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The most popular beer in every state, mapped

The season of scarves, pullovers and pumpkin spices is upon us. No matter how you feel towards the end of summer, it's hard not to appreciate the colorful foliage when it peaks in the fall. These red, orange, and gold leaves may be visible earlier than your window, as you think. The interactive map below from SmokyMountains.com shows you exactly when to expect them.

The fall foliage usually reaches sometime after the autumnal equinox, which falls on September 23, 2019, but exactly if it depends on variables such as precipitation and temperature. The tourism website SmokyMountains.com examines weather forecasts and historical trends from NOAA each year, and compiles an interactive map showing when the foliage in the adjacent US has reached its highest level.

In warmer temperatures, leafy peaks occur later in the season. In the year 201

9, the north of New England, a place famous for its leaf-watching, will see the brightest leaves around the 5th of October. The tallest foliage reaches the rest of New England on October 12th. As of October 26, parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oregon, and Illinois will be pampered with the season's most spectacular leaves, and in southern states such as South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee, foliage uplift will not begin until November 9. By the 30th of November, the foliage has expired in the autumn peaks everywhere, except on the Gulf Coast.

If you move the scale under the map, you can see when a treetop is expected in your area. You can also use the tool to plan trips in the changing leaves.

"We believe travelers can spend more meaningful autumn holidays, take beautiful autumn photos, and enjoy the natural beauty of autumn with this interactive tool." Wes Melton, the Data Scientist and CTO of the site said in a statement. "Our nationwide fall foliage prediction map is unique – it's one of the few fall leaf tools that delivers accurate forecasts for the entire continental United States."

If you can not just pick a single target this fall to pick up the foliage, you do not have to – a train ride or a road trip are some of the best ways to see as much of it as possible.

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