron was in Honduras, he took Rachel and the children to the hospital after labor indicated that the babies were ready to be born.

Aaron was there the whole time to hold Rachel’s hand. But when the babies finally arrived, doctors found that Aaron was expecting something completely different.

health and safety

Facebook / Rachel Halbert

According to doctors, pregnant mothers with multiple babies usually do not complete a pregnancy to the end. Since she was carrying twins, her husband and family had to monitor their health and safety.

As Rachel’s labor was nearing, the doctors decided to do a Caesarean section so the babies could be delivered safely. But nobody expected that. The doctor’s eyes widened.

Unexpected news

Facebook / Aaron Halbert

When Aaron saw the look on the doctor’s face, he panicked. Was something wrong? Were the babies okay? Then the doctor looked up and said two words that made a shiver down his spine.

And when Aaron finally saw the babies with his own eyes, he took a closer look and couldn’t stop crying.

Alternate name

Facebook / Rachel Halbert

Aaron will remember that day in the hospital for the rest of his life. And he certainly hadn’t planned that. He looked at Rachel to monitor her reaction to the doctor’s messages.

Rachel and Aaron were expecting twins. They thought of the names of their future children. However, it became clear that they had to think of another name …

Three is company

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Aaron was already expecting two African American babies when his wife was born, but he certainly wasn’t expecting three. The doctor shouted, “These are triplets!” But how did that happen?

The doctor questioned the couple and asked if they were sure Rachel only had two embryos implanted. Aaron’s mouth fell open. That couldn’t be right, could it?

A secret

Facebook / Rachel Halbert

Although Aaron already considered himself a full father to Ford and Catherine, nothing prepared him for the feeling he had in the operating room.

But when the doctor put him aside and asked about the embryos they had adopted, he just didn’t know what to think. Something was wrong. They adopted two embryos, not three.

Another miracle

Facebook / Rachel Halbert

It turned out that, without the couple knowing, one of the embryos had separated again and was making triplets. When the babies were finished, Aaron held them in his arms.

She couldn’t believe how beautiful her three new children were and that they finally have the family they have always dreamed of. But life had more surprises in store.


Facebook / Rachel Halbert

Rachel gave birth to Anne, Whitley, and Ryley in 2016. While it wasn’t exactly what they were up to, it turned out to be even better.

Once the triplets were born, Rachel and Aaron felt that their family was finally complete. The couple was very happy. But they never expected the agony that soon followed.

Proud parents

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Although they didn’t share the same DNA or ethnicity with their five children, the Halberts prided themselves on being their parents. They appreciated the beauty of their interracial family.

“In our minds we live our dream. A dream that may not resemble the average family, but we are grateful that it has come true and sheds light on the history of our country, ”Aaron continued. But did your family support you?

More rich and complete

Facebook / Rachel Halbert

“The beauty of a multi-ethnic family there lies in the fact that differences make ours richer and more complete. It makes you rethink how you think, speak, act, and live. “

“There’s something beautiful and inspiring about being the only white face sitting and chatting with some of my African American friends while my son gets a haircut on a Saturday morning,” said Aaron. But what did the others think?

support for

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“It was encouraging to see virtually all of our friends and family members show overwhelming support for our family and the unusual way we built them,” said Aaron.

However, the new parents were surprised to discover that not everyone around them would be as supportive as their family and friends …

Looks disapproving

Facebook / Rachel Halbert

While Aaron and Rachel couldn’t be more proud of their multi-ethnic family, some people had tried to show them what they thought.

“A black mother looked at us and just shook her head,” recalled Aaron. “And an older white woman looked at us in disgust.” But it would take more than that to end the Halbert family.


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“There will always be an older white woman at Walmart who looks at us with sheer disgust or like the African American mother who looks at us and just shakes her head,” Aaron said in an interview with the Washington Post.

“We knew, especially in the South, that a white couple with non-white children would be the center of attention and have many different reactions,” said Aaron. Fortunately, they also had good experiences. The Halberts knew that not everyone would agree to their diversity. However, they did not seek approval from anyone.

Life choices

Facebook / Aaron Halbert

It is very likely that the family will have to deal with bystanders who do not agree with their life choices. The Halberts are aware that not all people are in favor of diversity. But they don’t care about other people’s opinions.

Aaron said, “Finally, one of the central themes of Christianity is that God, through His Son, calls people of every language, tribe and nation.”

Celebrate differences

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“Capturing diversity will make the world stronger as we marvel at God’s creative genius, evident through the various pigments, personalities, and competencies of His people,” continued Aaron.

“Our differences are cause for celebration, not contempt,” he concluded. In addition to maintaining diversity, the couple also had something to say about embryo adoption.

Embryo adoption

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The couple believe that adopting an embryo is just as important as adopting a child. After doing their own research, they found that there are still millions of embryos waiting to be adopted. The embryos Rachel received had been frozen for 12 years!

Rachel said, “We didn’t say that this life is more important than the lives of babies and children waiting to be adopted around the world. No, they are not more important, but they are not less important either. Our children’s whole life is precious. “

Not for everyone

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Although the couple were pleased with their decision to proceed with embryo adoption, they warn that it is not a decision to be taken lightly. They also agree that it is not for everyone.

“Embryo adoption can also be very difficult for the donor family. I know the decision to donate your frozen embryos for adoption is probably the toughest decision you have ever made. It can be so painful to know that someone else is raising your biological children. Sometimes you can’t have implants for medical, family, financial, or age-related reasons, ”Rachel explained.

No regret

Facebook / Aaron Halbert

While embryo adoption isn’t for everyone, it was the perfect choice for Aaron and Rachel. The couple have triplets as well as the invaluable experience of pregnancy.

Rachel describes the experience as “beautiful and unique”. He also thanked the “courageous and selfless” birth parents who donated the embryos.


Facebook / Aaron Halbert

The Halberts were completely open to the idea of ​​adoption and entered into the process with an open heart and received fantastic blessings in return.

Rachel had hoped to have four or five children but never thought it would be so fast. Children are happy and healthy. You have two great parents who teach them good values ​​and good morals. We are confident that, like their parents, they will grow up with compassion, kindness, and optimism. But how does Rachel handle five children?

Busy mother

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Anyone who has a child will agree that one child is enough to keep a mother busy. Now imagine five!

“My days are filled with feeding five starving children, changing lots of diapers, doing housework, looking after little hearts, loving and playing with all five, combing four beautiful girls and a handsome boy / to learn and find a minute or two to eat, ”said mom. But there is another question on everyone’s lips …

Would you do it again?

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You may wonder if Aaron and Rachel will adopt more children after their experience.

“We’ll see what the future holds for us. Right now we’re enjoying this phase of life,” Rachel said in an interview. As we can imagine, five children will certainly keep her busy. But Aaron and Rachel have no other life goals given up.


Facebook / Rachel Halbert

After the triplets were born, they decided to move to Tegucigalpa. Aaron and Raquel work in the capital and help the less fortunate. The special duo also have the same responsibility for looking after their five children.

Rachel is now a full-time mom, however. But the Halberts stay in town to spread the gospel in every possible way.

Happy family

Facebook / Aaron Halbert

The five children like to grow up in the USA and Honduras.

The portraits of the Halbert family are definitely not traditional, but their diversity and love for one another shines through. The Halberts have shown their humanity through their remarkable family history, and the children look happier than ever. People around the world also thank you for adopting children in need.

Live life

Facebook / Aaron Halbert

From day one of their incredible journey, Rachel and Aaron recognized people who fully understood their missions and dreams in life.

Both know that they can’t have it all; Still, they have enough to make life worth living. Rachel and Aaron shared that many people despise their families for having African American children, but none of them can ruin their happiness.

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