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The Jurassic Park Movies, Ranking

Our relationship with dinosaurs is … complicated. We love her; We want her back, but we understand Why It’s a bad idea. But we also love to see what would happen if they came back. The first Jurassic Park movie came out in 1993 and it was a revolution. The CGI back then was amazing. Spoiler: It doesn’t last. The real star of the film was the giant T-Rex doll, which almost killed someone on its own because the machine’s hydraulics were so dangerous. Jurassic Park was so successful that it inspired a trilogy that inspired remakes in this modern era when nothing is new. They̵

7;re not all brilliant cinema, but here is their official ranking.

Jurassic Park Movies, Ranking

1. Jurassic Park

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Obviously. It started a whole new generation of monster movies that weren’t hokey. They got A-list stars, fun, dramatic scripts, and pride themselves on portraying the monsters. And while the CGI doesn’t hold up, these dinosaurs gathering around a lagoon aren’t quite as mind-boggling as they were in the ’90s. But do you know what lasts? The T-Rex doll. It looks just as impressive today as it did then.

2. Jurassic Park III

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One of the most compelling storylines for Jurassic Park was Dr. Grant, who coped with the horror show of seeing live dinosaurs, was for him. He got PTSD from realizing a lifelong dream. Jurassic Park III delves into Dr. Grant’s crisis and even shows his struggle to continue working in paleontology in a world beyond Jurassic Park. This film also ranks second for the William H. Macy / Téa Leoni couple as a contentious divorced couple.

3. The lost world

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It’s not as good as the original, but there is so much high quality content in the Lost World. The return of his daughter a gymnastics star, Jeff Goldblum, who sneaks onto an island filled with dinosaurs. Vince Vaughn as an obsessive chewing gum and cynic. Julianne Moore as a nature photographer / paleontologist. The first half of this movie is so promising and goes into the flops in the second act. Stay on the island! The ghost ship that goes to San Diego is absolutely scary, but the T-Rex that is running through town is falling flat.

4. Jurassic World

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If your relationship with Chris Pratt began during his Park and Rec era, it’s always proud to see him in shiny blockbusters as a heartbreaker. The film is basically a remake of Jurassic Park with a contemporary makeover of the park. BD Wong’s return as a supervillain geneticist is worth the whole movie to me?

5. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

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Shot. The rules of the Lost World apply to this lowest-ranked film in Jurassic Park. Leave the dinosaurs on the island. The campiness of dinosaurs running away from dinosaurs shifts from immersive cinema to repulsive hack every time they bring a super-predator from the island to the real world. And while Jurassic Park’s premise is reach, the “super-smart apex predators are the weapon of the future” so absurd that it becomes a chore to watch.

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