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The Most Beautiful Thanksgiving Pies with Recipes

Thanksgiving pie season is here! A beautiful Thanksgiving meal can be made thanksgiving table.

Cranberry Lime Pie

Check out these recipes for Thanksgiving pies that do not look good but taste great! 19659005] Thanksgiving pie -cranberry-lime-pie "width =" 800 "height =" 449 “/>

Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit has created this beautiful pie that will make your taste buds scream with delight!

Ingredients [1
9659009] 1 12-ounce package cranberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 tsp. lemon zest
  • 2 tsp. lime zest
  • 2 egg yolks, large
  • 3 eggs, large
  • 1/2 cup lime juice, fresh
  • 3 Tbsp. brown sugar, light
  • 2 1/2 cups granulated sugar
  • A pinch kosher sugar
  • Whipped cream
  • 1 cup pecans
  • 4 oz. gingersnap cookies
  • 16 Tbsp. butter, unsalted
  • Directions


    1. Preheat oven to 350 °.
    2. Add pecans; pulse until finely ground.
    3. Add butter and brown sugar;
    4. Transfer to deep 9 "pie dish.
    5. Bake until firm and slightly darkened in color, 10-15 minutes.
    6. Filling and Assembly
      1. Bring 12 oz. cranberries, 1 cup granulated sugar and 1/4 cup water to a boil in a large saucepan over medium-high heat.
      2. Reduce heat;
      3. Pure cool in a blender until smooth 1/2 cup sugar and 1 tsp. lime zest in a heatproof bowl set over a saucepan of simmering water.
      4. Stir with a rubber spatula and scrape down the sides of the bowl often, until curd thickens and coats spatula, 8-10 minutes
      5. Using an electric mixer on medium-high, beat curd, adding butter at a time.
      6. Mix for about 5 minutes;
      7. Bring 1/2 cup granulated sugar and 1/2 cup water to a simmer into a small saucepan over medium heat , stirring to dissolve sugar.
      8. Add remaining 4 oz.
      9. Using a slotted spoon, transfer cranberries to a wire rack set inside a rimmed baking sheet.
      10. Chill until no longer sticky, for about 20-30 minutes
      11. Add remaining 1/2 cup of granulated sugar and 1 tsp. Lime zest in a small bowl.
      12. Toss cranberries in lime sugar.
      13. Top pie with cranberries. Serve with whipped cream.

      9.) Honey Lemon Chiffon Pie

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      Host The Toast

      This is a delicious recipe from Host Ingredients

      • 1 3.5-ounce box of chocolate-covered raisins
      • 1/3 cup of white chocolate melting wafers
      • Yellow food coloring [19659010] 1/4 cup sliced ​​almonds
      • 19 "blind-baked pie crust
      • 1/4 cup cold water
      • 1 package (2 1/4 tsp.) Unflavored powdered gelatin
      • 1 cup clover honey, divided
      • 1/8 tsp. salt
      • 1 cup fresh lemon juice, strained and divided
      • 1 tsp. finely grated lemon zest
      • 4 large egg yolks
      • 2 cups heavy cream, divided
      • 5 Tbsp. confectioner's sugar divided
      • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
      • Lemon wheels to garnish
      • Flowers to garnish (optional)
       thanksgiving pie-honey-lemon-chiffon-pie slice "width =" 670 "height = "1012

      Host The Toast


      1. Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper. Put the chocolate-covered raisins in rows.
      2. Place the white chocolate melting wafers and drops of food coloring in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave to melt according to package directions. Mix until smooth and yellow.
      3. A fork in the melted chocolate and then quickly wave over the chocolate-covered raisins, back and forth, drizzling over the melted yellow chocolate to create strips. The almond slices on the sides of the chocolate covered chocolate.
      4. Pour 1/4 cup of cold water into a saucepan and sprinkle over the water.
      5. Pour 1/4 cup of cold water into a saucepan and sprinkle over the water gelatin. Let the mixture sit for about 5 minutes, until the gelatin absorbs all of the water. Stir in 3/4 cup of honey and then whisk in the salt, 3/4 cup of lemon juice, lemon zest and egg yolks. Place the saucepan over medium heat and cook for about 6-8 minutes, stirring constantly until the mixture comes to a full boil. It will continue to thicken more as it cools.
      6. Immediately transfer the saucepan to the ice to the cool mixture.
      7. Beat 1 1/2 cups of the cream with 1/4 cup of the confectioner's sugar until soft peaks form. Mix in the vanilla extract and beat again until stiff peaks form. Fold the whipped cream, a bit at a time, into the cooled lemon mixture. Keep folding until smooth and well-combined. Pour the mixture into the crust and smooth the top. Firmly press the bubble wrap, bubble-side down, onto the surface of the pie. Make sure that the filling is done in all the crevices in the bubbles to get the neatest indentations. Transfer the pie to the freezer for at least 4 hours to set.
      8. In a microwave-safe bowl, combine the remaining honey and lemon juice and microwave for 30 seconds, oruntil softened. Mix well and brush over the top of the frozen pie. Refrigerate the pie for an hour to thaw.
      9. In a large bowl, whisk the remaining cream and confectioner's sugar until stiff peaks form. 19659086] READ MORE: Thanksgiving pie -apple-butter-pumpkin-pie "

        8.) Apple Butter and Pumpkin Pie

         width ["696" height = "696] [19659909] Taste of Home </p>
<p> This is a sweet and a treat for any Thanksgiving celebration. </p>
<h2> Ingredients [19659009] 1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour </li>
<li> 1/2 tsp. salt </li>
<li> 1/2 cup cold butter, cubed </li>
<li> 1/4 cup shortening </li>
<li> 3 to 5 Tbsp. ice water </li>
<p><strong> Filling </strong></p>
<li> 3 large eggs, lightly beaten </li>
<li> 1 cup apple butter </li>
<li> 1 cup canned pumpkin </li>
<li> 2/3 cup packed light brown sugar </li>
<li> 1/2 tsp. salt </li>
<li> 3/4 tsp. ground cinnamon </li>
<li> 1/2 tsp. ground ginger </li>
<li> 1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg </li>
<li> 3/4 cup half-and-half cream </li>
<p><strong> Optional toppings </strong></p>
<li> Sugared cranberries </li>
<li> Toasted chopped pecans </li>
<li> Sweetened whipped cream </li>
<h2> Directions </h2>
<li> In a bowl, mix flour and salt. Cut into butter and shortening until crumbly. Gradually add ice water, tossing with a fork until dough holds together when pressed. Reserve one-fourth of the dough for cutouts. Shape into a disk. Shape remaining dough into a separate disk. Wrap each disk in plastic. Refrigerate for 1 hour or overnight. </li>
<li> Preheat oven to 425 °. Mix eggs, apple butter, pumpkins, brown sugar, salt and spices. Stir in cream. Pour into crust. Bake on a lower oven rack for 15 minutes. Reduce oven setting to 350 °, then bake until center is almost set, 30-35 minutes. Bake pastry cutouts on an oven rack until golden brown, 12-15 minutes. </li>
<li> Cool on a wire rack. Serve or refrigerate within 2 hours. Decorate pie with cutouts and toppings as desired. </li>
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<h2> 7.) Grape Slab Pie </h2>
<div id= Thanksgiving pie - grape slab pie "width =" 980 " height = "1470

        Brian Woodcock

        Country Living got this recipe for a grape slab pie spot on.


        • All-purpose flour, for work surface
        • All-purpose pie crust
        • 2/3 cup granulated sugar
        • 1/4 cup cornstarch
        • 1 tbsp. chopped fresh rosemary
        • 1 tsp. finely grated lemon zest, plus 1 Tbsp. lemon juice
        • 1/2 tsp. kosher salt
        • 1/4 tsp. fresher ground black pepper
        • 3 1/2 lb. seedless black grapes
        • 1 large egg, lightly beaten with 1 tsp. water
        • 3 Tbsp. turbinado sugar
        • Piecrust leaves, garnish


        1. Preheat oven to 350 °.
        2. On a lightly floured surface, roll all-purpose piecrust dough to a 15 "x 20" rectangle. Transfer to a jelly roll pan and trim to a 1 "overhang.
        3. Refrigerate for 15 minutes.
        4. Whisk together granulated sugar, cornstarch, rosemary, lemon zest, salt and pepper in a bowl. Add grapes and toss to coat. Add lemon juice and toss to combine.
        5. Press remaining 2 disks of dough together. On a lightly floured surface, roll remaining dough to a 15 "x 20" rectangle. Cut dough on the diagonal into 2 "thick strips. Lay strips diagonally across the top of the pie, pressing to seal at edges. Freeze for 15 minutes.
        6. Brush top of pie with egg wash and sprinkle with turbinado sugar. Bake until filling is bubbling and crust is golden brown, 60 to 70 minutes.
        7. Thanksgiving History Fun Facts

          6.) Rosy Rhubarb and Strawberry Pie

           Thanksgiving pie - strawberry-rhubarb-rose- The Kitchen McCabe </p>
<p> The Kitchen McCabe looks good, but it tastes great! </p>
<h2> Ingredients </h2>
<p><strong> Crust </strong></p>
<li> 2 1/2 cup white whole wheat flour </li>
<li> 3 Tbsp. fine cane sugar </li>
<li> 3 Tbsp. sea ​​salt </li>
<li> 1 vanilla bean </li>
<li> 1/4 cup shortening </li>
<li> 12 Tbsp. (1 1/2 sticks) butter, cold and cut into small cubes </li>
<li> 1/4 cup of ice water </li>
<p><strong> Filling </strong></p>
<li> 2 medium-sized rhubarb stalks, sliced ​​</li>
<li> 1 lb. 1 cup of turbinado or demerara sugar </li>
<li> 5 Tbsp. tapioca starch </li>
<li> 1 egg, beaten </li>
<div id= thanksgiving pie-strawberry-rhubarb "width =" 768 "height =" 1155

          The Kitchen McCabe



          1. Place the flour, sugar and salt in a blender fitted with "S" blade.
          2. Add the shortening to the blender and pulse once. Then the cubes of butter, one at a time, pulsing a few times after each cube.
          3. With the blender running, drizzle in the ice water until the mixture starts to form into large clumps. Do not add too much water. The dough should not be sticky or wet but should come together to form a nice dough.
          4. Divide the dough in half. Wrap up one half and set aside.
          5. Rolling the other half of a dough into a ball and place in two sheets of parchment paper. Roll to a circle that is 1 1/2 to 2 inches larger in circumference than your pie dish.
          6. Place the sheet of dough over the top of your pie and remove parchment paper. Press the dough in to the bottom and sides of the dish. There should be a little bit of left overhanging the edges. Trim dough around the edge of the pie. The roll of the dough scraps to the edges of the pie. [1969090]

          Filling & Assembly

          1. Place the rhubarb, strawberries, lemon juice, tapioca starch and sugar in a large bowl. Toss to coat
          2. Spoon the mixture evenly into the dough-lined pie dish.
          3. Create pastry roses as shown in the video above.
          4. Place roses on top of the pie filling until
          5. Baked on the top of the pie crust.
          6. Baked on the middle rack of a tin an oven at 375 ° for 45-50 minutes.
          7. Remove the tin foil and continue to make the pie until the filling is bubbling.

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          5.) Apple and Blackberry Pie

          Sweet Style CA

          This classic pie from Sweet Style CA is truly Instagram-worthy.


          All-Butter Crust [19659190] 2 2/3 cup all-purpose flour

        8. 1 tsp. salt
        9. 1/2 cup cold water
        10. 1 Tbsp. granulated sugar
        11. 1 cup of very cold butter, diced
        12. 1/4 cup of ice
        13. 1 Tbsp. apple
        14. 1 egg
        15. Splash of milk
        16. Turbinado sugar for sprinkling
        17. Apple and Blackberry Filling

          • 4 to 5 apples, peeled, cored and sliced ​​into thin wedges (about 1/4 inch thick or less)
          • Juice from 1/2 a lemon
          • 1/2 cup and 2 Tbsp. granulated sugar, divided
          • 1/4 tsp. cinnamon
          • 2 Tbsp. cornstarch
          • 1/4 tsp. cardamom
          • 1/4 tsp. salt
          • 1 ½ cups fresh blackberries
           thanksgiving pie - apple blackberry pie recipe "width =" 733 "height =" 1100

          Sweet Style CA



          1. In a big bowl, stir together the flour, salt and sugar. Place the ice in the water and set aside.
          2. Cut in the cold butter with a pastry cutter by hand, rubbing the pieces of butter between your thumb, index, and middle fingers. After the pieces are no longer than about a peanut, begin to flatten the pieces of butter in sheets between your palms. Be careful not to over-work the butter or get it too warm.
          3. Working with just a few tablespoons at a time, add in about 6 to 8 tablespoons of the water along with the vinegar. Stir together using a wooden spoon or even just a clean hand in the bowl. The dough should appear fairly shaggy and not sticky. Once you can squeeze a few pieces together and they hold, the dough is done being mixed. Do not over-mix.
          4. Divide the dough into a piece. Wrap in plastic and refrigerate for at least a couple of hours, or overnight (preferably).

          After Refrigeration

          1. Once ready, take one more out of the refrigerator and allow to rest for about 10 minutes. Liberally the work surface and begin to roll out the dough, working out of the center – rotating the dough after each roll. Roll the dough until about 1/4 inch thick and about 12 to 13 inches in diameter.
          2. Gently roll the dough around the rolling pin and transfer to 8- or 9-inch pie tin. Fit the dough into the bottom of the tin and up the sides, allowing for about an inch of overhang. Trim with kitchen shears and place back in the refrigerator.

          Start the Filling

          1. Using a ruler and a paring knife, about a 1/4-inch wide, for the center lattice. Follow the remaining instructions for the fishtail, five-beach braided border.

          Filling and Assembly

          1. Filling the chilled pie crust with the apple-blackberry filling by layering the apple slices in tightly and dotted with berries, leaving the juices behind.
          2. Fold all of the excess over the edges and crimp using your thumb and index finger. Cover the edges with the braided border.
          3. Return the pie to the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes. Meanwhile, preheat oven to 400 °.
          4. Just before heading into the oven, creating an egg wash by whisking together a whole egg and a splash of milk. Brush the egg wash over the whole top of the crust and sprinkle with turbinado sugar.
          5. Place pie on a baking sheet and bake for about 45 to 50 minutes, or until golden brown.
          6. Apple Blackberry Filling

            1. Place of the lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of sugar in a large bowl ,
            2. Toss the slices with the remainder of sugar.
            3. Toss the slices with the remainder of sugar and dry ingredients.
            4. Deep-dish pumpkin meringue pie
               thanksgiving pie - deep-dish pumpkin meringue pie "[width]" 564 " height = "730

              Tessa Huff

              Pumpkin Pie

              • 9-inch pie crust
              • 15 ounces.

    The Kitchn has made a recipe for pumpkin pumpkin puree

  • 1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 2 teaspoons cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1/2 tsp. nutmeg
  • 1/8 tsp. cloves
  • 1/4 tsp. salt
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1/2 cup whole milk
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 large egg yolk
  • Meringue topping

    • 4 large egg whites
    • 1 cup granulated sugar
    • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
     thanksgiving pie - deep -dish pumpkin meringue "width =" 563 "height =" 729

    Tessa Huff


    1. Preheat the oven to 425 ° F. Roll out the pie crust to about 12 inches in diameter. Place the pie crust in an eight-inch spring pan or deep-dish pie pan. Crimp or trim the edges so the sides of the dough stood about two-inches tall. Chill in the refrigerator for 15 to 20 minutes.
    2. Once chilled, line the crust with foil or parchment and fill with pie weights. Blind bake the crust for about 15 minutes. Remove the pie from oven and take out the pie weights and foil / parchment. Continue to bake for an extra five minutes, or until the edges just start to brown.

    Filling and Assembly

    1. Meanwhile, make the pie filling. Heat the pumpkin puree, white sugar, brown sugar, honey and spices in a saucepan over medium heat. Whisk to combine and heat for about five minutes, or until the mixture starts to come together and steam a bit. Remove from heat. Whisks until smooth, or quickly mixed with an immersion blender.
    2. Whisk in the milk and cream until smooth.
    3. Pour pie into the pre-baked crust. Turn oven down to 375 ° F and bake for 45 to 55 minutes. The pie will come out clean. Once cool, gently remove the outer ring of the springform pan.
    4. To make the meringue topping, place the egg whites and sugar in the bowl of a stand mixer. Whisk to combine. Place a couple of inches of water in a saucepan and heat over medium heat. Place the mixing bowl on top of the saucepan to create a double boiler. Four to five minutes.
    5. Once warm, return the mixing bowl to the stand mixer. With the whisk attachment, the egg mix on high until the outside of the mixing bowl is cool. Add in the vanilla and mix until medium-stiff peaks form.
    6. After the pie has been completely cooled, the tube is filled on top of the pie filling. Gently toast the top of the meringue with a kitchen torch, if desired.

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    3.) Maple Granola Pecan Pie

     thanksgiving pie - maple granola pecan pie "width =" 980 "height =" 1470

    Johnny Miller

    Here's another delightful delight from Country Living that will look fantastic on your Thanksgiving table. [19659008] Ingredients

    • 1 cup regular oats
    • 6 tsp. melted butter
    • 1 cup + 1 tbsp. grade B maple syrup
    • 1 1/2 c. pecan halves and pieces
    • 1/2 c. sweetened flaked coconut
    • 1/2 package refrigerated pie crust
    • 1 tsp. ground cinnamon
    • 1/2 c. tight packed brown sugar
    • 2 tsp. all-purpose flour
    • 1/4 tsp. salt
    • 3 large eggs
    • 2 tsp. vanilla extract


    1. Heat oven to 350ºF. In a small bowl, stir together oats, cinnamon, 2 tablespoons melted butter and 2 tablespoons maplesyrup until blended. Spread oat mixture on a lightly greased baking sheet. Bake 20 minutes or until oats begin to turn golden; remove from oven and stir in pecans and coconut. Bake 10 to 12 more minutes or until pecans and coconut are lightly toasted. Remove from oven and cool completely on a wire rack (about 15 minutes).
    2. Fit refrigerated pie crust into a 9-inch pie plate according to package directions; fold edges under and crimp as desired.
    3. Whisk together brown sugar and next two ingredients until blended. Add eggs, vanilla, remaining 4 tablespoons of melted butter, and remaining 1 cup of maple syrup, whisking until blended. Spoon pecan mixture into prepared pie crust; carefully pour maple syrup mixture over pecan mixture.
    4. Bake at 350 ° F on a lower oven rack for 35 to 40 minutes or until set.

    2.) French Chocolate Pie with Brown Butter Crust

     thanksgiving pie - french chocolate tart with brown crust "[width="536"height="800

    The Cafe Sucre Farine

    This is a scrumptious recipe from The Cafe Sucre Farin with all the chocolate and all the yummy goodness.


    1 Tbsp.vegetable oil

    • 3 ounces of butter
    • 3 Tbsp.tablespoons water
    • 1 Tbsp. sugar
    • ⅛ tsp. salt
    • 1 cup all-purpose flour
    • 1 cup heavy cream
    • 8½ ounces good-quality chocolate
    • 1 ounce butter
     french chocolate tart with brown butter crust - thanksgiving pie "width =" 536 "height =" 800

    The Cafe Sucre Farine


    1. Preheat the oven to 410ºF.
    2. Cut butter into small pieces and place in a medium-sized ovenproof bowl. Add the oil, water, sugar and salt.
    3. Remove from the oven and reduce to 375˚F. The bowl wants to be very hot, so handle it with a hot pad till it cools down. Immediately add the flour. With a heatproof spatula, stir until the mixture forms a ball.
    4. Transfer the dough to an 8- or 9-inch tart mold with a removable bottom. When it's down a bit, press dough to even layer with your fingers.
    5. Pierce the bottom with a fork all over.
    6. Bake for 15 minutes or until crust is golden brown.
    7. Remove from the oven and allow to cool completely before filling.
    8. For the ganache filling , break the chocolate into small pieces and place in a medium-sized bowl.
    9. Heat the cream. When it reaches the boiling point, remove. You can heat the cream on the stovetop or in the microwave. Remove it from the heat just as it starts to boil.
    10. Pour the hot cream over the chocolate. Stir with a heat-proof spatula till creamy and all chocolate has melted.
    11. Pour chocolate mixture in cooled crust and refrigerate for at least one hour. […] Blackberry Lemonade Pie
       thanksgiving - pie - blackberry - lemonade "width =" 680 "height =" 1020

      Let 's Dish

      Here's a Thanksgiving pie recipe from Let's Dish that looks good, tastes spectacular and will impress your Thanksgiving guests.


      • 30 Golden Oreo cookies
      • 1/3 cup butter, melted
      • 2 (8 oz.) Packages cream cheese, softened
      • 1 (14 oz.) can sweetened condensed milk
      • 1 tsp. lemon zest
      • 3/4 cup lemon juice
      • 1 cup whipping cream
      • 2 Tbsp. sugar
      • 1/4 cup seedless blackberry jam, melted and cooled


      1. In a blender, pulse cookies to form crumbs. Add melted butter and pulse to combine. Press into the bottom and up the sides of a 9-inch pie pan. Freeze while you prepare the filling.
      2. In a large bowl, beat the cream with an electric mixer until smooth. Add the sweetened condensed milk and beat for one minute. Mix in the lemon juice and beat until smooth.
      3. Get a separate bowl and beat it with an electric mixer until it peaks stiffly. Spread into the crust.
      4. Spoon the blackberry preserves over the lemon filling. Swirl gently with a sharp knife. Cover and refrigerate until firm, 4-6 hours.

      Which is your favorite Thanksgiving pie? Tell us via social media or send us your Thanksgiving pie pics. Just tag @topfivecom and use # top5thanksgivingpie.

       the most beautiful thanksgiving pies with recipes "width =" 735 "height =" 1102


      Top 5 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes [19659345] Top 5 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes “/>

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