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The hilariously crazy story of ‘Jaws’ in video games

Many people have spoken about it jaw recently, partly because Steven Spielberg’s classic blockbuster was just celebrating its 45th anniversary, partly because We are all going through it right now. It’s not just an occasional meme, the American government’s pandemic response is shockingly consistent with Amity Island’s response to sharks. From fiddly medical reports to unwillingness to close beaches to Mayor Vaughan, who cares more about minor vandalism than about the deaths of citizens.

And with the exception of the film in which Will Smith saves humanity with a floppy disk, jaw is probably the final film of July 4th. But for some of us only Watch out The film is not enough, we want to Play it also. Most blockbuster franchises have created innumerable video game bonds, and jaw is no exception. But as you adjust, we say war of stars in a game seems pretty easy jaw is a film that mainly consists of fear and political misconduct, with a short action to kill sharks in the end. How do you make a game out of it?

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987 Nintendo game extends the narrative to include not only shark hunting, but also killing all imaginable forms of marine animals. The result is less like that in the film jaw and more like some kind of water Wish to die, in which players relentlessly slaughter every living creature in the ocean. There is literally a level where you board a plane and bombard a group of jellyfish with carpet bombs for an unknown reason.

The hilariously crazy story of 'Jaws' in video gamesNintendo

In 1989 there was a Commodore 64 game in which mainly an underwater vehicle was controlled through Mario-like caves. In the same year there were the more nuanced ones Jaws: The computer game in which you play as Chief Brodie and, more like in the film, you actually have to deal with the mayor’s bullshit.

The hilariously crazy story of 'Jaws' in video gamesStarsoft

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