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The most unusual swimming pools in the world

The swimming pool. Swimming pools in their various forms have meanwhile become an ordinary luxury and are among the man-made wonders of the modern world. In this deep diving report, we discover some of the most incredible and sometimes terrifying extreme swimming pools in the world. The deepest, strangest and sometimes the sharkiest.

10th The Deep Joy, Italy

Italy is now the country with the deepest pool in the world in the diving community. The sheer depth of the deepest pool in the world can shock you. Located in the northern Italian community of Montegrotto Terme, Y-40, known as " The Deep Joy ", is 1

38 feet deep and holds 1,136,000 gallons of heated water.

Developed The pool was opened by architect Emanuele Boaretto in June 2014. Underwater caves and a tunnel are in the pool, which leads to a tubular drop down to the deepest section. The pool was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the “deepest pool for diving” .

. 9 Golden Nugget Aquarium Pool, Las Vegas

Las Vegas is more than just thrill-seeking casinos. Try out shark encounters! In Las Vegas, Nevada, you can swim with sharks without being bitten during your hotel stay. Well, at least you feel like you're swimming with them (they're actually separated by a glass wall).

On one side of the Golden Nugget Hotel “Aquarium Pool” are the fish, which also include sharks, and on the other side the human swimmers. There's even a water slide in the shape of a tunnel that runs between the sharks and other fish that make up the inner ocean, and the swimmer swings right past the large gray jaws and toothy grin of these admittedly scary fish.

. 8 Citystars Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

The largest pool in the world is the gigantic crystal lagoon of Citystars Sharm El Sheikh . The 30.88 acre pool was designed by Crystal Lagoons Corp. developed, an innovative company known for creating unprecedented safe and clean swimming environments through unique water treatment technology. The pool is recognized by Guinness World Records as the largest artificial pool in the world.

The nearly 20 acre crystal lagoon of San Alfonso del Mar in Chile, manufactured by the same company, was the previous record holder. The company's clever technology has significantly expanded the potential size of pools in the area of ​​lagoons and small lakes by making water treatment much more practical and convenient.

. 7 Nemo 33, Belgium

The previous owner of the deepest pool record in the world is also one that creates potential claustrophobia for the novice diver. The cylindrical Nemo 33 (19659005) in Brussels (Belgium) is 30 m deep and falls straight down to provide the depth required for SCUBA diving training. The pool resembles a bottomless, cylindrical pit filled with water. Part of the pool has a series of windows that face a bar, whose patrons can wave to divers as they walk past.

A certified diver must accompany visitors who are in good health and over 12 years old in order to dive in Nemo 33. The pool is chlorine-free and is kept warm by the sun at 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The cleanliness of the water is maintained by an effective filter system. The pool was the deepest in the world from May 1 to June 5, 2014 and was also recognized by Popular Mechanics as one of the “Strangest Pools in the World”.

. 6 The Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Infinity Pool, Singapore

Singapore offers bathers a place where they feel like they're swimming on the edge of the city skyline. Infinity pools are spectacular and even scary at first. You look at the pool but see no edge, only seemingly disappearing water at a point where should be an edge. Singapore's most exciting water attraction is a huge infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands SkyPark which sits on the edge of a giant platform on the main building of the pool and is 57 stories above the city streets.

The SkyPark infinity pool by Marina Bay Sands is the largest raised pool in the world and a spectacular structure. Roughly rectangular In shape, the pool is approximately 50 meters long and is supported by three evenly distributed resort towers, which create an unforgettable silhouette.

. 5 The Floating Pool, Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Italy

With a certain degree of creativity, the most unusual and sometimes only ironically located pools in the world can be built. Take the swimming pool in Italy that is built so that it is actually in a structure that resembles a dock floating in Lake Como. The pool is located on the lakeshore of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo in the northern Italian province of Como.

Lake Como is 300 meters deep, making it one of the five deepest lakes in Europe. Because the pool is near the lake, you have the feeling of swimming in the really great lake, but without having the experience of encountering disturbing sea animals like catfish or water bugs or accidentally venturing too deep into the lake ,

4. The Badeschiff Basin, Germany

The Badeschiff Basin, which opened in 2004 but has older roots, is exactly what it sounds like – a modified old barge that has become a basin for bathing. ] Located in the Spree the Badeschiff-Becken offers swimmers an extraordinary bathing experience in Berlin.

However, there is a sad background to the usefulness of this spectacularly located pool. The picturesque Spree is simply too pollutant for the swimmers to be able to enjoy the water safely. Swimming in the pool is therefore a sensible substitute for the actual walk in the river and at the same time offers a memorable experience. The pool offers an exceptional view of Berlin, while the winter amenities, consisting of heating and dome cover, create a breathtaking contrast in which bathers on the converted river barge can swim in pleasantly hot water while surrounded by the cold river ,

3. Crocosaurus Cove, Australia

Australia is full of dangerous animals, but one company has taken advantage of the risk by creating a safe but ultimately scary swimming experience. Opened in 2008 and located in Sydney, the Crocosaurus Cove with the epic name where you can visit a swimming pool to dive under giant saltwater crocodiles under protection. Visitors can be lowered into a round clear tube. Swiming past are the crocodiles, which also move up to take up food on a stick that is offered by the staff.

As much as one feels confronted with crocodiles, in this way one can experience the feeling of swimming with crocodiles without suffering the regularly fatal threat from the giant reptiles. A monorail drives the "cage" across the enclosure before transporting visitors to the pool, where they are overshadowed by the world's largest living reptiles.

. 2 Aqua Dome, Austria

In the municipality of Längenfeld in Tyrol in the Ötztal, Austria, between mountains near the Italian and German borders, there are pools that come from another planet. The foreign landscape is that of the Aqua Dome of a spa with three round, raised pools in its architecture. The pools are open to the outside and resemble inverted flying saucers, which are accompanied by a pyramid-shaped structure that is illuminated. Larger thermal baths in the center of the spa in the thermal dome are connected by simulated rapids that lead to the saucer-shaped pools and then to the legendary glass pyramid.

After driving down the rapids and visiting the alien pools, the pyramid can be climbed via an internal staircase to get an incredible view from its summit . All in all, with its splendid architecture that reflects the dramatic alpine surroundings, the place is one of the most spectacular places of rest and restoration in Europe. The combination of peculiarity and good taste together with the sulfur-rich mineral water from the hot springs make this a unique water attraction.

. 1 Holiday Inn Pool, Shanghai

A particular Holiday Inn in China's busy city of Shanghai fascinates even the most seasoned traveler or swimmer. A pool, partially with glass floors, is on 24 floors [19659011] starting in the main part of the floor and then going beyond the city thanks to a glass floor extension.

Swimmers can swim out of the building and then literally look down on the city with nothing but water and glass to separate them from the terrifying drop. The feeling merges swimming and flying into one and makes the glass-bottomed part of the 98-foot pool one of the most shocking bathing experiences in the world.

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