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The Las Vegas Store called "Oddities," Part One

As you read about this weird stuff, you need to know the best places to find something strange. In this case, Las Vegas has a store called Oddities that truly lives up to its name.

The store is full of strange things, and I photographed everything. Here are the strangest things from the store, oddities.

First of all, even the exterior of the store is strange. Its color is purple with white letters, not completely funny. But then there is one of the awning discs, which is a weird yellow. Two things there, awnings. ** Puke ** And then the one, yellow, awning to round off the weird look. Yes, the store is called oddities and it even looks weird before you go inside.

Once inside, it does not become regular anymore. First, there's half the human dummy with pants, most likely Neon Mint Carpris, red chucks, and that weird torture that causes metal doors. I do not know what it is or what else to say, but it is strange.

Next comes Mr. Skeleton. This clear case or coffin was filled with a skeletal body, so to speak, and also had many dried sea creatures. Note the starfish, shells, sea fans, puffer fish and other dried sea creatures.

And then we come across the jugs of floating stuff? All I know is that there were some jars filled with liquid and other things. Who knows if it was scientific experiments, quackery or crazy scientists? Whatever it was, it was funny and very strange and definitely belonged in this shop. There is also a nice big shell on the shelf, oh and more starfish, just in case you are not full.

The glass "Your mother" but?!?! HA. It's so random and it probably made me laugh too much. But I know that I'm not the only one. Also the hairy, with the skull face … rodent? So scary. But to deal with your mother and the creature, there is a whistle. What I'm sure of is only used for nicotine. Of course. Except Vegas ..

And on to the baby pictures from old times. It's not that the pictures are weird or weird, but why the hell are they sold in a shop? And then you see the little sign with the Phantom Parent Photos. Ok, now it's funny.

About the glow in the dark stones. We're not really sure who would get them, why or what they would do with them, but unfortunately they are here. There were only a few, but different colors and sizes. Besides, they were under a black light, so of course they were all lit and shining.

And a selection of pinbacks. These are pens of all different shapes and sizes. There are skulls, hearts, a kind of key chain, owls and an assault squad that looks like one too. Just in case.

Then there were the criminal profiles. Who, what they did, what their punishment was and more. But why? I guess I did not see if they were for sale, but who would really do that? Interesting to read, yes, but to buy something? Well, this business is called Oddities for a reason.

Next up were some comics, some weird old photos and some very old negatives of photos. Funny and funny enough, but for sale? These curios are definitely weird. And do not forget the 5 random card games and the glass skull. These are also for sale.

This glass cabinet had some more starfish, because this store clearly needs more of these starfish for sale. There was also a funny metal mask and a turtle shell with casket closures on it? I do not know what to tell you about these items, but if you want to check them out, or maybe you want to buy them, they are there for you.

Believe it or not, that's not the whole store. Look for Part Two to see the rest of the strange, strange and sometimes scary things in oddities.

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