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The most popular phone chargers on Amazon

Whether you want to give your career a boost or just want to enrich your life a little, the easiest starting point is to learn a new skill. And with the recent boom in online courses, adding a new line to your resume has never been easier without leaving your home. Take a look at these practical courses that you can take at Rosetta Stone, Udemy, Coursera and edX.

1. The science of wellbeing; $ 49 / month

This course, taught by Laurie Santos, a psychology professor at Yale, is about building productive habits that can lead to positive changes in life, while pointing out the self-sabotaging thoughts that sometimes can get in the way. By learning the science behind how we perceive happiness and our own well-being, this course aims to build a better and more informed mindset that will help you achieve your goals. The individual courses are technically free, but if you want a certificate at the end, you'll have to pay for Coursera's $ 49 monthly plan.

Buy it: Coursera

2. Writing Short Stories: The Essential Guide; $ 1
9- $ 95

Writing a short story is more than just creating an action and some characters. If you want to sell them, you need to understand the literary market and how to properly contact an editor. The on-demand videos and downloadable resources offered in this course guide you through writing basics like tone, time, and correct endings, as well as the realities of business like payments and, perhaps most importantly, how to deal with them Rejection. [19659004] Buy it: Udemy

3. Complete guitar system: beginners to advanced; $ 30- $ 200

This course is led by Erich Andreas, who has 30 years of experience teaching guitar lessons. The class offers over 300 lectures, 34 hours of video, and over 100 downloadable resources to help you learn step by step how to master chords, songs, scales, and more.

Buy: Udemy [19659002] 4. Introduction to Python programming; $ 396

Python is one of the most widely used computer programming languages ​​worldwide, and this self-paced certification teaches the basics without the need for experience. These courses are expected to last five months and cover the basics of the Python world, such as writing code and revisions. As the classes become more complex, you will learn about advanced control structures, data structures and algorithms. It's the most intense certificate on this list, but given the robust labor market available to computer programmers, these skills can prove invaluable.

Buy it: edX

5. Learn a new language; $ 79- $ 300

With Rosetta Stone's language learning software, you can take lessons in Spanish, German, Italian, and more in your free time and on any device you want. With interactive exercises, games, and reading stories, this is a great way to take language courses while keeping your busy work and social schedule alive. The costs vary depending on the subscription preference. The updated pricing options can be found here.

Buy: Rosetta Stone

6. Introduction to self-determination theory; $ 49 / month

Like everything else, self-determination is a skill that you can learn and perfect with the right practice. This course deals with the science of motivation and psychological development and examines how these two aspects are influenced by your fellow human beings. From there you will learn how you can practically apply self-determination to your training, work and much more.

Buy: Coursera

7. G Suite Administrator Basics; $ 49 / month

Google’s cloud technology and digital services are becoming an important tool for businesses. In this course, you'll learn how to manage all of the company's G Suite offerings, including Gmail, calendars, documents, drives, and more. But you will learn more than just how to use each one. This certificate is about becoming a G Suite administrator for large groups. Learn how to create and delete accounts in custom domains, how to manage those accounts, identify potential security breaches, and how to best use all of these tools for your business or project. The course itself is offered by Google and can be completed on any device at your own pace. With a total of four classes and a practical project, the G Suite Administrator Fundamentals certificate should take approximately one month.

Buy: Coursera

8. Basic cooking skills; $ 19- $ 45

Cooking at home helps save money and can lead to better eating habits, but first you need the right skills. This series of courses will give you instructions on culinary basics such as blanching vegetables, making broth, perfecting an omelet, and more. Once you've built that basic knowledge, you can combine everything to add a little more flair to your homemade dinner.

Buy it: Udemy

9. Basics of graphic design; Free

This course is taught by Michael Worthington, founding partner of Counterspace and professor of graphic design at the California Institute of the Arts, and offers a deep insight into the basics of design. Participants will cover concepts such as patterns, colors and typography in the four weeks that are normally required to complete the course. When you are finished, you will acquire new skills for your own future projects. Registration is free, but if you want to end up releasing the certificate, you'll need to join Coursera's $ 49 monthly plan.

Buy: Coursera

10. Learning how to learn; Free

In this course, you will learn how to understand how the brain absorbs information in a variety of subjects, including art, music, math, and more. It also addresses the misunderstandings we have about memory, best practices to deal with particularly difficult issues, and even gives you tips on how to deal with deferment. Registration is free, but you'll need to sign up for the $ 49 monthly plan for a shared certificate.

Buy it: Coursera

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