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The most overrated TV shows by state

A washer and dryer set is one of the most useful devices in every household. (A waffle maker runs for just under a second.) But not everyone has the space or the ability to install a pair. If you live in a small apartment, dorm, or RV, you can still clean your wardrobe with the ZENY portable mini laundry machine, which costs $ 70 on Amazon.

The compact unit is only 22.8 inches tall and light for easy mobility. A drain hose is connected to standard kitchen fittings to guide water into and out of the tub. The washing machine can hold up to 9 pounds of clothing, ideal for light loads with shirts, socks and other items. (Jeans are not recommended.) According to the company, it also runs relatively quietly and vibration-free, so you don̵

7;t have to worry about the beating and noise of conventional machines.

The ZENY is available from Amazon and Walmart for $ 70.

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