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The most popular beard style in every state

Between all the TV reboots and the nostalgia sparked by the anniversaries of hit shows like Seinfeld and Friends the television wizard from USDish, an authorized DISH Network dealer, had a simple question: which sitcoms of the 90s loves each state the most? For example: Prefer Oklahoma Friends opposite Full House ? (No, they like Frasier .)

To compile their data, the website used Rankers Top 15 shows and analyzed Google search traffic from 2004 to today to see which TV Shipments the individual states have searched the most. This means that the data was slightly distorted from the beginning, as they only looked at the shows that took first place in Ranker's list. This list changes regularly and, surprisingly, does not contain Seinfeld . Even so, it's no surprise that Friends is the most popular sitcom in 1

2 states – most states in the poll – but not the state of New York; They chose King of Queens . The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Saved by the Bell each have six states, the second largest majority. Some of the preferences of the states are scattered and not concentrated in one region. For example, California, Virginia, and Oregon launched The Simpsons . This is the only sitcom from the '90s in the poll that still produces episodes from their original series. (In 2018, it became the longest-running primetime show ever.)

The love between New Hampshire and Connecticut All love Raymond and Florida and Alabama love The Nanny . Roseanne Full House and Boy Meets World are the only shows that can only be seen in one state: West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Four of the 15 sitcoms have been restarted: Roseanne Sabrina Boy Meets World and Full House The sitcoms on the Friends list, however, have proven to be the most unstoppable , On the 22nd of September it will be 25 years old and will be the subject of all sorts of funny celebrations. In September and October, more than 1000 theaters show episodes of Friends on three different evenings. If you would like to Friends memorabilia, consider the LEGO Central Perk Studio Set (available from Sept. 1), order coffee beans and Tea Leaf's Central Perk Coffee or some from Pottery Barn's Friends -spired articles buy furniture (including Rachel's Apothecary Table).

They may be following the fall on Friends but remember that will leave Netflix early in 2020 for the WarnerMedia-powered streaming service HBO Max Also Friends will be there for you.

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